Can You Legally Cancel a Purchase Order?

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You can legally do it if you want to cancel your purchase order agreement.

But the question is how?

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  • Time when PO becomes legally binding contract.
  • Applicable laws on canceling purchase order.
  • Situations when PO gets canceled.

Over 66% of the businesses face financial challenges, which might result in the cancellation of their future purchases.

But if you have signed a legally binding contract with your vendor or seller, you always have an option to cancel the agreement and first streamline your cash flow.

So how can you legally cancel a purchase order?

You need to understand different things before you cancel your purchase contract. Let’s find out.

When Does Purchase Order Become Legally Binding Contract?

Once the buyer and the seller agree to the terms and conditions listed in the purchase order, they sign a purchase order agreement that becomes a legally binding contract.

The purchase agreement is the written expression of the parties involved, and the purchase process must be completed within the limitations of the contract. If one of the parties violates the agreed terms and conditions, the other one can take legal actions.

The seller must agree with the purchase order requirements and ensure they can deliver the buyer’s requirements before signing the agreement. Once the agreement is signed and approved from both ends, the seller can initiate the delivery and invoice generation process.

But despite the parties’ best intentions to complete the process and achieve their desired outcomes and goals from the transaction, not every purchase made using a purchase order will go as planned.

The goods can be delayed; there might be budgetary woes during the payment process or discrepancies in the purchase order or invoice.

If the situation is not smoothly handled between the two parties, then the legal document can play a vital role in deciding further what needs to be done.

Different laws apply to the cancellation of purchase orders that you need to know. Have a look.

Laws Applicable on Legal Purchase Orders Cancellation

Contractors and businesses enjoy various rights under the nation’s laws. Different consumer protections prevent predatory businesses from exploiting the buyers for their benefit.

laws applicable on legal purchase orders cancellation

For example, if the purchase order is accepted in writing by the contractor and is to be terminated, the contracting officer needs to follow the termination process under:

  • 12.403 and 52.212-4(l) or (m) for different commercial products and services
  • Part 49 or 52.213-4 for non-commercial products and services.

But if the seller or the vendor does not accept the purchase order, you can contact the seller and notify them in writing that the purchase order is terminated and ask them for a written acceptance of the cancellation from the seller or vendor.

For example, in the European Union, businesses need to disclose certain information and meet certain requirements to operate the business legally. Many suppliers have unique PO cancellation policies determined by the purchase order status.

If the products are delivered to the shipment address and the buyer cancel the purchase order, the supplier can ask for the restocking charge or the entire shipment process.

The law applied to the cancellation of PO’s depends on the situation of the purchase order process. We recommend you consult your lawyer or attorney to avoid complications with rejecting the purchase order and have more control of the situation.

They can guide you further to ensure that the purchase order contract cancellation doesn’t negatively impact your business and you can effectively settle your claim.

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When Can You Legally Cancel a Purchase Order? (Scenarios, Reasons, and Examples)

To understand the cancellation of the purchase order, you need to understand a few scenarios that can give a holistic overview of the legal situation.

Cancellation before the acceptance

If you want, you can cancel the purchase before the acceptance by the seller or vendor.

No complications are involved if the purchase order is cancelled before being approved and signed by the seller.

The purchase order hasn’t attained a legally binding status that can prevent the further complication of things and avoid serious legal issues with other parties involved in the purchase order transaction.

You need to directly inform the seller to ensure they don’t further process the purchase order and the deal is called off soon.

Cancellation after the goods are delivered

Once the purchase order is accepted and acknowledged by the vendor or the sellers, they kickstart the shipping process of the required material. Once it reaches your shipping address, it might be hard for you to cancel the purchase order within one communication.

In such a situation, the vendor might not accept the cancellation request from your end, and things can take a serious legal turn if the situation is not handled professionally.

You need to convince the seller to maintain a healthy long-term relationship and pay them the shipping or the entire transportation fees involved that can cover their expenses.

Paying the cost for the seller can help you avoid legal complications and end the purchase order contract smoothly.

Cancellation by the supplier after acknowledging the purchase order

Situation may arise if the supplier cancels the purchase order after they approve it. You must consider both parties’ terms and conditions for processing the purchase order.

  • If the purchase order agreement allows cancellation without fulfilling the requested terms and conditions, both parties can mutually terminate the purchase order. No party is liable to sue the other party in a court of law. But you must ensure the terms are included in the agreement to avoid future legal battles.
  • If the purchase order agreement doesn’t allow cancellation once the seller signs the agreement, then the purchase order is legally bound to be complete on the set terms and conditions. Both parties need to perform their agreed tasks during the execution of the order delivery. If one party doesn’t obey the terms, the other party has the right to sue.

Different situations make you liable to take legal action, like if the seller doesn’t deliver the agreed material on time and ignores your communication attempts.

You can also sue the seller if they deliver faulty low-grade material and ignore the request to replace it. You can show a copy of the purchase agreement and the purchase as proof that can solidify your case.

Also, non-payment to the seller once the material is delivered and is approved by your team, then the seller is liable to sue your business for the misconduct and breaking of the legal agreement between the two parties.

Buyer’s & Seller’s Case on Purchase Order Cancellation

Let’s discuss the buyer’s and the seller’s perspectives on purchase order cancellation.

Have a look.

From the buyer’s perspective

Once the seller accepts the purchase order, they are obligated to deliver the requested goods within the specific time stated in the purchase order. The seller must also consider other conditions to specify the goods’ type, descriptions, and quality.

If these requirements are not matched by the seller, which they promised to deliver by signing the contract, you can opt for the cancellation of the purchase order.

For example, if you ordered ten computers from a renowned company and committed to paying the amount for the material delivery, you would receive only eight computers until the promised delivery date.

Then, you have the acknowledged purchase order that provides that you received less quality than what you were promised in the agreement. The purchase order will serve as a legal document to help you win the legal battle (if you choose to process the issue legally).

You would certainly have gotten into trouble if you did not possess an acknowledged purchase order.

From the seller’s perspective

Suppose the seller has agreed to the terms and conditions of the purchase order, and you decide to terminate the contract before or after the delivery with no solid proof of any misconduct or violation by the seller.

Then the seller can demand a compensation fee for the material processing, shipment, and rework to bring the supplier back to their inventory.

Sellers usually don’t have a majority of the say in the purchase order contract cancellation if they don’t deliver on their promise and the terms and conditions stated on the purchase order agreement.

But being a professional contractor, you must ensure that you create a well-vetted and detailed purchase order with all the vital information required for the seller to ensure complete transparency.

A professional and clear purchase order can help the seller avoid misunderstanding while understanding the requirements and misjudging their capabilities to deliver your requirements.

You must avoid using the traditional approach of creating and managing the purchase order and switch to a quality purchase order management software that can deliver excellent results.

But choosing a professional software equipped to handle your business’s special requests and operations can be a difficult task because of the rising number as the industry is booming at a CAGR of 7.6%.

Our team has filtered the best purchase order management software that you can use for creating purchase orders and processing purchase invoices effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can you cancel a purchase order?

    Yes, you can cancel a purchase order legally if you want to. The cancellation depends on multiple reasons, like you don’t like the quality of the product delivered by the seller, if the seller cannot deliver the requirements within a specific time, or other internal business-related reasons. If the seller puts in a cancellation request after agreeing to the product delivery, they can face litigation charges from the original buyer.

  2. How legally binding is a purchase order?

    A purchase order becomes a legally binding contract if the seller agrees to the terms and conditions listed by the buyer in the purchase order. Once the order is signed, the purchase process becomes a legally binding contract that both parties must abide by. There might be a few issues during the process execution; if the parties can’t resolve them with mutual compromise, they need to choose a legal venue to solve the major hurdle. You can choose one of the best insurance policies for the products your distributor or manufacturer sends, and if the products are defective, you can cover the loss in the policy.

  3. Is a purchase order legally enforceable?

    Yes, a purchase order is legally enforceable if both parties agree to the terms and conditions for completing the purchase order process. The legal jurisdiction limits both parties to align with the terms and ensure that the purchase process is completed smoothly, from creating the purchase order to making the final payment against the purchase invoice. If the buyer disagrees to pay the requested amount in the invoice, the seller can take legal action to ensure the payment can be received.

  4. Can you cancel an order immediately?

    Yes, you can cancel a purchase order immediately once the seller receives the purchase order. You need to have a genuine reason to withdraw your purchase order and convey the message to the seller to ensure the relationship is maintained and there is no future friction that can hinder your purchasing order processing. The buyer has a lot of freedom when canceling a purchase order compared to the seller because of the laws and the luxury of being the customer.

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