Arizona Plumbing License: How to Become a Plumber in Arizona

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If you are in search of the information to get the Arizona plumbing license, you have hit the right page.

Today, we will cover everything, including process, costs, requirements, and more, so you can start your journey as a plumber in Arizona with ease.

First things first, all the licenses for plumbers are governed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. You can go to its official website to apply for all your license-related requirements.

Types of Plumbing Licenses in Arizona

In Arizona, plumbers are classified as per their specialties. Here are the three common types of plumbing licenses:

  • Specialty Commercial Plumbing (C-37): This is the commercial plumbing license for contractors providing plumbing services in commercial estates and regions.
  • Specialty Residential Plumbing (R-37R): This is the residential plumbing license for contractors providing plumbing services in residential estates and regions.
  • Specialty Dual CR-37 Plumbing (CR-37): This is the dual plumbing license for contractors providing plumbing services in both kinds of estates and regions – commercial and residential.

These licenses do not include permission for solar services. To include solar services in your license, you need to apply for any of the following licenses: –

  • Specialty Commercial Plumbing, Including Solar (C-77)
  • Specialty Residential Plumbing, Including Solar (R-37)
  • Specialty Dual CR-37 Plumbing, Including Solar (CR-77)

For providing solar services, you also need to clear a separate exam apart from the other two (discussed ahead).

To learn more about the license classifications and permissions provided for each of those, we request you to visit this page. Search for your specific plumbing code under the appropriate category to get the details.

Now, let us show you the cost you need to bear to become a licensed plumber.

The Cost of Getting a Plumbing License in Arizona

These are the official figures for the plumbing license cost of a new application as given on the website of Arizona Registrar of Contractors:

License type Application fee License fee Recovery fund assessment Total
Specialty Commercial $100 $480 $580
Specialty Residential $80 $270 $370 $720
Specialty Dual $100 $380 $370 $850

Following is the cost incurred to you for renewing your plumbing license:

License type License fee Recovery fund assessment Total
Specialty Commercial $480 $480
Specialty Residential $270 $270 $540
Specialty Dual $380 $270 $650

Keep in mind that these were figures for a two-year plumbing license and don’t include the examination fee.

There are two exams you need to pass if you want your plumbing license, along with their costs:

No. Exam Cost
1. Arizona Statutes and Rules exam (also called SRE or Arizona business management exam) $54
2. Trade-specific exam $66

We know that you may be wondering about the Recovery Fund Assessment. So let us show you the fund and bond involved in becoming a licensed plumbing contractor in Arizona.

The Bond and The Fund You Need to Take Care of

Unfortunately, the various costs shown above aren’t the only costs you need to bear to get your license. In Arizona, property owners and the state are protected from any kind of illegal activities or damage done by contractors (including plumbers).

Thus, you will need to file for one or both of these, depending on the type of license you need. Take a closer look at both of these:

1. Contractor’s bond

Contractor’s bond or license bond is mandatory for all types of contractors in Arizona. In other words, you cannot go past it.

Contractor’s bond

The amount for the bond is determined by the type of plumbing license you want and the anticipated annual gross volume of the amount of contract you will get. Check out the official figures for the bond amount you will need to pay.

Type of license Anticipated gross volume Bond amount
Residential Specialty Contractors
  • Less than $375k
  • $375k or more
  • $4,250
  • $7,500
Commercial Specialty Contractors
  • $150k or less
  • $150k – $500k
  • $500k – $1 million
  • $1 million – $5 million
  • $5 million – $10 million
  • Over $10 million
  • $2,500
  • $7,000
  • $17,500
  • $25,000
  • $37,500
  • $50,000

To calculate the bond amount for the dual license, add the amount required for residential and commercial.

This bond can be in the form of a surety bond, cash bond, or certificate of deposit. You can get a certificate of deposit from any bank that operates in Arizona.

If you want to obtain a surety bond, here is the list of businesses licensed to offer surety products in Arizona by the Arizona Department of Insurance.

The contractor’s bond is never-ending. Thus, you need to keep paying premiums to the insurance company as agreed. If you failed to do so, your license will be suspended.

2. Recovery fund

If you want to provide plumbing services to the residential arena, you need to take care of this as well. Whether you are looking for a specialty residential or dual license.

Recovery fund

Arizona requires all licensed residential contractors to provide additional financial protection of $200k to their clients. There are two ways you can do this: –

Post a second bond (surety or cash) of $200k.
Pay into the Recovery Fund.

Most of the residential contractors go with the Recovery Fund.

Requirements for Getting a Plumbing License in Arizona

Before you are eligible to apply for a plumbing license in Arizona, you need to meet these requirements: –

1. Legal structure

You need to apply for a license as a legal entity – Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, or Corporation. You can’t get a contracting license as an individual in Arizona.

Legal structure

If you want to provide service as an individual, you can go for a sole proprietorship. But here is a guide to selecting the best business structure for you.

2. Qualifying party

A qualifying party is someone who meets the requirements of necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to apply for a plumbing contractor license. It can be either you or someone you have employed.

Qualifying party

A person needs a minimum of 4 years of hands-on or managerial experience in the plumbing field for the type of license you seek to become a qualifying party.

You may even need to provide the documents to verify the experience of your qualifying party. And remember that only the qualifying party can give the exams for a contracting license.

Also, it needs to pass both the required exams.

3. Docs

You will need the following documents: –

  • Government-issued IDs of yours and your qualifying party
  • Receipts of background check of yours and your qualifying party


You and your qualifying party need to have a clear criminal record As suggested in the official website, here is where you can get your background check done.

Step-by-Step Process to Get Arizona Plumbing License

Follow these steps to get your plumbing license in Arizona as a sole proprietor or partnership: –

Step 1: Apply for the license. Your application must match your ID. So include all the names (first, middle, and last) that appear on the ID.

Step 2: Choose your classification: –

  • Specialty Commercial Plumbing,
  • Specialty Residential Plumbing, or
  • Specialty Dual Plumbing
  • Or any other that we have mentioned

Step 3: Pass the required exams: –

  • SRE exam by Gmetrix
  • Trade exam by PSI
  • Solar exam (if needed)

Step 4: Submit government IDs and background checks of all persons (you and your qualifying party)

Step 5: Complete the formalities of Contractor’s Bond and Recovery Fund (if required)

Step 6: Pay the required fees

Step 7: Complete your application. You can create your account from here.

Step 8: Wait for the application to be reviewed by the authority. You may receive a notification for errors in your application.

Step 9: Congratulations! You will be notified when your application is approved.

Remember that you need to renew your plumbing license every two years.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What plumbing services can you provide legally without a license?

    You can undertake plumbing services lesser than $1000. For assignments worth more than that, you will need a plumbing license.

  2. How much money do plumbers make in Arizona?

    Currently, an average plumber makes $26.64 an hour in Arizona, as per the data from Indeed. However, this may fluctuate a bit in the future.


Now you are equipped with all the needed information for getting an Arizona plumbing license. So this is the time for action.

Depending upon the stage you are at, you may need to get 4 years of experience in plumbing. Or knock on the doors of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors to get your plumbing license.

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