How to Start a Tree Removal Business Easily

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📝Key Takeaways:

  • Steps to follow to begin a tree service company as a contractor.
  • Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the tree service business.

If left unattended, trees can create quite a huge mess. Trees keep falling now and then, irrespective of the season. Thus, tree service businesses have a great scope. 

They stay good round the year. Starting a tree service company can be a feasible option if you are an arborist with a business mindset.

As per the data given by the US Bureau of labor statistics, a tree service business can make decent profits. However, being an arborist is not enough to run a successful tree trimming business. 

Establishing a stable business structure, building revenue streams, managing business finances and loans, and providing clients excellent customer service is integral to running a successful business. 

Moreover, in the modern-day world, a tree care company must also have a strong online presence to survive the competition. 

You must actively endorse your tree removal company on social media platforms. Your website is also significant in catering to property owners and taking your business forward. 

If you are also on the hunt for ideas on starting a tree service business, have questions regarding the tools one requires for starting a tree service company, or anything related to the tree service industry in general, you have come to the right place.

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What Do You Require to Start a Tree Removal Business?

Proper safety equipment, a functional accounting system, business insurance, a tree service license, an employer identification number, a business credit card, and general liability insurance are prerequisites for starting a tree service business. 

Thus, you require quite a few things to start a tree service business. Here is a list of some other pertinent things you may require to start and run a profitable tree service business:

1. Business license 

A tree service business must have a business license and business and equipment insurance. A tree service company requires at least two types of licenses – a city or state license and a contractor’s license. 

Additionally, you must be a board-certified master arborist to gain licensing. You can receive your certification as an arborist from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). 

Since legalities differ from state to state, confirming with your area’s county clerk’s office is advisable before proceeding with the formalities. 

You might also have to contact your local municipality for further confirmation regarding the legalities you need to undertake.  

2. Business bank account 

Having a business bank account for your tree-cutting business is significant. It would help if you also considered having a business credit card.

Before you go ahead with opening the business account, acquire an employer identification number through the internal revenue service and use it on all pertinent business documents. 

Having separate accounts for personal and professional transactions helps you avoid confusion. It is easier to manage your business expenses, file sales tax, spend money on business tools, and more via a business account. 

Thus, opening a business bank account makes having a proper and functional accounting system possible.

3. Business management software – estimation and invoicing tool 

Tree care companies may have a hard time managing everything at once. Field service businesses, such as tree service companies, require you to perform many tasks. 

These chores include providing professional tree care services, competing with other local businesses, dealing with commercial and residential clients, assessing the market data, storing customer details, processing transactions, and handling various social media accounts, among so many other services. 

Using business management software has several benefits. Even though investing in estimating and invoicing software may seem like a major investment, it will greatly value your tree service business in the long run. 

If you are a tree service business contractor or plan to become one, you should consider seeking the assistance of an estimate and invoicing software like InvoiceOwl

Some of the primary features of InvoiceOwl include generating estimates for tree removal services, quoting a price for residential and commercial clients, accepting upfront payments quickly for work done by tree service providers, invoicing, and more. 

InvoiceOwl will help you send quick estimates to property owners, thereby saving time, beating other tree care companies by providing the eSign option to the tree removal service providers and clients, and receiving money on time via easy invoicing.   

Small businesses can benefit heavily by using InvoiceOwl, a budget-friendly and comprehensive estimation and invoicing tool.

How to Start a Tree Removal Business as a Contractor

It might be a great idea to start a tree service business if you are looking for business ideas that are immune to seasonal fluctuations. However, starting a business sounds easier than done. You require a foolproof plan to run a successful tree trimming business. 

Keeping the following guidelines in mind will assist you in starting a tree care business with ease:

1. Create a business plan

The first step in starting your own tree service business is creating an effective business plan. Developing a deep insight into the tree service industry, marketing strategies, finances, competition in the field, and more is extremely important. 

Formulating a business plan involves extensive research. It requires you to produce an organization description, specify your company goals, create financial strategies, and decide on the services. 

A tree care business can provide multiple services, including tree bracing, tree removal, tree cutting, tree trimming, tree planting, etc. 

Deciding the services you want your business to provide is an important component of an effective business plan. 

Creating a business plan implies laying the foundation of your business. Therefore, a business plan should be the primary step in setting up your tree care business. 

2. Figure out the form of ownership

As iterated before, starting a tree care business involves fulfilling quite a few legalities. From obtaining licenses to starting a business bank account, there is a lot that depends on the form of ownership of your business. 

Your legal entity affects some important aspects of your business, like taxes, liabilities, and the name of your business. Sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership-limited liability company and unlimited, non-profit organization, franchise, and more are some forms of business ownership you can choose from. 

Every form has its pros and cons. In sole proprietorships, the power is fully vested in your hands. You won’t be required to share your profits with anyone. However, it would be best if you took full liability for the losses and the stacked-up interests. 

There are many sub-categories to a partnership. While the main advantage of partnerships is the inexpensiveness, the disputes that may arise are the biggest disadvantage. 

A corporation is a separate legal entity in itself. This business has major pros: better financial resources, specialized management, perpetuity, transferability, and continuity. The cost of establishing is the greatest con of a corporation.

3. Decide on the business name 

Deciding the name of your tree care business is the apparent part of starting a tree service business. However, it is also the most tricky bit. 

Since you must use this name on all the important paperwork and legal documents, it is essential to decide on a name for your business as soon as possible. 

Even though the business name can be catchy, it should be easy to pronounce and spell. Additionally, the name should reflect what your business is about, shed light on your mission, and have a sense of personal touch.

4. Determine your capital requirements

A significant question is how much capital is needed to start a tree service business. The answer largely depends on how many employees, services, and equipment you plan to use. 

The larger the number of employees, services, and equipment, the more required revenue. Once you have decided on the scale of the business and the capital needed, you need to think about resources for obtaining the capital.  

Small business loans, savings, crowdfunding, and bootstrapping are some common methods used by small businesses to arrange capital funds. 

Large-scale businesses resort to bank loans, retained earnings, borrowing money from lenders, and equity capital. 

Thus, determining the capital requirements is one of the key steps in setting up a tree-cutting business.

5. Other significant factors

Once everything is taken care of, you must finalize your team and market your tree service business. Depending upon the type of services you wish to offer, you need to hire a team of skilled field technicians. 

Field service businesses also require dispatchers, schedulers, and competent office staff. Therefore, you must conduct a thorough hiring and screening process to hire able employees.     

You should also provide the employees with great estimation and invoicing tools, such as InvoiceOwl, to help them generate professional estimates, create quick invoices, and receive fast payments. 

Marketing your business is one of the last and most significant aspects of establishing a successful tree service business. 

The right marketing strategies can help your business bloom manifold. The main aim of employing marketing strategies to promote tree service business should be to generate leads and convert potential clients into real-time customers.

Search engine optimization, social media publicizing, and PPC advertising are some of the most oft-used marketing techniques to promote a business. 

Therefore, you need a skilled team of technicians, office staff, and a couple of marketing techniques to grow your tree service business.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do you start a tree care business?

    It would be best if you were:

    • A certified arborist
    • Had a business license
    • Had the mindset of a business owner to start a tree service business

    Field service management tools would most certainly come in handy.

  2. Are tree service companies profitable?

    Yes, tree service companies are profitable. Tree services are immune to seasonal irregularities, which means they are in demand yearly.

  3. How to decide the investment in a tree service business?

    No right or wrong technique can determine the amount of money you want to spend on your tree service business. Both large and small businesses have their pros and cons. Therefore, your budget and management capacity should decide the investment in your business.

  4. How do I manage my tree care business?

    Providing high-quality tree services, managing your resources effectively, and using an estimate and invoicing tool to generate professional estimates are great ways to manage your tree care business.


Unlike many other field service businesses, a tree service business is safe from seasonal irregularities. The elimination of such fluctuations makes it a lucrative business option. 

But before you start a tree service company, you must be mindful of certain factors. A well-crafted business plan, value proposition, essential documents, legal permissions, and business-centric accounts and cards provide a good head start. 

However, a great kick-start does not guarantee a smooth journey. A tree service business requires you to meet tight deadlines, generate professional estimates, accept payments, get approvals, etc. 

Since you cannot manage so many activities single-handedly, you need to employ an estimate and invoicing tool. Even though there are plenty of such tools in the market, let your budget and business requirements decide the right fit for you. 

Considering our suggestions can help you start a tree service business quickly and effectively.

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