InvoiceOwl vs FreshBooks

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You may easily find the estimating and invoicing software, but finding the one that matches your business requirements would be difficult. For that reason, we have picked two of the invoicing software to compare and see who wins the battle.

Which is the Best: InvoiceOwl or FreshBooks?

Though FreshBooks offers services at a lower price, it still is complicated to learn how to use Freshbooks to create invoices. Therefore, it becomes worthless to invest in such software that is complicated and time-consuming.

Features InvoiceOwl FreshBooks Winner
Price $28.99/month $45/month, if subscribed yearly! InvoiceOwl
Pricing Mode Monthly & Yearly Monthly & Yearly Both
Pricing Options Two Three FreshBooks
Pricing Offer Flat 65% off on Annual Plan No InvoiceOwl
Digital Signature Yes Yes Both
Easy-to-use software Yes No InvoiceOwl
Free Tools Availability Yes No InvoiceOwl
Estimate Count Unlimited Unlimited Both
Invoice Count Unlimited Unlimited Both
Accepts Online Payments Yes Yes Both
Time Tracking Yes Yes Both
Free to Customize Invoices? Yes Yes Both
Recurring Invoices No Yes FreshBooks
Access From Anywhere, Anytime? Yes, Cloud-Based Yes, Cloud-Based Both
Customer Support? Yes Yes Both
Available on Which Platform? iOS, Android, Web iOS, Android, Web InvoiceOwl
Who is it for? Small Business Owner, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Sole Proprietor Freelancers, Professionals, Contractors InvoiceOwl
Client & Item Saving Feature? Yes Yes Both
Notify When Estimates & Invoices are Opened? Yes Yes Both

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Jeel Patel
Jeel Patel

Jeel Patel is the founder of InvoiceOwl, a top-rated estimating and invoicing software that simplifies the invoicing and estimating processes for contractor businesses. Jeel holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Toronto, which has provided him with a strong foundation in business principles and practices. With understanding of the challenges faced by contractors, he conducted extensive research and developed a tool to streamline the invoicing and estimating processes for contractors. Read More