The Complete Guide to Getting a Hawaii Plumbing License in 2024

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Are you prepared to leverage a lucrative career in Hawaii’s plumbing industry? 

In Hawaii, obtaining a plumbing license is not only necessary for employment but also opens up several taps of opportunities. Licensed plumbers are essential to the state’s infrastructure, working on everything from new construction to remodels and repairs. It’s actually the right time to think about pursuing this career path because Hawaii’s population is growing, and so is the construction.

We will offer you helpful tools and advice to succeed and realize your ambition of getting a Hawaii plumbing license. This article is for you, whether you are just starting out or have been in the plumbing business for a while. Don’t pass up your chance to learn more and begin your path to a rewarding and secure career as a plumber in Hawaii.

Hawaii Plumbing License Requirements

There are two types of plumbing licenses in Hawaii. Each has a different set of licensing requirements to meet to become a licensed plumber.

Hawaii plumbing license requirements

So, let’s start with:

    Journeyman Plumber

    • Requires 5 years but not less than 10,000 working hours on Hawaii plumbing apprentice jobs with due compliance with Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC).
    • Worker’s compensation certificate and a certificate showing liability coverage for Property Damage ($50,000) & Bodily Injured per person ($100,000) + per occurrence ($130,000).

How will you complete 10,000 hours?

To complete 10,000 hours and become eligible for a journey worker license, you must get enrolled in a plumbing apprenticeship. It can be through

  • a state-registered apprenticeship program
  • a union apprenticeship
  • on-the-job training under a licensed or member employer
  • an approved participating college

    Find plumbing apprenticeships through the following websites:


    Use the search term “Plumber helper” or “Plumber apprentice”

    Besides, you may also connect with Honolulu Joint Apprenticeship or Training Committee for plumbing and pipefitting industry.

    Master Plumber

    • Requires 2 years of experience as a Journey worker in the country, state, or another country.
    • Worker’s compensation certificate and a certificate showing liability coverage for Property Damage ($50,000) & Bodily Injured per person ($100,000) + per occurrence ($130,000).

The scope of work for each license type differs, so let’s know each of them in detail.

  • Journey Worker Plumber: Hawaii state allows Journeyman plumber to install, repair, maintain, and extend any plumbing systems, like sanitary vents, gas systems, water supply, fixtures, drains, and waste.
  • Master Plumber: This group of plumbing contractors supervises or performs all types of Master plumbing contracting jobs.

Now that you know the license required to become a plumber in Hawaii, let’s know the process of how to get one for yourself.

How to Obtain a Plumbing Contractor License in Hawaii?

Once you gather the required working hours as a plumbing contractor in Hawaii, it’s time to apply for plumbing licenses.

Here is the application form offered by the Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs, Hawaii. Read all the licensing information and then fill out the plumbing section of the form.

When you complete filling out the application form, mail the application along with verification of experience duly signed by your employer and notarized at the below address with $40 as an application fee.

Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs

Professional & Vocational Licensing Branch
P.O. Box 3469
Honolulu, Ki 96801

If your plumbing license application is approved, you will receive an Examination Registration Form from the Professional & Vocational Licensing Division. Fill out this form, include the examination fee of $90, and send it to the testing contractor:

345 Uluniu St., Suite 308
Kailua, HI 96734

So, when you meet licensing and examination requirements, you will be eligible to appear for plumbers examination.

    Hawaii Journeyman Exam

    # of Questions: 100
    Passing Criteria: 75 correct answers
    Time: 3 hours
    Note: Close Book

    Subjects covered:

    • Water Supply Systems
    • Medical and Fuel Gas Systems
    • Indirect and Special Waste
    • Building Sewers
    • General Knowledge
    • Drainage Waste
    • Waste and Sanitary Vents
    • Size & Estimating

    Business and Law Exam

    # of Questions: 80
    Passing Criteria: 60 correct answers
    Time: 3 hours
    Note: Close Book

    Subjects covered:

    • Estimating & Bidding
    • Public Works Laws
    • Tax Laws
    • Lien Laws
    • Contract Management
    • Business Organization
    • Licensing
    • Project Management
    • Risk Management
    • Safety
    • Financial Management

    Hawaii Master Plumbing Exam

    # of Questions: 80
    Passing Criteria: 60 correct answers
    Time: 3 hours
    Note: Close Book

    Subjects covered:

    • Waste & Sanitary Vents
    • General Knowledge
    • Fixtures & Trim
    • Excavation
    • Building Sewers
    • Fuel & Medical 
    • Gas Systems
    • Sizing & Estimates

Wishing you congratulations in advance for getting plumber’s license. But what now? Will this license last for life? Does it get expired and require renewal? To find answers, go through the next section.

Continuing Education & Renewal of Hawaii Plumber’s License

Irrespective of license type and date of issue, every three years the license gets expired and requires renewal on or before June 30.

The plumbing license renewal fee is $306. 

Following is the requirement for renewing the plumbing work license:

  • Attach your completion of the 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code continuing competency test.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do you need a license to be a plumber in Hawaii?

    Yes, you will require a plumber license to offer plumbing services in Hawaii. The Hawaii State Board of Plumbing is in charge of issuing and overseeing the state’s plumbing licenses.

  2. How long does it take to become a licensed plumber in Hawaii?

    The time it takes to become licensed as a plumber in Hawaii will vary depending on your unique circumstances, including your amount of expertise and aptitude for passing the plumbing exam. It may vary from a few months to a year or longer may pass.

  3. How do you get a plumbing contractor’s license in Hawaii?

    In order to become a licensed plumber in Hawaii, one must first fulfill the following conditions:

    Possess a minimum of four years’ worth of plumbing journeyman experience or a mix of apprenticeship and journeyman experience
    • Pass the plumbing contractors exam in Hawaii.
    • Show proof of worker’s compensation and liability insurance.
    • Submit an application that is complete and includes the required payment.

    It’s also important to remember that the state of Hawaii mandates that plumbers renew their licenses every two years and take continuing education courses in order to keep their licenses current.

  4. Do you need a continuing education requirement for Plumbers in Hawaii?

    Yes. To renew licenses, plumbers in Hawaii must complete continuing education (CE). Depending on the type of license held and the renewal length, different CE hours are needed.

  5. What is the process of renewing a plumber’s license in Hawaii?

    In Hawaii, renewing a plumber’s license usually entails the following steps:

    • Check when your current licence will expire.
    • Check your license’s continuous education (CE) requirements.
    • Finish any CE requirements.
    • Send in a completed renewal application and the necessary money.
    • Provide evidence of culpability and, if necessary, worker’s compensation insurance.
    • Wait for your renewal application to be approved.

    It’s crucial to remember that based on the type of license held and the specific guidelines established by the Hawaii Plumbing and Gas Board, the procedure and requirements for renewing a plumber’s license in Hawaii may change. It is therefore essential to confirm the most recent renewal requirements and processes by contacting the board.


In conclusion, in order to be licensed as a plumbing contractor in Hawaii, a plumber aspirant must meet certain years of experience and educational requirements, pass the state exam, show proof of insurance, and submit an application along with the required fees.

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