Best Window Cleaning Marketing Ideas and Canvassing Scripts

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Without a targeted window cleaning marketing plan, you could frequently lose out on potential clients. So today, let’s discuss some effective window-cleaning marketing tips to gain more sales.

Are you new to the window cleaning industry and want to reach out to more customers? Do you want everyone to know that your window-cleaning business exists?

Only marketing can let potential clients know that your professional window cleaning business exists. Even though you offer the best window cleaning services in the area, if no one knows about you, they won’t use your services.

So, if you are running a service business like window cleaning, a strong window cleaning advertising and marketing strategy is crucial to bringing in new customers.

To assist you in attracting more clients, today, we are going to discuss some of the most effective window-cleaning marketing points.

Window Cleaning Marketing Tips and Tricks

1. Establish an online presence

Due to the Internet’s extensive reach, more people tend to search for solutions to their problems online. Not only about the problems and solutions, but they also depend on the Internet when it comes to looking for services like window cleaning. So, having an online presence is really essential.

Online presence

Here are a few online marketing strategies and window-cleaning advertising ideas to establish an online presence:

a. Develop a website

The creation of a website is the initial stage in digital marketing. Without it, you are losing out on a huge chance to connect with potential customers.

According to the HubSpot State of Marketing Report, in terms of marketing channels, websites come in second place to social media.

With the help of a website, you can exhibit your skills, client recommendations, positive reviews, and contact information all in one spot.

b. Establish social media profiles

Another effective technique to reach out to prospective clients is social media. Start sharing your material by setting up profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Establish social media profiles

Let’s see how social media profiles can benefit you:

  • Social media platforms are helpful not only in attracting customers but also in gaining knowledge from various window-cleaning business-specific groups. Through these groups, you can exchange ideas with like-minded individuals.
  • Social media pages are cost-free to create and make it easy for customers to easily locate information about your company when they search for it. So, be sure to include as much information as you can.
  • As a general rule, consider each commonly asked question you get from potential clients. Then, ensure these questions are addressed on your social media business account, either via posts or perhaps the “about us” section.
  • Ensure that the social media profiles you maintain connect back to the website for your company. Use hashtags, have contests with rewards, and write articles with pertinent and helpful material if you want to increase your online presence.

c. Create a listing in online directories

Listing in online directories is also a good and free option to market your window cleaning business. Verify that your company appears on directory websites. The following are some of the business listing sites you can list on

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • Glassdoor
  • Facebook
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Foursquare
  • TripAdvisor

When people look for window cleaning businesses on Google searches or Google Maps, having a business listing in these online directories makes it simple for them to find you.

So, ensure to add reviews, images, and other important business information to the local listings. Also, don’t forget to optimize the listing by adding relevant keywords.

Additionally, ensure that the data is consistent with that on your website too. If the data doesn’t match, Google will question your credibility.

2. Focus on SEO

If you consult any marketing expert, the first thing that he’ll tell you is that, when it comes to digital marketing, an excellent Google ranking will help your window cleaning business stand out. The top 3 positions on Google search and Google Maps should be your target.

To nab one of these slots, creating a solid SEO marketing strategy is crucial.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be understood as the process of optimizing the website and its content so that it will show up higher in search results. By applying a proper SEO strategy, potential clients will discover your business while looking for window cleaning services nearby.

Benefits of a sound SEO strategy

  • Improves ranking position
  • Increases organic traffic
  • Improves engagement metrics
  • Boosts conversion rate

Benefits of a sound seo strategy

There are many elements that affect SEO, but these are some of the most crucial ones:

a. Pick relevant keywords

Prospective customers use certain keywords while looking for window cleaning services. Identify the keywords that are most pertinent to your service business by doing proper research. After that, incorporate the keywords into the content of your website, in posts on social media, and in online directories.

According to the HubSpot State Marketing Report, more than 50% of marketers claim that organic traffic and keyword rankings are the best indicators of how well their SEO tactics are working.

b. Produce high-quality content

High-quality content is necessary for your website to appear higher in search results and Google Maps. Potential clients who are searching for the keywords will find you when you produce SEO-optimized content. This implies that the content on your website must be understandable and informative.

You may publish various pieces of content on your website, such as guest blogs, seasonal posts, question-and-answer type content, how-tos, customer reviews, etc. If you don’t enjoy writing blog articles, you may employ ghostwriters to create SEO-friendly content. To increase the engagement of your content, incorporate graphics and videos into it too.

c. Obtain backlinks

Backlinks are links to your website that come from some other websites. Your search ranking will be enhanced by more backlinks. Having your website included in online listing directories, collaborating with similar types of businesses, and being featured in blog posts are some of the ways to gain backlinks.

3. Google ads

Professional window cleaner businesses may utilize Google ads to target particular keywords and phrases. These are the keywords that potential customers may type into Google to find window cleaners. Due to the pay-per-click (PPC) structure of Google ads, you are charged each time a user clicks on an advertisement.

Google ads

To ensure that only relevant leads see your advertisement, company owners may define a highly narrow target audience inside the Google ads platform.

4. Employ email marketing

A wonderful technique to connect with potential consumers is email marketing. You may send newsletters, discount coupons, promotional offers, and other marketing materials by email.

Reasons to use email marketing

  • Email gives a personal touch
  • Email is purposeful
  • Email generates more leads
  • Email increases website visitors
  • Email is economical
  • People often check their email

Email marketing

Here are some essential window-cleaning advertising ideas for email marketing to bear in mind:

a. Divide your list into different segments

It’s crucial to divide your subscriber list into several sections when you have a large one. You may send more specifically directed emails in this manner.

b. Send personalized emails

Personalized direct mail has more chances of being read and opened than generic ones. You can make your emails more personalized by putting the recipient’s name in the subject line and making add-on suggestions based on their past purchases.

c. Include CTAs

Include a call to action (CTA) in every marketing email, such as “Try our Free Trial,” “Contact for Consultations,” or “Visit Website for More Details.”

d. Email testing is a must

Before starting your email campaign and sending emails to your prospective or existing customers, it’s necessary to test your emails first. Send it to yourself, your colleagues, friends, and family to check whether it’s functioning properly or not.

5. Establish an Offline Presence

The importance of an offline presence is equal to that of an online presence. Here are some of the window-cleaning advertising ideas through which you can increase your offline presence.

Watch this:

a. Flyers and posters

Flyers, posters, and compliment notes are a few examples of printed items that are frequently used to reach out to current consumers and draw in new ones.

Even though some consumers may not be looking for window cleaning services online, they could plan to have their windows cleaned after seeing posters and brochures. So, make sure to only print eye-catching flyers and posters.
This is an excellent strategy for luring in new clients, particularly those based in the direct vicinity.

b. Canvassing

To the uninformed, canvassing generally entails going door to door and advertising your window cleaning services.
Despite the fact that it is a difficult and time-consuming process, many window washing companies utilize this as their main method of attracting new clients. It is because it involves your personal touch, which can be enticing to various prospective customers.

The drawback of canvassing is that you are ten times more likely to be refused than accepted for each customer you sign up. There isn’t much you can do to prevent this, but see each rejection as a step closer to the next affirmation.

Canvassing Script Samples

Let’s see some actual canvassing script samples now. Keep in mind that everyone’s time is precious, just as your own is. You only have a few moments to make a good first impression, highlight your value, and make a sales pitch.

Hello, I am________ from_______ company. We are a reputable business that works with many stores just like yours. I recently completed a walk-around of your building and generated a free estimate accordingly. What do you think about us cleaning your windows today?

(This kind of approach works because it is a proactive one. You are presenting the key highlights of your business, offering a free estimate, convincing the potential customers to go for your business, and not giving them any chance to say no.)

Hi, I’m ____________ from ____________ company. We’re in the neighborhood cleaning ______________ (mention nearby business property that you are cleaning), which they claim has significantly improved their property’s visual appeal. We have experienced, licensed cleaners available. How about seeing what we can do to help you?

(By mentioning a few close neighbors or establishments by name, you build trust and foster a sense of “fear of missing out” in the mind of the prospective client.)

Hello, I’m _________ from __________ company. Please allow me to elaborate and explain how we vary from the usual window cleaners. We use only pure water to clean all of the casings, windows, and doors. There are absolutely no stains or streaks left behind when pure water dries to a sheen. We do not damage your property at all………… (other features or benefits for opting for your service).

(This is a wonderful example of how you can show your expertise. Swanky tools and techniques may not be everything, but being able to differentiate yourself and demonstrate that you are a professional in your area of work may truly wow potential customers.)

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I generate more leads for my window-cleaning business?

    Numerous of the aforementioned methods are only a few of the many inventive approaches to increase the number of window cleaning leads, which include

    • Search engine optimization
    • Google Ads and Facebook Ads
    • Industry-specific
    • Online listing directories
    • Content marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Customer referrals
    • Offline marketing

  2. How much money do window washers make?

    Depending on your location, the typical window cleaning compensation ranges from $15 to $25 per hour or $30,000 to $50,000 annually.

    Starting at $18 per hour, the average high-rise window cleaner makes more money.

    The typical residential job pays $180. If you finish three jobs each day, your weekly income will be $2,700.


There will always be a demand for window cleaning services. However, how you present your services and how you advertise your business will help you generate more income.

The aforementioned window-cleaning advertising ideas and marketing strategies are among the best. So, try them out and see a positive upward trend in your window cleaning business yourself.

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