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Generating power washing leads can be challenging, but with the right set of practices, you can grow your business. Refer to this blog and find tips on how to generate pressure-washing leads!.

As a pressure washing business owner, is there anything more satisfying than eliminating dirt using your pressure washing machine?

This industry has mixed conditions in terms of revenue in recent years, but it is increasing at an annualized rate of 9.4% over the past five years to 2022.

HubSpot’s recent research has found that over 61% of professional marketers reported traffic and lead generation as their number one challenge.

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Growing your business by generating leads is one of the best ways to attract new prospects, keep them interested, and turn them into paying customers.

Here we will cover the best ways to get pressure washing leads. So, let’s get started.

Best Ways to Generate Pressure Washing Leads

Here are some of the best ways to generate pressure washing leads that are sure to bring leads to your business.

1. Use yard signs

2. Build an engaging website

3. Utilize social media

4. Send emails

5. Utilize Google My Business

6. Use paid advertising

7. Get referrals

Let’s dive a bit deeper to understand best ways to Generate Pressure Washing Leads.

1. Use yard signs

Looking for a cost-effective and short-term way of marketing your business? Use yard signs. This marketing strategy bears fruit only if you follow some strategy.

Since you will be working on a particular service area, create big and visible yard signs and place them in strategic locations that can attract the user’s attention. For example, by placing the yard sign on a stand in your busy service area, shopping malls, and busy intersections, you will allow more people to see the sign.

Ensure the yard sign has clear information about your pressure washing service to help the passerby see the information. Give the company name, contact, and pricing details alone and avoid cluttering unnecessary information.

Tip: Increase the chances of capturing people’s attention by including a strong call to action, such as “Get 50% off on your first pressure washing services with us,” “Ping us for your pressure washing quote,” or anything catchy.

2. Build an engaging website

The pressure washing company’s website acts as the backbone to convert leads. You can try all the digital marketing strategies only when you have an engaging website.

Build an engaging website

There are a few features to keep in mind while creating a website.

Ensure the website is designed correctly, fast-loading, user-friendly, easy to navigate, fast-loading, and responsive. Overall, the user experience must be fine.

To generate more pressure washing leads, do local SEO. This type of SEO will help your website rank on the top pages of search engines. To win the SEO part, ensure the website is relevant and has keyword-rich content.

  • Add a blog to the website and add more information articles about pressure washing topics for your target audience.
  • Add a compelling CTA on every important page of your site, especially on the landing page. This encourages the new site visitors to take action, i.e., buy your services.
  • Add testimonials from past clients. Though social media will provide social proof for your company, adding testimonials from existing customers will build trust.
  • Give the pressure washing prices clearly. Add the pricing plans on the website, so users navigating your site can get an idea of how much you charge.

3. Utilize social media

On average, internet users spend at least 2 hours and 29 minutes every day. So, by actively promoting your pressure washing company via different social media platforms, you can get pressure washing leads and grow your client base.

  • Lead generation is not the only thing you should concentrate on in social media marketing. Try to build relationships because it helps build trust and credibility.
  • So, use social media to connect and engage with potential customers.
  • Develop a strong social media strategy, engaging and shareable content, and relevant hashtags to succeed in the social media marketing of your brand. Also, ensure your website is optimized for lead generation. Thus, you can drive more traffic from social media to your landing page.
  • Besides, you can run paid social media ads. These ads will appear in the user’s feed. But ensure you target specific demographics with your ads.

4. Send emails

Email ROI is quite impressive at $36 for every $1 spent. This is why most marketers use email leverage mobile-friendly emails as part of their marketing strategy. So, get exclusive leads with email marketing. If you are a new pressure washing company, focus on building an email list.

Send emails

  • Why? Because when you manage to turn people on your email list into leads, you can start sending them emails regularly and keep nurturing more conversions.
  • But how can you build an email list? Well, set up a form on your website where users can simply sign up for your marketing emails. To make it more interesting, send them a newsletter, a discount, or anything to nurture the connection between your company and your customer.

If users are signing up for your marketing emails, then they can be considered leads. Because people choose to sign up for your email only because they want to hear more from you.

5. Utilize Google My Business

Pressure washing is a service-based business. So, you serve a specific geographical area, and your business name will likely appear in local pressure washing searches on Google. Thus, creating a Google Business Profile can get you, potential customers.

The Google Business Profile is a free local listing you can set up for your company. Here you can enter your business name, location, and contact information. Therefore, when people search for pressure washing services in your area, Google will list your company in the search results.

Pro tips: Use high-quality photos because people who search for pressure washing companies are likely to see your GMB listing. Respond to customers’ comments or reviews to ensure you are responsive and keep your business information updated.

6. Use paid advertising

Another option to get new customers for your pressure washing company is by using paid advertising campaigns. Different paid ads are paid search marketing, display advertising, social media advertising, etc.

  • The paid search ads appear in the Google search results above the organic rankings. So, when users click on the ad, they are redirected to the pressure washing company’s website. They are likely to convert if they like your pressure washing services and the pricing.
  • Display ads appear as visual banners or blocks on third-party websites. These types of ads also direct the users to the landing pages of your company site.

To succeed in paid advertising, you must choose the right keywords, website, and demographics and target the right people.

7. Get referrals

You often ask your existing customers to refer your pressure washing services to their circle, right? Well, do the same with first-degree connections. Yes, we mean your family and friends.

Get referrals

By this, we don’t mean that they don’t have to take the pain of finding clients.

Rather, you can ask them to keep your pressure company’s name in mind and refer them to them if they hear of anyone looking for the same. You can get high-quality, interested leads with this approach.

Adopting a referral program is another sure-proof way to get more pressure washing leads.

You can inform your customers and family that you are expanding your business and would welcome referrals. So, for each referral, you can offer a discount or a free service to the person making the referral.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is it smart to start a pressure washing business?

    Yes, starting a pressure washing business is a smart idea. The average pressure washing costs between $192 and $401 per job. So, crossing a six-figure income is pretty easy. Though the competition is high, if you market your business and deliver excellent service, you can easily thrive in the pressure washing industry.

  2. Can you scale a pressure washing business?

    Yes, with time and experience, you will be completing your jobs quickly and committing to more business so scaling up the business is possible. Once you get more projects, you can invest in more machines, hire employees to do the work, and even invest in field management and invoicing software to manage and get things done swiftly.

  3. Are pressure washing companies profitable?

    The pressure washing business is a profitable one because of the low start-up costs and the favorable pricing. Starting out, one can easily earn between $40,000 to $50,000 per year. With experience and increased efforts, you can easily get into the six-figure income category.

  4. How do pressure washing companies get clients?

    Getting clients for your pressure washing company to run the business is important. So, you can generate leads by advertising both online and offline methods. Each marketing option has its budget and time considerations.


Any new business or even established companies find it challenging to generate leads for their business, and the pressure washing business is no different. However, as a pressure washing company business owner, you can easily generate pressure washing leads and succeed in your business if you provide good pressure washing services and advertise your company rightly.

We hope this guide on how to get pressure-washing leads was insightful. Even if you manage to follow the 3 or 4 ways given here, you can easily get more pressure-washing leads.

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