How to Quote Window Cleaning Services for Profit

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This article provides brief information about how to quote window cleaning services to generate profit. It includes various quotes like domestic and commercial window cleaning. Large offices and buildings are typically billed by square footage. 

When it comes to window cleaning services, it does not matter how long you have been in this window cleaning business. It’s never too late to review your pricing. 

Perhaps you’re unsure of the right window cleaning price or want to ensure your current window cleaning price is reasonable for your clientele. 

You can see some of the national average pricing for window cleaning services in this article.

Depending on the style and size of the window you’re working with, this article will assist you in determining how much to quote window cleaning.

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Residential window cleaning prices are typically less lucrative than commercial window cleaning companies, which include jobs at restaurants, car dealerships, stores, and office buildings.
  • Commercial window cleaning typically costs $2 per pane.
  • You may always adjust your pricing as you advance in experience and reputation.

Let’s get straight into it:

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How to Quote Window Cleaning Services?

Particularly for residential window cleaning, window cleaners employ various methods to determine how much to charge for a window cleaning. Large offices and buildings are typically billed by square footage. For the majority of window cleaners, it is not time-efficient to bill larger buildings by the number of windows or by the number of panes. 

Because there are normally not enough windows in a smaller home to charge per window, the standard practice is to charge a flat amount per window. Many cleaners may charge by the pane if the house is medium-sized, anything from $2 to $7 for each one or more for larger windows. 

It’s typical to charge an hourly rate in large homes when counting each window by itself would take too long or be impossible. A window cleaning cost per hour ranges from $40 to $75. 

Quote for Domestic Window Cleaning 

Integrate customer reviews

Most residential window cleaners bill by the glass rather than the hour. In the long term, charging by the glass is more transparent and equitable. Clients won’t suspect you’re working slowly on purpose to charge more, and you won’t be penalized for picking up speedier techniques. 

Every single piece of glass in a window is referred to as a pane. Most windows have two to three panes. Up to 4 storm windows will have them.

In the United States, the average cost of cleaning one window pane that window cleaners charge is: 

  • $4–$5 per window (inside and out) 
  • $3–$4 per window (outside only) 
  • per screen, $2 
  • Each French window costs between $1 and $1.50. (inside and out) 

Remember that these costs represent averages. Your window cleaning costs will depend on a variety of factors, including 

The quantity and dimensions of the windows 

  • Amount of displays 
  • Tracks and sills 
  • Access to windows both inside and outside the building. The amount of dirt (including mineral deposits and paint) 
  • Demand and regional average pricing

The majority of homeowners clean their windows twice a year. Offering a volume discount while maintaining a high level of profitability is possible if a client desires a larger frequency. 

Building Window Cleaning Costs 

Due to the time required to remove paint and grime, construction cleans are more expensive. Additionally, you might need to buy additional window cleaner products, put on safety gear like hardhats and boots, and climb ladders more frequently. 

An average construction clean costs $6 to $8 per window. 

You might have to charge more than $15 per pane for even more thorough cleanings, such as removing mineral deposit stains. Before providing an estimate, always visit the location and check the exterior and interior windows in real.

Commercial Window Cleaning  Prices

Commercial Window Cleaning Prices

Commercial cleaning is different from residential window cleaning. 

Residential window cleaning prices are typically less lucrative than commercial window washing companies, which include jobs at restaurants, car dealerships, stores, and office buildings. This is since they are more regular (monthly or bi-weekly, as opposed to semi-annually), the windows can be cleaned more quickly, and they offer work all year long, especially during the lean winter months.

All of this increases their appeal and competitiveness. 

Commercial window cleaning typically costs $2 per pane. This will rise depending on the dirt’s quantity, frequency, size, and accessibility.

Tips to Offer in Window Cleaning Jobs

The given costs are merely suggestions. You’ll discover how to price properly and profitably as soon as you enter the field and begin bidding in the window cleaning business. 

The following are some last recommendations to help you acquire more window cleaning jobs: 

  • Ensure simplicity: Give your clients no more than two selections, and charge a flat amount for all window times. You may always adjust your pricing as you advance in experience and reputation. 
  • Begin modestly: Work by yourself before hiring full production staff. You can use this to determine your business’s capacity, expenses, labor costs, and ideal price structure.
  • Give accurate cost estimates: Clients can perceive you as unprofessional if you write your bid in chicken scratch on a piece of paper or the back of a business card. To provide every one of your prospects a polished, memorable estimate that will set you apart from your rivals, get a free quotation template or use window cleaning software. 
  • Get insurance for window cleaning: Wait until you get window cleaning insurance before washing a single window. Your window cleaning company aspirations could be dashed by even a little accident.
  • Be open to learning new things: You’ll learn more the more you bid. You’re probably bidding too cheap if all of your bids are successful. Ask the client what the victorious rival offered if you are losing bids.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are window cleaning rates?

    Residential window cleaning expenses are typically $4 to $8 for each glass or $10 to $15 per window. For a 1,500-square-foot home cleaning, a professional window washer charges roughly $258, or between $40 and $75 per hour. Request cost-free quotes from window washers in your area.

  2. How long does window cleaning take?

    Window washing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to more than 6 hours. The number of windows in your house that need to be cleaned will determine how long it will take.

  3. How much does cleaning the inside of windows cost?

    Residential window cleaning is normally priced between $40 and $75 per hour by window washing firms who bill by the hour. High-rise window cleaning can run as high as $85 per hour, and since a two-person crew is necessary for safety, the price climbs to $170 per hour.


Establishing a window cleaning pricing list and determining how much to charge as a window cleaning service can be challenging. 

Making or updating your pricing list will not only help you ensure that all of your overhead expenses are paid for, but it can also make quoting consumers simpler and accelerate the growth of your clientele. 

Speak with your regular customers if your existing window cleaning price guide is out-of-date or you are having trouble determining how much to charge. They will feel you care for them and have their best interests and those of their windows if you involve them and solicit their thoughts.

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