Download Free Real Estate Invoice Templates

Undoubtedly, the demands in this industry can be overwhelming for your real estate agents. So why add to it the responsibility of creating professional invoices? Instead, try the free real estate invoice templates we have created for you.

They come in handy because it saves your effort to reinvent the wheel from scratch. So pick any from the available formats – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDF – and get started.

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Both working with contract laborers and preparing a manual invoice is a burdensome task. What’s burden-relieving is adding an InvoiceOwl software. Unlock ample benefits and win more clients

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Downloadable Invoice Templates

Delivering the best service is halfway through getting paid faster. The other half is creating and sending professionally-built invoices. That’s where invoice templates play a significant role.

InvoiceOwl has been helping contractors for a long time now, and one of the reasons why most of the contractors liked our templates is all of them are free and customizable.

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InvoiceOwl Invoicing Software vs. Free Invoice Template

Free invoice templates are great. But there is something even better – InvoiceOwl’s invoicing solution. With it, you won’t just create, but also manage and send professional invoices easily. See the below comparison of both to understand why it is wise to choose InvoiceOwl.

Perks InvoiceOwl Downloadable Real Estate Invoice Template
Send unlimited invoices and track them in real-time Right Wrong
Automate reminders for late payments Right Wrong
Downloadable invoices? Right Wrong
Issue receipts automatically when the customer pays Right Wrong
Record sales & sales taxes, and generate reports Right Wrong
Save clients with all the client information Right Wrong
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a real estate invoice template?

    Using a real estate invoice template has many benefits, such as

    • Saves your time in creating invoices as you only have to fill in the required information.
    • Ensures that all the necessary information is included in the invoice.
    • Prevents errors that may otherwise have led to disputes.
    • Helps in keeping your invoice records in order.
    • Brands your real estate business as an authority.
  • Are these real estate invoice templates customizable?

    Yes, our free templates are fully customizable. This means you can modify them to suit your specific needs and brand image. However, remember that customizability may vary depending on the format you choose for it. So choose the format that suits your needs.

  • How do I use a real estate invoice template?

    To use the free real estate invoice template we have provided you:

    • Simply download or open the template in your preferred application.
    • Enter the relevant information into the fields provided.
    • Ensure that all the information is accurate and complete.
    • Send the invoice to the recipient.
  • How can I digitize the invoicing process of my real estate business?

    To completely digitize your invoicing process, we recommend you invest in reliable invoicing software like InvoiceOwl. Why? Because with such software, you can:

    • Manage and send invoices from a single dashboard.
    • Track your invoice payments.
    • Automate payment reminders to your clients.
    • Reuse client and item information to create invoices even faster.

Forget Your Invoicing Hassles With InvoiceOwl

Invoicing has never been this easier. Try InvoiceOwl to create accurate invoices from anywhere, anytime.


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