Fixing Your Naming Dilemma: 90+ Name Suggestions For Your Handyman Business

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A great business name is the first step toward success. If your business name explains everything about what you do and what your business is all about, then you don’t need much spending on branding.

Plus, it also represents your brand, so be very picky when it comes to selecting one business name for your brand. The name should consist of your service, and a catchy name reserves a place in your customer’s mind.

Since you are here to find out that one name for your handyman business, let us show you the list of handyman business names. We have sorted it out for you based on different categories. And good news; we’ve updated our list to reflect naming trends in the 2020s and beyond.

List of Cool Handyman Business Name Ideas

1. Creative handyman business names

  1. Mr. Fix-It
  2. The Toolbox
  3. Handy Heroes
  4. QuickFix
  5. ProHand Services
  6. The Wrench Whisperers
  7. RepairRangers
  8. The Craftsmen Co.
  9. Handy Hub
  10. The Maintenance Man
  11. Tool Time
  12. Handy Helper
  13. FixerUpper
  14. The Repair Guys
  15. The Handy Squad
  16. The Toolman
  17. Fix-It-Fast
  18. The Master Craftsmen
  19. HomeFixers
  20. The Wrench Warriors
  21. The Tool Guys
  22. The Repair Masters
  23. The Handy Guys
  24. Fix-It Pro
  25. The Home Repair Heroes
  26. The Toolbox Guys
  27. The Master Repairers
  28. Handy Hands
  29. The Home Repair Pros
  30. The Tool Guys Pro

2. Professional handyman business names

  1. Expert Handyman Services
  2. The Reliable Handyman
  3. ProHand Solutions
  4. The Skilled Handyman
  5. Expert Repair Solutions
  6. The Trusted Handyman
  7. Top-Notch Handyman Services
  8. The Experienced Handyman
  9. Reliable Repair Solutions
  10. ProHand Services
  11. The Dependable Handyman
  12. Expert Home Repair
  13. The Professional Handyman
  14. Top Repair Services
  15. The Trustworthy Handyman
  16. The Skilled Craftsman
  17. Pro Home Repair Solutions
  18. The Reliable Repairman
  19. Expert Handyman Solutions
  20. The Professional Repairman
  21. The Trusty Handyman
  22. The Expert Craftsman
  23. Reliable Home Repair Solutions
  24. Pro Handyman Services
  25. The Skilled Repairman

3. Names that reflect the local area

  1. The City Handyman
  2. Local Home Repair
  3. The Neighborhood Handyman
  4. City Repair Services
  5. The Town Handyman
  6. The Local Craftsman
  7. The Regional Handyman
  8. The Area Home Repair
  9. The Local Handyman Pro
  10. The Metropolitan Handyman
  11. The Community Home Repair
  12. The Regional Craftsman
  13. The Urban Handyman
  14. The Local Repair Pros
  15. Clock Handyman
  16. The Suburban Handyman
  17. The Regional Home Repair
  18. The Country Handyman
  19. The Town Repair Services
  20. The Rural Handyman
  21. The Neighborhood Repair Pros

4. Catchy Handyman Business Names

  1. Hammer Time
  2. The Nail Benders
  3. The Screw Drivers
  4. The Drill Sergeants
  5. The Wrench Wizards
  6. The Saw-It-Alls
  7. The Plumbers of Love
  8. The Paint Pals
  9. The Carpenters of Care
  10. The Nuts and Bolts
  11. The Framers of Fun
  12. The Tilers of Time
  13. The Roofers of Reason
  14. The Electric Elves
  15. The Garden Gurus
  16. The Menders of Matters
  17. The Flooring Friends
  18. The Trim Team
  19. The Window Warriors
  20. The Light Brigade
  21. Hammer Bros
  22. Handy Cousins
  23. Pokemon Handy Man Company
  24. Patriot Handy Service
  25. American Handy Man Co

4 Things to Consider Before Finalizing a Handyman Business Name

    1. Service-based Handyman business names

    The kind of services you provide should be reflected in your company name and on your handyman website. Think about including terms like “handyman,” “repairs,” “maintenance,” “construction,” etc., that describe your areas of expertise. This will make it simpler for potential clients to comprehend what you provide and locate you while looking for comparable services.

    2. Easy to pronounce

    A name that is memorable and simple to pronounce is more likely to linger in people’s thoughts and spread quickly through word of mouth. If you intend to use a lot of word-of-mouth marketing, take into account choosing a name that is simple to spell, pronounce, and remember.

    3. Unique & catchy

    It’s crucial to pick a name that distinguishes you from the competition and prevents misunderstanding with others companies. To make sure that your sentence stands out, think about employing a strange word or combination of words. Using a characteristic of where you are based is important, since the vast majority of Handyman businesses are regional. For example, “American Handyman Co.”.

    4. Domain & social media availability

    Having an available domain name and social media handles are crucial in the digital age we live in. A matching domain name and social media handles are a key part of it. Make sure the associated domain name and social media handles are available before choosing a name, and consider the price and accessibility of other extensions (.com and .net).

8 Tips for Naming Your Handyman Business

    1. Simple name

    A straightforward, memorable name may be more successful in drawing in clients and establishing brand recognition.

    2. Reflect brand image

    Your company name should reflect the image and qualities you wish to project to your clients, such as professionalism, subject matter knowledge, dependability, or a warm, approachable personality.

    3. Keep your target audience in mind

    Think about who you want to reach: Consider the qualities your target market values in a handyman before selecting a name that will appeal to them.

    4. Unique name

    Make it unique: A distinctive name can assist your company in standing out in a crowded market and facilitate client referrals.

    5. Don’t make jokes

    Avoid utilizing puns or inside jokes: Although these names can be amusing, they may not be universally recognized and may limit.

    6. Check for name availability

    Prior to choosing a name, confirm that it is both available for usage as a domain name and on social media platforms and that it is not already in use by another company.

    7. Keep future possibilities in mind

     Select a name that can grow and remain relevant if your company enters new markets or offers new services.

    8. Ask for feedback

    Get feedback on the suggested names from close friends, relatives, and clients. You can learn a lot from this about the most appealing and memorable names.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to choose a name that represents my handyman business?

    Think about the ideals and services you want your company to represent for its clients, such as professionalism, dependability, subject-matter knowledge, or a warm, approachable personality. Select a name that embodies these principles and characteristics.

  2. How can I make sure that people will remember my company name?

    Think about choosing a name that is short, simple, easy to say, and distinctive. Using wordplay or puns is another option, but make sure the name is still simple to grasp.

  3. How can I find out if the name of my company is already in use?

    You can determine whether a business name is available by looking up websites and social media accounts with that name online, checking with your local government to see whether the name has already been registered, and looking for trademarks with the same or similar names.

  4. Can I use my own name as the name of my handyman business?

    The name of the founder or your own name may be used as the company name. However, you might want to think about a name that is more in line with the services you offer and is simple for clients to recall.


Finally, choosing a name for your handyman service is crucial for building your brand and drawing clients’ attention. A good name should reflect your brand’s personality, be catchy, and appeal to your target market. 

Use a name that reflects your hometown or one that expresses your knowledge, dependability, and professionalism. Make sure the name you choose is not already in use, and think about how it will scale as your company expands. By keeping these suggestions in mind, you can pick a name for your handyman business that will stand out in a crowded market and create a strong brand identity.

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