Minnesota Plumbing License: A Detailed Guide to Get Licensed

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Getting a plumbing license in Minnesota is easier than getting a license in any other state. And we will make it even more easier for you with this detailed guide.

Here, we will walk you through all details like cost, requirements, and process to get a Minnesota plumbing license. Let’s start with the governing authority.

Who Provides Plumbing Licenses in Minnesota?

All the applications for plumbing licenses are addressed by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI). Here are its contact details:

  • Official website: Click here to go to the homepage and here for the plumbing section
  • Phone: 651-284-5031
  • Email: [email protected]

Feel free to contact them for any queries related to licensing.

What are the Types of Plumbing Licenses in Minnesota?

There are three types of plumbing licenses in Minnesota:

1. Journeyman plumber license

Journeyman is an individual engaged in plumbing services and working under the direction of a master plumber. You can get a journeyworker plumbing license if you clear the exam for a journeyman after being eligible for it as a registered unlicensed individual.

2. Master plumber license

After gathering the prerequisites as a journeyman to appear in a master plumber exam, you can get this license. Because you are the current master plumber license holder, you are expected to be skilled in performing, planning, and superintending various plumbing services.

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3. Master contractor license

With a master plumbing contractor license, you can acquire contracts to provide plumbing services all over the state.

Registered unlicensed individual:
This is equivalent to being an apprentice in other US states. You are required to start your plumbing journey as a registered, unlicensed individual. This allows you to perform plumbing services and learn the trade under the supervision of a master or journeyman plumber.

What are the Requirements to Get a Plumbing License?

Here are the prerequisites for each type of plumbing license in Minnesota:

1. Registered unlicensed plumber

You can perform plumbing work without a license if

  • You are registered with DLI as a registered unlicensed plumber or enrolled in a registered apprenticeship program.
  • You are employed by a licensed plumbing contractor or a registered plumbing employer, and your work falls under the scope of the work your employer is authorized to perform.
  • Your work is always directly supervised by a licensed journeyman or master plumber who is employed by the same employer for whom you are working.

2. Journeyman plumber license

As a dli registered unlicensed plumber, you will need to complete the following to be eligible for the journeyman plumber exam:

  • Four years of experience and
  • 7000 hours of practical work

On top of that, the 7000 hours of practical experience needs to be comprised of the following:

  • 2,000 hours of water distribution system installation
  • 2,000 hours of the drain, waste and vent system installation
  • 1,000 hours of fixture installation

The remaining hours may be in any aspect of plumbing work.

3. Master plumber license

To qualify for the master plumbing license exam, you need these prerequisites as a journeyman plumber: –

  • One year of recorded practical plumbing experience
  • 1750 hours of practical work

What is the Cost to Become a Licensed Plumber?

Just the thought of starting a plumbing business will not do. You need to work on various factors and costing is one of them. Have a look at the costs you need to bear to get licensed as a plumber in Minnesota: –

type License fee Exam Renewal Expiry date
Registered unlicensed individual $14 $19 30 June each year
Journeyman plumbers $38 $50 $43 for 2 years 31 December of odd-numbered years
Master plumbers $68 $50 $73 for 2 years 31 December of even-numbered years

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Step-by-Step Process to Get Your Plumbing License

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Get 18 years older or complete your high school.

Step 2: Register yourself as an unlicensed individual and start your plumbing journey under the supervision of a licensed journeyworker plumber or licensed master plumber.

Apply online or submit the application form to the DLI office.

Step 3: Gather four years of experience performing at least 7000 hours of practical work. Remember to dissect practical plumbing experience, as we mentioned earlier.

Step 4: Apply for the journeyman exam. Submit an application to take the journeyman license exam along with the exam fee. When approved, you will receive instructions about how to schedule your exam.

Step 5: Pass the exam and pay the license fee. Now you are a licensed journeyman plumber.

Step 6: Gather one year of experience performing at least 1750 hours of practical work.

Step 7: Apply for the master exam. Submit an application to take the master license exam along with the exam fee. When approved, you will receive instructions about how to schedule your exam.

Step 8: Pass the exam and pay the license fee. Now you are a licensed master plumber.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which US states have reciprocity with the Minnesota plumbing license?

    North Dakota and South Dakota. This means that if you hold a plumbing license in either of these states, you can be waived from giving an exam to get an equivalent plumbing license in Minnesota.

  2. How much do plumbers make in Minnesota?

    Currently, the plumbers in Minnesota make $33.64 per hour on average, as per Indeed. It may fluctuate in the future.


There you have the information you have been looking for. So when are you going to apply for your Minnesota license for plumbing? Thus, follow the steps we have mentioned to get your license and ignite your plumbing journey.

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