Arkansas Plumbing License: A Complete Guide to Get You Started

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If you have come to this blog, then you must be looking for information to get an Arkansas plumbing license.

Isn’t it? 

Alright then. 

With this guide, we will take you through the information you need to start your plumbing journey and climb its ladder. Let’s start.

Who Provides Plumbing Licenses in Arkansas?

The governing authority in Arkansas for providing plumbing licenses is the Plumbing and Natural Gas Section of the Arkansas Department of Health. Here are its contact details:

What are the Types of Plumbing Licenses in Arkansas?

There are 4 types of plumbing licenses where each representing the experience and authority a plumber has in the trade:

1. Apprentice

An apprentice plumber is one who has just started to learn and provide plumbing services under the guidance of a journeyman or master plumber. It also is enrolled in a state-approved apprentice program.

2. Journeyman

A journeyman plumber represents the one (apart from a master) who is engaged in the practical installation of plumbing. 

It is the middle of your journey, which allows you to provide plumbing service without any supervision.

3. Master

A master plumber is a person who is skilled in planning, supervising, and providing plumbing services. It also needs to be familiar with the laws, rules, and regulations governing it.

4. Contractor

A plumbing contractor is licensed to take contracts for providing plumbing services and hiring other plumbers. This license is governed by Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board.

Now that you know the types of licenses, let’s move on to the requirements you will need to fulfill for each of them.

What are the Requirements to Get a Plumbing License in Arkansas?

Before you can be eligible for various plumbing licenses, you have to meet certain requirements. Here are those:

1. Apprentice plumbing license

To become a registered apprentice, you will have to

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Submit an apprenticeship application
  • Get accepted into a state-approved apprenticeship program
  • Pay a $25 license fee every year

2. Journeyman plumbing license

Here is the prerequisites to get your journeyman license

  • Gather 4 years of field experience in plumbing
  • Completion of the state-approved apprenticeship program
  • Submit an application for a journeyman plumber along with the $75 application fee
  • Pass the exam (details ahead)
  • Pay a $75 license fee every year

3. Master plumbing license

Here is the requirements for an Arkansas master plumber license

  • Gather 5 years of total field experience in plumbing (apprentice + journeyman)
  • Hold your journeyman license for at least a year
  • Submit an application for a master plumber along with the $125 application fee
  • Pass the exam (details ahead)
  • Pay a $200 license fee every year
Note: Remember that each license expires every 31st of December. So renew it before the due date.

What is the Approximate Cost of Becoming an Arkansas Licensed Plumber?

Here’s the approximate cost of becoming an Arkansas Licensed Plumber:

License type Application/Exam fee Initial license fee Renewal fee
Apprentice $25 $25
Journeyman $75 $75 $75
Master $125 $200 $00

Additionally, you will also have to pay for the apprentice program. But the good news is that it won’t cost you a fortune. You can easily manage the cost as you get to earn while working as an apprentice.

Arkansas Plumbing Exams

There are no exams to become a registered apprentice in this state. However, you need to clear an open-book exam each for both licenses – journeyman and master.

1. Journeyman plumber exam

The exam for journeyman plumber will cost you $75. The exam has

  • 100 questions
  • 3-hour time limit
  • 70% passing score

2. Master plumber exam

This exam will cost you $125. The exam has

  • 100 questions
  • 3-hour time limit
  • 70% passing score

Steps to Get Your Plumbing License in Arkansas

Follow these steps to get started as a plumber in Arkansas and move on to become a master:

Step 1: Once you get to 16 years of age, find a job as a plumbing apprentice from any employer. 

Step 2: Enroll in a state-approved plumbing apprenticeship program.

Step 3: Now register yourself as an apprentice from the plumbing board, along with paying a $25 license fee. 

Remember that you need to do it within 30 days of starting your plumbing job.

Step 4: Gather 4 years of experience. And meanwhile, also complete your apprentice training program to be eligible for the journeyman exam.

Step 5: Apply for the journeyman plumber license along with the application ($75) and license fees ($75).

Step 6: Once your application is approved, pass the journeyman exam.

Step 7: Congratulations! Now you are a licensed journeyman plumber.

Step 8: Get one year of experience as a journeyman. This will take your total experience as a plumber to 5 years, which is the minimum to be eligible for the master plumber exam.

Step 9: Apply for the master plumber license along with the application ($125) and license fees ($200).

Step 10: Once your application is approved, pass the master’s exam.
Step 11:Congratulations! Now you are a licensed master plumber.

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Still, have any unresolved queries? Then let’s look at some common questions related to the plumbing trade in Arkansas.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What plumbing services can I legally provide in Arkansas without a license?

    None. You need to be licensed first to provide any plumbing services in Arkansas.
  2. How much time does it take to process a license application in Arkansas?

    Your application can take a month on average to get processed. So, submit it carefully to avoid rejections.


Now, you are ready to be launched as a plumber in Arkansas. Once you get going with it, you can earn around $26.95 an hour on average, as per recent data from Indeed.

So, start with getting employed as an apprentice and enrolling in a plumbing program. Once you are registered, you can start making money in Arkansas as a plumber right from the beginning.

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