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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is a serious and slogging job. From digging holes to switching on the machine, HVAC professionals like you have all the HVAC-related responsibilities on your shoulders. Besides, you also need to maintain the electrical components when you are turned up for repair. Mostly, HVAC contractors also indulge in heating and air conditioning repairs.

Comprehending all the activities, it becomes crucial for HVAC contractors to consider their hourly rates.

According to HomeAdvisor, the hourly rate for HVAC contractors in the United States is $45-$100 per hour. Besides, the average hourly rate for HVAC repair is $88 and $78 for HVAC maintenance.

These rates are decided on the basis of location, type of HVAC services, and contractors’ experience and certifications.

Moreover, there are other factors to consider when deciding hourly hvac pricing guide for contractors. So, stay tuned and you will know in a while some vital information that will help you decide to price.

How HVAC professionals Can Help Residents?

When a contractor receives a service call or repair call, they send their best tradesman to help the customer. The HVAC machine requires operation from professional hands. And therefore, it is up to you that HVAC inside and outside units keep running.

  • Analyze the faulty parts at the time of service.
  • Regulate the airflow of the machine as per user requirements.
  • Clean gas valves, indoor coil, and heat pumps.
  • Keep furnace serviced periodically.
  • Inspect the outside unit to ensure no breakdown in the future.
  • Adjust internal HVAC units to the user’s preferred location.
  • Restart the system to check if the unit fan operating normally.

The repair work is not over after the contractor’s visit as you also have to perform the annual tune-ups. Yes, the HVAC technician has to be up to date with the HVAC unit. This would be helpful to the customers as they can have a better performance of heating and air conditioning unit.

Why To Charge Hourly Rates?

The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system needs service and maintenance at regular intervals. Homeowners lookout for a contractor whenever they feel poor air quality or minor sound coming from the internal unit. While flat rates usually consist of more than one task, contractors ask rates per hour to keep track of working hours.

Perks of Offering Hourly Rates

  • Fewer Late Payments Of Your Work

    When you are on a visit to a new client, there are chances that the working period may get extended. In such situations, flat rates may not give you the desired return on service. Thus, you can charge hourly rates as per the job done. Let us understand: flat rate vs. hourly rate, which is better for you?

  • Clients Will Give Priority To Your Service

    Mostly, customers also look after the HVAC technician who can give them better service. So, while they are on the search, they do compare your work with a few others. Hourly rates will not only simplify the client’s job but also make clients prioritize your service.

  • Beneficial For The Long Term Projects

    HVAC business owners will need support from their clients to keep up the excellent work. By offering hourly rates, you can expect faster payments in your long-term projects. This would be helpful for you to attract more customers.

If the HVAC company sends their specialist far away for heating repairs, cleaning gas valve, or furnace repair, contractors charge hourly rates for HVAC repair costs. In such cases, you may have the approval of payment prior to the work done.

Types of HVAC Services and Corresponding Hourly Rates

There are seven types of HVAC services, which we have sorted out and mentioned their hourly rates.

Type Work Hourly Rate
Installation Ductwork $50-$150
Repair Troubleshooting & Diagnostic $75-$125
Maintenance Cleaning & Inspecting HVAC Systems $50-$100
Replacement Air Filters & Compressors $75-$125
Duct Cleaning Vents & Ductwork $75-$150
Zone Control System Installation & Repair $75-$125
Smart Home Integration Installing HVAC Systems $75-$125

Source credit: (Homeadvisor)

So these are different HVAC services and costs.Other Rates For HVAC Experts

Know When To Expect Peak In HVAC services

Being a professional contractor, you should grab the opportunity when you receive more service calls are high. But, when? Let’s see when there can be a higher demand for your services.

Know when to expect peak in HVAC services

  • During Spring and Fall

    To keep your system healthy, one should avail of the service during the spring or fall season. During this time, it may not be more expensive.

  • Scorching Summer

    In summer, poor air quality might lead to multiple health troubles. And so, whenever owners find very poor air quality, they call a nearby contractor for HVAC repair.

  • Festival Season

    Amid the festival celebrations, owners approach the door of contractors to prevent damage to their HVAC system.

  • Season Sales

    New Buyers and old users may get attracted to the new service plan. Especially, when they find an offer on HVAC systems maintenance, they seek assistance from the contractor.

Hourly Rates Offered By Professional Contractors

An HVAC specialist charges a different figure to cover the HVAC technician wage, travel cost, and other business operating costs. Hourly rates are charged when there is a necessity to replace parts in the heat exchanger or air conditioner. HVAC repairs are based on hourly rates at the cost of $75 to $150.

Hourly rates offered by contractors

Hourly rates are also considered when there is an urgency and therefore, charges are a bit high. For instance, your client has a complaint regarding a broken furnace at midnight, then you can charge them around $200 or more.

Costs to Consider to Decide Hourly Rate


The hvac flat rate pricing formula for contractors can be greatly impacted by the cost of materials. The following are some ways that materials may affect the hourly rate:

  • Cost of materials: The contractor’s hourly rate will take the price of the materials required for a project into account. In order to pay their expenditures, the contractor might have to charge a higher hourly rate if the supplies are pricey.
  • Material quality: The hourly rate can also be impacted by the caliber of the materials utilized. Higher-quality materials could be more expensive, but they might also be more durable and need less upkeep, ultimately saving the contractor time and money.
  • Material accessibility: The contractor would have to charge a higher hourly rate to compensate for the added time and costs associated with locating particular supplies if they are in great demand or difficult to come by.
  • Customization: If the project calls for specific materials, locating and installing them may take more time, and this extra time will be charged at an hourly rate.
  • Warranty on the materials: If a contractor utilizes products that have a warranty, they can charge less per hour because they won’t have to return to remedy potential problems as often.


It may have an effect on contractors’ hourly rates in one of the following ways:

  • Extra time and effort: Obtaining licenses could take the contractor a substantial amount of time and work. This requires researching the requirements, filing paperwork, and occasionally making multiple trips to the permitting office. This extra time and effort may be factored into the contractor’s hourly rate.
  • Costs: The cost of obtaining a permit may vary depending on the area and type of permission. These costs include, among others, application fees, inspection fees, and plan review fees. Additionally, the customer might be charged extra per hour to compensate for these costs.
  • Liability and compliance: Getting the required permissions can help ensure that the contractor’s work complies with regional building laws and regulations. In the event of any problems or legal conflicts, this may offer the contractor additional protection. It also indicates that the contractor might demand a higher fee to offset the possibility of non-compliance.
  • Insurance: In some instances, getting permits may need having a specific kind of insurance. This can raise their overall insurance costs, which they might then charge the client more per hour as a result.
  • Competitiveness: Permit regulations can differ from one area to the next, which may impact contractor competition. Because the permission procedure is less time-consuming and expensive, a contractor may be able to charge less for their services if they are working in an area with fewer permit requirements.


Contractors’ hourly charges may be impacted by warranties in the following ways:

  • By raising or lowering the cost of materials or equipment, warranty coverage might affect the hourly rate.
  • Warranties may lower or increase the contractor’s level of liability, which may have an impact on the hourly cost. A contractor may charge a higher hourly rate if they provide a warranty in order to cover the expense of any potential liabilities.
  • The kind of warranty offered may also have an impact on the hourly fee. For instance, a contractor may charge a higher hourly rate to offset the cost of giving a longer warranty period if they do so than their rivals.
  • The reputation and experience of a contractor might also have an impact on the hourly fee. A contractor may be able to charge a higher hourly rate for their services if they have a reputation for producing high-quality work and offering great customer service.
  • A warranty can help contractors stand out from the competition by fostering customer trust and luring in new business, which could result in better hourly rates.

Considering these factors could really help you to decide on your HVAC hourly rates.

Other Rates For HVAC Experts

Other hourly rates for HVAC experts

  • Cost for HVAC Repairs

    On average, an HVAC repairing service can cost between $150 and $450. Most HVAC experts charge $319 and $268 on air conditioner service and furnace repair respectively. HVAC technicians charge a minimum service call fee of $75 to $200 as far as HVAC repair costs are concerned.

  • Cost for HVAC Service & Maintenance

    HVAC contractors charge $144 to $451 for most AC (air conditioner) and furnace services with a minimum. Moreover, you can also charge $89 for detecting the fault.

  • Cost For Tune-Ups

    Generally, HVAC experts perform tune-ups by charging $70 to $200 approximately. In this process, the HVAC tech will closely analyze and clean the dust from pipes. Two or more tune-ups can be included if you choose an annual service plan.

  • Call Rates for HVAC Service

    As an HVAC business owner, you can also charge anything between $75 to $200 for a visit. Usually, contractors offer call rates when they have on-site consultations.

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Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is the labor rate for HVAC?

      The hourly labor rate for HVAC jobs depends upon the repair work and the scope of the job. However, on average, the labor rate for HVAC repair work is between $75 to $150.

    1. What is the average price for an HVAC service call?

      According to Howell’s Heating & Air, the average HVAC repair cost falls somewhere between $100 to $150. Having said that, it depends on various factors, such as emergency, complexity, size, type, and age of the HVAC system. Besides, the cost may also vary with the HVAC technician duties.

    1. Do HVAC tradesmen make good money?

      Yes, they do. The HVAC industry is a booming industry. It was evaluated to have a market value of USD 57.8 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 82.5 billion by 2026. So, the HVAC contractors have a lot of opportunities to grow and scale their business.

  1. Why do HVAC companies charge so much?

    The HVAC companies charge fairly due to the high business operating costs. HVAC business owners have to bear high overhead expenses. The traveling cost to reach various sites adds to the fuel costs. Moreover, to do effective furnace repairs, a ductwork contractor should require all the material and equipment.


As an HVAC service provider, you deserve to get paid well. And to make a good profit out of your HVAC contracting business, you need to know what exactly are others charging?

So we hope this blog gave you an idea about charges that most HVAC companies ask for cleaning and maintaining the entire HVAC system.

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