100+ Painting Business Names That Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

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Have you made up your mind to start your own painting business? Or are you planning to rebrand the existing one?

If the answer to both of your questions is yes, then we must say that selecting the right name for your painting business is a must so that you can make a difference while attracting and retaining customers.

Well, do you know that around 77% of consumers make purchases based on a brand name? Quite shocking, right? Therefore, it is important to choose a name that is unique, memorable, and best suit your business. To make this process of selecting the right name easier than ever, we have come up with a list of the top painting business names for your company. So, let’s explore:

100+ Painting Business Names By Categories

1. Personalized names

Here’s the list of personalized names to choose from for your painting business. To give your brand a personalized touch, you can choose any of below-listed names:

  1. The Painted Lady Co.
  2. Artistic Expressions Painting
  3. The Brush Brigade
  4. Painter’s Paradise Inc.
  5. Color Craze Painting
  6. Fine Finishes Painting
  7. Picture Perfect Painters
  8. The Painted Home Co.
  9. Brush Strokes & Co.
  10. Paintworks Design Co.
  11. The Painted Bungalow
  12. The Painting Room
  13. Artisan Paint Co.
  14. Pure Painting Solutions
  15. Classic Canvas Painting
  16. Brush Masters Painting
  17. Masterpiece Paint Co.
  18. Top Coat Painting & Design
  19. Artistic Touches Painting
  20. Painter’s Palette LLC
  21. Colorful Homes Painting
  22. Prodigy Painting & Design
  23. The Paintbrush Pros
  24. Artistic Ambiance Painting
  25. Painting Innovations

2. Location-based names

Here’s another list of the painting business names based on location. Choose any name from the given list for your brand:

  1. Ocean Breeze Painting
  2. Cityscape Painting Company
  3. Coastal Charm Painting
  4. Summit Painters
  5. Valley View Painting Services
  6. Riverbend Painting Co.
  7. Hilltop Paintworks
  8. Mountain View Painting Solutions
  9. Skyline Paint Co.
  10. Pacific Coast Painting Services
  11. Lakefront Painting Co.
  12. Riverfront Painting Solutions
  13. Bayview Painters
  14. Garden State Painting
  15. Golden Gate Painting
  16. Rocky Mountain Painters
  17. Grand Canyon Painting Services
  18. Sunset Strip Painting Co.
  19. Palm Beach Painting
  20. Windy City Painters
  21. New England Painting Company
  22. Desert Oasis Painting
  23. Rustic Ridge Painting
  24. Paint the Town Red Painting
  25. Green Mountain Painting Co.

3. Descriptive names

Find painting business names that are descriptive in terms of your services. These types of names will be useful for positioning a brand very clearly.

  1. Artistic Expression Painting
  2. Brighter Days Painting Co.
  3. Coastal Comfort Painting
  4. Dreamy Interiors Painting
  5. Fresh Coat Painting & Design
  6. Home Sweet Home Painting Co.
  7. Inspire Painting & Design
  8. Marvelous Painters
  9. New Horizons Painting Co.
  10. Perfectly Painted Co.
  11. Quality First Painting Co.
  12. Royal Flush Painting
  13. Spectacular Spaces Painting
  14. Timeless Interiors Painting
  15. Vibrant Vision Painting
  16. Zenith Painting & Design
  17. Bold and Beautiful Painting
  18. Elite Exterior Painting Services
  19. Flawless Finish Painters
  20. Immaculate Interiors Painting
  21. Picture Perfect Painting
  22. Radiant Rooms Painting
  23. Striking Spaces Painting Co.
  24. Visionary Visions Painting
  25. Classy Coats Painting

4. Creative and catchy names

Stand out your brand from other available brands in the market with these creative and catchy names that are best in their own.

  1. Artistic Attic Painting
  2. Bold Brushstrokes Painting
  3. Chromatic Craze Painting
  4. Dazzling Designs Painting Co.
  5. Expressive Environments Painting
  6. Flawlessly Fresh Painting Co.
  7. Golden Touches Painting
  8. Heavenly Homes Painting
  9. Impressive Interiors Painting
  10. Joyful Journeys Painting Co.
  11. Kaleidoscope Painting & Design
  12. Luminous Living Painting Co.
  13. Majestic Masterpieces Painting
  14. New Age Painting Solutions
  15. Organic Oasis Painting
  16. Purely Painted Co.
  17. Radiant Rooms Painting
  18. Serene Spaces Painting
  19. Triumphant Touch Painting
  20. Ultra Urbane Painting Co.
  21. Vibrant Views Painting & Design
  22. Wildflower Painting Co.
  23. X-treme Painting Solutions
  24. Yummy Colors Painting Co.
  25. Zen Painting & Design

So, we checked around 100 painting business names to choose from. You can choose any name from this given list and stand out from other businesses that are already in the market. No matter whether you are planning to start a new business or rebrand the current one, these names are best in terms of uniqueness, eye-catching, and memorable. Here, we have also shared answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How important is it to choose the right business name for my painting company?

    It is very much important to select the right name for your painting company. By selecting the right name, your brand name can be easily memorized, found attractive by your audience, and has easy-to-remember words.

  2. What are the key elements of a great painting business name?

    The key elements of a great painting business name are:

    • Memorable
    • Uniqueness
    • Descriptive
    • Brandable
    • Future-proof

  3. How can I ensure that the name I choose for my painting business is not already been taken by any company?

    To make sure that your selected name is not being used by other companies, you can do

    • Conduct a trademark search
    • Check for domain name availability
    • Check state and local databases
    • Check social media


On a concluding note, it is a must that you have a such name for your painting business that describes your services, memorize by your audience, and attracts your users to try out your services. With a strong name, your company builds a brand, wins the trust of your customers, and attracts more customers. So, make sure to be mindful while selecting a name for your company. 

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