10 Best Invoice2go Alternatives: Pocket-Friendly Solutions

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What prompted you to look for the Invoice2go alternative? Is it

  • a high price against the number of invoices available
  • difficulty in navigating the website or mobile app
  • negative user ratings from verified users
  • not able to find what you are looking for
  • incomplete billing solutions

The list doesn’t end here; other major flaws contribute to decision-making factors. For instance, poor customer care services due to which contractors look for alternatives to invoice2go. Or because of hidden terms and conditions related to the number of invoices available in the freemium version.

Considering these major flaws that unnecessarily burn a hole in the pocket, we have curated a list of the most affordable and widely acceptable invoicing and estimating software.

Now that you know how invoice2go falls short in certain essential factors, let us introduce you to the updated alternatives.

Quick Comparison of Invoice2go Alternatives

Logo Name Details
InvoiceOwlMost Preferred InvoiceOwl Free Trial:

  • 3-day FREE Trial


  • Monthly: $28.99
  • Yearly: $99.99

Ratings: 5.0

Wave Wave Free Trial:

  • 30-Days


  • Commission-based

Special Offer:

    • No

Rating: 4.4

Freshbooks Freshbooks Free Trial:

  • 30-Days


  • Lite: $6/mo, $108/year
  • Plus: $10/mo, $180/year
  • Premium: $20/mo,
  • $360/year

Special Offer:

  • No

Rating: 4.5

Zoho Zoho Free Trial:

  • 30-Days


  • Monthly Plans: $12, $24,
  • $36/month
  • Yearly Plans: $10, $20,
  • $30/month

Special Offer:

  • No

Rating: 4.3

Intuit Quickbook Intuit Quickbook Free Trial:

  • 30-Days


  • $7.5/mo

Special Offer:

  • No

Rating: 4.5

Odoo Odoo Free Trial:

  • 15-Days


  • $20/mo

Special Offer:

  • No

Rating: 4.1

Chargebee Chargebee Free Trial:

  • 30-Days


  • Rise: $299/mo, $249/year
  • Scale: $599/mo, $549/year

Special Offer:

  • No

Rating: 4.3

Square Invoices Square Invoices Free Trial:

  • 30-Days


  • Plus: $20/mo

Special Offer:

  • No

Rating: 4.7

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Sage Business Cloud Accounting Free Trial:

  • 30-Days


  • $10/mo

Special Offer: Yes
Rating: 4.1

Xero Xero Free Trial:

  • 30-Days


  • Starter: $22/mo
  • Standard: $35/mo
  • Premium: $47/mo

Special Offer:

  • No

Rating: 4.5

Top Alternatives to Switch From Invoice2go

    1. InvoiceOwl – Best Estimating and Invoicing Software


      Learning from other’s mistakes and adding value to contractors/small businesses is what InvoiceOwl focuses on.

      InvoiceOwl keeps an eye on contractors’/small businesses’ needs and delivers accurate solutions. No matter if you are into plumbing, construction, HVAC, or shipping, InvoiceOwl caters to every industry.

      Talking about what InvoiceOwl has to offer, there is a long list of benefits:

      • Accessing the mobile + web app is child’s play
      • No tricky or time-consuming sign-up process
      • Anytime & Anywhere access
      • Report generating, tax calculating, and adding clients in seconds
      • Allows to create sections to itemized
      • Records incomes and expenses as you create invoices and purchase orders (PO)

      Apart from this, the biggest advantage, unlike other accounting software, is you can create unlimited estimates and invoices. We will make it easy for you; to get the touch and feel of invoicing software solutions.

      The software is not only limited to estimates and invoices, it even lets you create purchase orders and credit memos.

      Since you are not running your business for a day or two, you need software that joins hands for the long term. InvoiceOwl is excellent at maintaining long-term relationships, which is one of the reasons for keeping its pricing models affordable. Though it may look double what invoice2go charges but offers 5x benefits than it.

      And that’s not all, you will even love the agile customer service. Most users have customer service complaints with invoice2go. But that’s not the case with InvoiceOwl. Have a look at word of mouth:

      InvoiceOwl Review
      Here is a quick comparison between InvoiceOwl and Invoice2go:

      Difference InvoiceOwl Invoice2go Winner
      Paid Plans 1 Three Invoice2go
      Pricing $28.99 – Monthly $5.99, $9.99, 39.99 – Monthly InvoiceOwl
      1-Click to Get Started InvoiceOwl
      Invoices 50 and Unlimited 2, 5, and Unlimited – Monthly InvoiceOwl
      Free Version Available 30-Days Invoice2go

      As you can see, the comparison table states that 3 out of 5 times InvoiceOwl is the clear winner.

      Now that you know how it adds value and thrives your business, let’s look at some extra-ordinary features:

      • Monitor your invoices and estimates
      • Get access to customer reviews
      • Generate sales reports at a single click
      • Save clients and items

      Key Features:

      • Estimates
      • Credit Memos
      • Reviews
      • Invoices
      • Purchase Orders
      • Tracking
      • Reporting
      • Payments

      Want to know each feature in detail, get it through a single click. So, no more sleepless nights working hard to streamline the business process, InvoiceOwl takes the reins.

      • Ready-made industry-wise templates
      • Easy to fill invoices and estimates
      • Designed by industry experts
      • Ideal for small & medium business
      • Get answers to your queries in 24 hours
      • Templates available in four different formats
      • No need to spend time generating reports
      • Focuses only on estimates and invoices


      InvoiceOwl invoicing and estimating software makes waiting for payments, generating reports, and difficulty in accessing software a thing of the past.

Try Our Free Online Invoice Generator Today!

Whether your business is in construction, landscaping, consulting, photography, auto repair, or the medical field, invoicing takes way too long. That’s why we’re here. InvoiceOwl makes your invoicing faster and simpler so you can get paid promptly and without the hassle.

  1. Wave


    If generating financial statements, tracking income & expenses, calculating sales tax, and generating various accounting reports are your daily hassle, then wait no more.

    Wave is a great mobile + web-based accounting software that lets you freely do all the accounts-related tasks. And when we say it’s free, it not only means peace of mind but also without spending a penny. Besides, you don’t even need to sign up, meaning no wasting time filling up or integrating your already existing accounts (Google or Facebook).

    Signing up comes into the picture when you want to access payroll services. Another major area when you would be paying money to Wave is when you want to get paid faster from your vendors/clients. Wave collects payment on your behalf and processes it to your bank account.

    For this service, Wave charges $2.9 + 30 cents for most credit cards (CC), $3.4 + 30 cents for American Express, and 1% for bank payments.

    Another event when you owe money to Wave is when there is a dispute in payment or insufficient funds in accounts. Wave charges $15 for the dispute fee and $5 for insufficient funds.

    • Offers a free accounting system
    • Makes life easier for accountants
    • Allows to run multiple businesses through one account
    • Charges dispute and insufficient funds fee
    • No PayPal integration


    If your sole aim is to access accounting software for the sake of generating reports and tracking incomes & expenses, then this software is a great tool for you. But if you want to manage salaries and receive or pay through Wave, then you have to get a paid subscription.

  2. Freshbooks


    Though Freshbooks started its journey in the pre-internet era, it still manages to adapt to the influence of the Internet. By creating mobile + web applications, Freshbooks marked its presence in the digital space as well.

    Freshbooks makes self-employed professionals, freelancers, and small business owners’ life easier by providing everything in one place. It helps you with expense tracking and invoicing. Moreover, it even ensures that whatever you do use Freshbooks software, it does it in half the time. The starting price of Freshbooks is $6 per month.

    The only hassle is the pricing policy of Freshbooks since it demands too much for too few things. Besides, there is a custom pricing policy but that could also turn out to be expensive since they would be charging money for every single feature added.

    • Good customer care service
    • Good for small business
    • Make estimates and invoices faster
    • High pricing policy
    • No notification for exceeding the limit


    If you own a business and are looking for an all-in-one solution, Freshbooks is where you should ponder upon. Just make sure you are ready to pay a little higher than what other competitors offer. But if you are looking for a simpler solution then check out Freshbooks alternatives!

  3. Zoho Books

    zoho books

    Zoho offers multiple solutions to all industries, which is why it has big names under its clientele. Talking about how Zoho can contribute to small contractors’ and business owners’ lives, it offers Zoho Books accounting software.

    This software caters to all business-related transactions, which includes

    • Payment processing
    • Hourly billing
    • Online invoicing
    • Accounts receivable
    • Time tracking
    • Stripe billing
    • Keeping track of expenses and income
    • Sales tax management

    Other than this, Zoho even offers multi-currency management. With this, you can create invoices in any language and make payment processing a cakewalk.

    Another benefit Zoho brings to the table is you don’t need to involve yourself in reminding your client about payment processing – Zoho does it on behalf of you.

    Besides, you get access to revenue management software, which is a helping hand when you are generating income from several sources. It creates income statements and balance sheets for all the different businesses you handle.

    Lastly, get customized reporting right on your dashboard. What else can you expect is scheduling reports so that they can be visible to you at your scheduled time.

    The features that may be beneficial for you are:

    • Import/Export of Data
    • Updates in Bulk
    • Recurring Bill/Expenses
    • Project Accounting
    • Accept Payments Online
    • Payment Reminders
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Tax Management
    • Purchase Order Management
    • Access to ample features
    • Budget-friendly subscription plans
    • Too confusing learning curve


    If you are running a big or multiple businesses and want a solution to manage everything at one place, Zoho Books is what you should subscribe for.

  4. Intuit Quickbooks

    intuit quickbooks

    Intuit Quickbooks is America’s #1 small business solution that makes businesses profitable. With Intuit Quickbooks paid plan, you get access to

    • Cloud Accounting
    • Online Invoicing
    • Online Banking
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Time Tracking
    • Accounting Reports
    • Multiple Users
    • Free Unlimited Customer Support

    Just because the software is integrated with cloud accounting, you can access your financial reports or invoice history from anywhere anytime. Besides, you can create customizable invoices, which is another benefit it brings to the table. You don’t need to waste time searching for elements required for creating invoices.

    Moreover, you can schedule your payments so that you don’t forget them and save both time and reputation. The software is also integrated with a time tracking feature, which is helpful for businesses having employees working for them. With this feature, you can monitor employees doing what or where they are employed.

    Lastly, Intuit Quickbooks offer unlimited customer care support, so solve your queries at your fingertips. If we compare Invoice to go vs QuickBooks, then the latter wins the battle.

    • Send and track invoices
    • Complete billing solution
    • Best for small business
    • Allows online and payments
    • Helps with time tracking
    • Lengthy signing process


    If you are a small businessman wanting a single accounting system to make your accountant’s life easier, then Intuit Quickbooks is the ultimate solution.

  5. Odoo Invoicing

    odoo invoicing

    Odoo is an open-source software that has a comprehensive list of applications, each one catering to different business needs.

    But when we closely look at the invoicing software solution of Odoo, its quite easy-to-use and understandable. It includes all your business at one place, such as inventory management, project management, and accounting.

    Odoo has 7 Million users subscribed and growing. The software records all invoices and monitors all payments. Besides, it even allows easy selection of invoicing and automatically obtain supplier’s vital information.

    We found the pricing structure to be a bit complicated than other invoicing and estimating softwares.

    • Works for small & medium business
    • Integrate all your services
    • Make business operations smooth
    • Adds value to your business
    • Saves a lot of time
    • Does not offer customer support
    • Multiple software for different requirements


    You can consider Odoo when you want an all-in-one accounting and management software. Otherwise, you may get confused between multiple sets of software.

  6. Chargebee


    It is a subscription billing software that ensures to smoothen SaaS and other similar businesses’ operations. It offers various payment gateways, such as Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree.

    Besides, it even manages:

    • Online invoicing
    • Tax calculator
    • Dunning management
    • Mobile payments
    • Subscription management
    • Inventory management.

    What else you can expect is enterprise-level security, revenue intelligence, and an extensible platform.

    Since it targets bigger businesses, it has designed pricing plans accordingly. The plan starts at around $299/month. Besides, Chargebee is only supported on SaaS-based platforms, and not on Mac, Windows, iPad, Android, and Linux. Moreover, it doesn’t include contingency billing and project billing.

    • Offer free version
    • Works well for all businesses
    • Fast payment
    • Subscription billing
    • Fully integrated software
    • Pricey software
    • Steep learning curve


    Chargebee works amazingly well according to business requirements, irrespective of size or budget. It is fully-integrated software ensuring that it is fully customizable and caters to all digital transactions.

  7. Square Invoices

    square invoices

    As the name indicates, this software ensures you prepare estimates and invoices in a fraction of seconds. In short, this software can become a helping hand for you. Not only creating, but it can even send invoices.

    Besides, you can even track paid and invoices not paid, automatically send invoices and accept online payments, and integrate bank accounts.

    Square invoices claim that 75% of their invoices are paid within a day. You can access Square invoices anywhere, anytime from your mobile devices or systems.

    This invoice2go alternative comes with a feature that notifies your outstanding balance when there is a part payment. It even notifies your debtor about the same.

    Moreover, it helps generate historical reports, tax reports, and balance dues with just a few clicks. The User-Interface is quite cool and anyone can easily access it.

    • Quick at creating estimates and invoices
    • Save time and streamline payments
    • Let you send beautiful invoices
    • Packed with powerful features
    • Great for startups
    • No option to choose between pricing options


    If you are looking for a software that caters to estimate and invoice generating, Square invoice is the best invoice2go alternative. Though it does not have several pricing models, it still is the best for small to medium businesses.

  8. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

    sage business cloud accounting

    Sage business cloud is accounting software designed specifically for small businesses. Having this software means saving time and getting time to focus on other vital business tasks.

    So how does it save your time?

    • Streamlines your workflows
    • Monitor invoices
    • Access anywhere, anytime

    Sage business cloud is also a great invoicetogo alternative since it consists of simple sets of software integration that are easy to access.

    Plus, they are quick at responding to queries, questions, and try to resolve doubts. Here are the following industries Sage Business Cloud contributes to reducing workload:

    • Construction
    • Wholesale distribution
    • Professional services
    • Chemicals
    • Manufacturing
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Food & beverages
    • Create customizable invoices
    • Manage invoices
    • Generate invoices
    • Works great for small and medium business
    • Not for large enterprises


    If you are looking for a project management software, then Sage Business Cloud is for you. Besides, this online invoicing accounting software is also great for receiving online payments.

  9. Xero


    Xero is another accounting system that does most of the tasks on your behalf. The software includes a variety of features to make the business operation efficiently smooth. Plus, it ensures all your transactions are handled smoothly.

    Besides, Xero even offers bank reconciliation services, which means it matches your bank accounts with cash books, so no chance for discrepancies. Moreover, it even automatically updates cash flow statements and business finances, anytime you want, you get the updated one. Doing so would benefit you with expense tracking and business transactions.

    The target audience Xero targets are;

    • Freelancers
    • Small-Scale Businesses/Entrepreneurs
    • Medium Businesses

    The software is web-based and available on both Android & iOS platforms. Xero offers three different pricing plans to its users: $11, $32, and $62 per month.

    • Makes expense tracking easier
    • Manages accounts receivables
    • Automatic billing
    • Applicable for small and medium businesses
    • Affordable starting price
    • Requires to buy a half-yearly package for availing pricing benefit


    If you want the easiest way to manage your accounting, then there is no better invoice2go alternative than Xero. It is designed specifically for reducing the workload of accountants.

    So this is the list of the best alternatives to invoice2go. You can pick anyone as per your requirements. If you still have any questions, you can go ahead with the next section.

Create Estimates and Invoices Instantly and Save Time
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which is the best alternative to Invoice2go?

    InvoiceOwl is one of the best alternatives to Invoice2go since it is easy to use, displays the number of estimates and invoices it offers and is quick at answering customers’ requests.

  2. What are the disadvantages of Invoice2go?

    Frequent spending in the invoice2go app has become one of the major flaws, which prompts users to look for alternatives.
    Another disadvantage is the pricing model; though it looks affordable, it becomes quite expensive when offering services. For instance, you get to send only 2 invoices per month at $5.99, while there are alternatives that charge double but offer 5x more than invoice2go.

  3. Which estimating and invoicing software gives a fair deal over invoice2go?

    Though InvoiceOwl asks for almost double what invoice2go charges for a beginner’s pack, it still is worth registering with InvoiceOwl. The reason is InvoiceOwl actually adds value to money by offering unlimited estimates and 5x of invoices. Plus, InvoiceOwl clearly states what they are offering in the freemium version against which invoice2go is unclear with numbers.


Streamlining your business activities should be an utmost priority. And what’s better than opting for a mobile + web application. But what if the investment you made turns out to be recurring expenses. It’s time to look for an alternative.

You have just read the 10 best alternatives to invoice2go, out of which, InvoiceOwl has been a clear winner of the race. It is not only accepted by a large number of small businesses but also has a high customer retention ratio. It means contractors have to not look behind once they are a subscriber of InvoiceOwl

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