Examples of Plumbing Ads for Attracting Customers

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📝Key Takeaways:

  • Learn more about plumbing ads and different ad examples to understand better how to create your paid ad campaign.
  • Understand different tips to attract customers and how to increase your retention.

The two giants of the digital advertisement world, Google and Facebook, hold over 50% of the share of the United States‘ digital ad revenue.

They offer great opportunities for businesses to get exposure to their products and services and scale their business to new heights.

Whether you are a professional plumbing business owner or an independent plumber contractor, you can use ads to target locals for your services, boosting your business. 

Plumbing ads can target a reachable audience for a smooth flow of job requests. And it can help your plumbing business boom in the coming times.

But why is running plumbing ads important? What are the best examples of plumbing ads? And how can they implement it in your plumbing business?

Let’s find all the answers.

What are Plumbing Ads?

Plumbing ads can be of different types to draw the attention of your prospects, leads, or customers to the sales channels or your service consultants. 

Traditionally, plumbing businesses depended on referrals and positive word-of-mouth. But now, things have changed. Digital ways can ‌ensure your plumbing business gains the audience exposure it needs to scale.

Different advertising channels can run plumbing ads.

  • Emails
  • Video ads
  • Website chat section
  • Customer service
  • Website
  • Google local services ads
  • Social media
  • Pay-per-click model

Google Ads stand out to be the most effective technique to achieve maximum requests for your plumbing services. The demand fulfillment ad platform can help you attract qualified people to increase your clientele and direct the local search toward your website or landing page.

Now, look at different successful plumbing ads examples to help you understand different ‌ads on multiple platforms. 


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Successful Plumbing Ads Examples

With the rising competition, it’s important for you to learn about plumbing advertising ideas and compete with other plumbing businesses to stand out. But before you run a successful ad campaign, consider two factors.

  • Review the policies of the advertising platform and the results the platform can drive. It can help you align your advertising goals with the platform and increase your conversion rate. 
  • Cost of advertising on the advertisement platform. Ensure you get the best ROI using the platform and operate within your advertising budget. 

The online advertising platform available to run your plumbing ads is broadly categorized into two categories: web-based and social media-based. 

With detailed examples, let’s explore the plumbing ads you can run on these platforms.

Web-based advertising 

Different search engine platforms, like Bing, Google, etc., offer opportunities for businesses to run web-based ads on their platforms and connect with their audience effectively.

You get multiple ad options to increase the efficiency of your ad campaigns and achieve your desired target. 

1. Local services ads for plumbers

Local service ads appear on the top section of search results. Anytime your target customers search for products or services associated with plumbing, the search engine will display your ads over the top of the organic SERPs.

The ads are modeled with a pay-per-lead model. Hence, you only need to pay for the ad when someone clicks on your ad and gets redirected to your landing page.

There is a different price for the plumbing keywords on Google local services ads. On average, the price is around $10 to $12, but here are some keywords and their per-click rates:

  • Plumbing supplies- $2.50/click
  • Storm drain- $3/click
  • Best plumbers near me- $18/click
  • Plumbing $30/click
  • Plumbing snake- $3/click
  • Plumbing near me- $25/click
  • How to fix a sink- $4.50/click

Plumbing businesses can use the local service ads for

  • Get more perks out of a marketing budget. 
  • Attract more new and local customers for more job requests. 
  • Promote the business during the initial days of business setup. 


The image below displays a local Google search of plumbers in Washington, DC. The companies listed with local services ads will be displayed as such. 

The ranking of the ads will be based on the bidding process. The bidder willing to pay the highest amount for the keyword will rank higher.

The local listing can also be done organically. You must register with Google My Business to get your plumbing services listed. But the search result will display the paid ads above your organically listed business details. 

The Maryland Sewer & Plumbing Service Inc runs a paid local search ad and ranks above other organically listed plumbing businesses. It increases their chances of higher lead generation and click-through rate.

2. Display ads for plumbers

You can use the Google advertising platform to display ads. The platform does a great job with videos, graphics, and banners. The display ads are displayed to the consumers when they browse the web looking for plumbing services and products or scrolling randomly. 

But the ads are tailored and targeted to the potential customers who have already visited your plumbing company’s website or have previously interacted with your brand. 

There are different display ads ‌you can opt for your plumbing business to create impactful internet marketing services, like:

  • Uploaded image ads
  • Gmail ads
  • Responsive ads
  • Remarketing ads

You can use display ads for

  • Increasing visibility and engagement.
  • Increasing traffic to the websites.


Here’s a banner ad format that can be displayed on different websites to ensure your potential customers perform a specific action. You can create your graphics for banner ads and must follow the specific instructions Google provides to ensure campaign effectiveness.

The ads created by the Home Plumbing Pros can be effective for their retargeting campaign to increase their brand recall and conversion. The target audience can click on the banner ads, scroll through the website listed on the search engine, and get redirected to the landing page where they can get the estimate. 

3. Search ads for plumbers

Search ads are placed on top of the search engine results and can help your plumbing business attract great qualified leads to increase your business operations and clientele.

By relying on search ads for your plumbing advertising requirements, you will spend on keywords you think your potential leads can use while searching for plumbing services. 

You can place your bids on some common keywords, like

  • Drain cleaning
  • Plumbing repair
  • Emergency plumbing companies
  • Plumbing service
  • Plumbers near me

You should select specific keywords to execute your plumber advertising campaign. When a potential customer searches for the selected keywords on Google, your ads will be displayed to them. 

The search ads run with the cost-per-click model. You need to pay only when a lead engages with your search ads. 

You can use search ads for

  • Targeting the customers searching for plumbing services. 
  • Reach a larger audience over the internet.


The search ads contain a description, headline, call-to-action, and the landing page URL. The headline will comprise keywords you expect the target audience to use while looking for plumbing services

Social media-based advertising

Social media advertising for plumbing businesses can be productive in the long run. It can be an effective tool for running ad campaigns for your plumbing business.

With the increase of social media users, the chances of your audience using social media platforms are high. 

Therefore, social media platforms can help you get more qualified leads, business growth, and gain customer trust. Some ‌efforts you can implement to run social media advertising campaigns are

  • Run Instagram and Facebook ads. 
  • Share short DIY videos.
  • Share graphic posts with discounts and offers on select services.

1. Facebook ads

Facebook is a highly dynamic social platform of all. But it’s focused on providing businesses with a great platform to run ads and achieve desired outcomes. So, get ready to invest in it.  

Use the platform for running visually appealing advertising campaigns like videos, GIFs, and graphics in your highly effective plumbing ads. 


The Facebook ad uses a video along with an intuitive caption on what the viewer can expect from it. Therefore, the target audience who reads the caption and develops a curiosity about the services will check the entire content. 

The purpose of the ad is to get the viewer to perform a specific action and increase the conversion rate to accomplish the desired plumbing business goals.

2. Instagram ads

Instagram is an image-based social media platform where users interact with businesses or one another. You need image and video ads on the platform to narrate a promotional story for your business. 

The ads are managed using the Facebook Ad Manager, and you can run similar ads used on Facebook. The content of the ad depends on the purpose of your ad campaign. Facebook Ad Manager offers different options for you to run ads on Instagram and manage them within a few clicks.


Here’s an example of an Instagram ad where plumbing service providers share a glimpse of your projects to showcase their working techniques. They are offering free inspection services in their area to boost their lead generation and service call requests.

It’s a great approach to connect with prospective customers on the platform and increase the conversion rate. 

You can go through more social media platforms, but we have limited our list to the two most powerful social media platforms you can use to stand out from most plumbing companies and boost your digital marketing efforts.

Apart from these plumbing ads, here’s how to attract more customers to your plumbing business.

Tips for Attracting Customers

Multiple ways can attract customers to your plumbing service business, but we have filtered the best ways.

1. Search engine optimization

The organic approach to attracting customers can minimize your marketing expenditure and ensure you unlock the potential of plumbing blogs on your website. Use search engine optimization to attract search engine traffic to your website and web pages. 

2. Business listings

List your website on different listing websites, yellow pages, or other online directories to boost your local presence and streamline your business operations.

3. Online reviews

Improve your online ratings and quality of positive reviews by delivering excellent plumbing services and asking for online feedback or review from your happy clients. 

4. Social media

Explore the potential of organic social media presence to increase your customer connection and presence on multiple platforms. 

Once you use these methods to boost your clientele or leads, you must ensure you deliver quality invoices or estimates to deliver them a good customer experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I advertise my plumbing business?

    You can use Google search ads, Google display ads, Google’s local services ads, social media ads, or other digital advertising methods to attract more business, reach more customers, and stand out in the plumbing industry. You can also rely on search engine optimization for organic business results and connecting with the ideal customers.

  2. Why do plumbers need SEO?

    SEO techniques are important for beating the competition in this plumbing industry and acquiring new customers using online platforms. Implementing SEO enables you to market your services organically to the target audience.

  3. How to get more clients from plumbing?

    You can adapt to different organic and in organic strategies to attract more clients and stand out from other local businesses. You can provide valuable information to boost the customer base and streamline your target market for engaging with qualified leads.

  4. How much do plumbers spend on advertising?

    Investing in digital ads, plumbing websites, and other advertising strategies depends on your goals and budget.

Create Your High Converting Plumbing Ads

Plumbing ads can help you strengthen your marketing efforts and assist you in achieving your desired conversion number.

You can get different creative ideas for your paid marketing campaigns by analyzing the various plumbing ad examples.

You can also assist your marketing team or third-party agencies in creating innovative ad campaigns for your plumbing business to accomplish different business goals and ideas. 

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