How to Get Painting Contracts 101?

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The painting contractors must use impactful marketing strategies to avail more business opportunities. Here are the eight popular ways for you to welcome more leads. 

You need to be very committed to your business to get more leads and contracts to grow. In the trade of a painting business, you need to keep finding clients to continue the earning flow.

It is because there are currently over 5100 painting contractors employed in the United States. And to compete with them, you need to use better techniques for acquiring more painting contracts and opportunities. 

If you are just taking steps to start a painting business, increasing your brand’s exposure to the target audience might seem a bit complex. You need someone to guide you with the right steps and methods for the same.

And this article is just the right place for you to get that initial push and thrive in your painting business. 

How to Get Painting Contracts?

No painting business would grow without a good client base and flow of project requests. The more leads or contracts you have, the higher the revenue will be. All the top painting businesses and contractors in the United States are leveraging optimal marketing measures to crack the code of getting more leads. 

Even though the marketing techniques remain the same, the utilization is what differs. So, these are the top ways with which you will get guaranteed painting jobs over time:

1. Get listed on Google My Business

A painting business can benefit the most by reaching out to local customers. And for that, you need to make your business locally visible over Google’s search results. Therefore, list your business over Google My Business as your firstmost task after starting a company. 

Every time a Google user searches for a painter nearby, the Google business profile will be listed over the top of the search results, above the website links. Go to the Google Business profile section and fill out the details to best your knowledge. 

Add business name, working hours, services offered, website link, photos, description, and everything else that has been asked to make your listing successful. 

Besides Google Business profile, creating profiles on other online directories such as Bing and Yelp will also improve your brand exposure. 

“Be locally available to be found by the local audience.”

2. Website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

how to get commercial painting contracts

A high-quality website with valuable content is important to market your painting services 24/7. When creating your website, make sure you use the right keywords while writing and adding content. It is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

You need to run keyword research through various tools on the internet to find out what common terms and phrases your target audience uses to look for painting companies. Use those identified keywords in your website content to rank up in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

SEO is the organic way of marketing your business and getting more painting contracts. It is only free if you have the right knowledge to do it yourself. But, if you hire a professional to performSEO on your website, they might charge a few dollars from you in exchange for the service. 

Most painting contractors with a good marketing budget prefer hiring SEO and website development professionals to help them with it. But, if you spend time and effort, you can also learn to do that and save a few bucks on it. 

The painting contractors should also consider structuring the website with quality information over different sections. Following that, there should be a contact form, portfolio, testimonials, and other such sections. 

The website visitors will use the contact form to reach out to your team, and at the same time, you will get the information needed for building your email list. 

“A well-found website is the face of your painting company. Don’t compromise on it.”

3. Use word of mouth and a customer referral program

Positive word of mouth is one of the most advanced and effective techniques for painting contractors to get more job requests. This powerful lead generation technique needs no upfront investment but a commitment to returning the favor. 

If you believe you have given your best for most of your painting jobs, you can request your customers to spread the word about it to their friends and family. You can explain the referral program where you promise to offer them a reward or discount incentive if someone from their proximity avails services of your painting company. 

Positive word of mouth works even if you don’t propose a referral program, but the conversions will be rare. Therefore, adding an incentive to the pitch will motivate your existing customers to be upfront about discussing your brand and get  you more painting leads. 

“Let your happy customers converse and eventually increase your lead conversions.”

4. Invest in Google’s local services ads

Google can give you the best perks out of online advertising. The only condition is to use it strategically through its ideal services. The local services ads allow you to connect with the users who search for interior designers, professional painters, or other services you offer. 

The customized local services ads will flash on the top of the search results for every related search inquiry over Google. Your brand got the visibility and chance to get more clicks from your potential customers. 

Once they are inside your website, the content and the way you have pitched your services will ensure the conversion of your leads. 

Upon getting verified by Google, you also get the ‘Google Guarantee’ emblem on your ads which adds credibility to your brand impression. Here, you pay only for the painting leads that click their way into your website or sales channels. 

“Leverage the online marketing potential of Google and become an ace in acquiring painting jobs.”

5. Build a trustable network

how to get apartment painting contracts

In most cases, homeowners often talk to their realtors or construction companies to learn about professional painters in the town or city. Therefore, working in collaboration and building a network are very important. 

You can do it like a give-and-take networking, as you can promote the real estate firm whereas they can recommend you for any house painting jobs they get inquiries for. If you can network with more and more companies across your city or state, you will eventually have more painting contracts without much effort.

You can do this by emailing real estate agents and construction companies seeking interest in building a network. It will help you build good business connections that will sooner or later work out for you. 

“Survive the tough competition in the painting industry by collaborating with other industry players.”

6. Try traditional marketing techniques

Every successful painting business has traditional marketing as one of the mandatory steps to get more business. Traditional marketing is also known as print marketing, where you design brochures, business cards, flyers, door hangers, and direct mail marketing materials to promote physical marketing. 

These marketing materials can be prepared at a very low cost and create an appealing impact on the target audience. You can distribute them hand-to-hand at any community or public event or send them directly to customers. 

Under traditional marketing ideas, you can also print your advertisement over a billboard to get the attention of the traffic audience. Your potential residential clients will save the paper ads and take note of your contact details from the billboard to reach out to you. 

More than 80% of the consumers in the United States prefer to act on direct mail ads, which is higher in comparison to 45% responsiveness to online or electronic advertisements. More than 70% of households with an average income of $100,000 prefer to read newspapers in the United States

Even in 2022, people still rely heavily on newspapers, physical brochures, flex prints, and TV ads to learn about new brands that have started their services in their city. So, as a new painting contractor in the state, you must also try traditional marketing along with all the digital measures. 

“The trend of traditional and print marketing needs no evolution of time. It was, is, and always will be impactful for businesses to get more job leads.”

7. Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Social media is one of the best digital marketing arenas to acquire more painting contracts in a short span of time. Most of your target audience is highly active on social media platforms. 

It is the right opportunity for a new painting contractor to get in touch with potential customers and get more painting jobs. With social media, you can target people who need painting services

Every follower on your social media pages is interested in your brand and services. They are all your quality leads, and you need to market your services in front of them. You can run Facebook ads, sponsored posts on Instagram, Twitter ads, and LinkedIn ads and grow your brand organically by regular posting. 

Post new service offers, discounts, and DIY videos to gain the attention of your local community over social media handles. 

“Social media can help you go beyond limits to market your business.”

8. Give the right price estimates

You must be very competitive about creating and giving estimates to your customers. The price you quote should be reasonable, and you might have to explain the value that you are offering for such a price. 

You don’t necessarily have to reduce your price compared to the competitors if you believe your service can offer value to justify the worth you are charging. 

Give a free estimate to your customers and use digital software to create a professional one.   

“A well-detailed estimate is as important as the right pricing mentioned in it.”

Create Professional Estimates in a Minute and Win More Painting Jobs!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to make a painting contract?

    When you get a commercial or residential paint job for a long period of time, you need to prepare a contract to get along with the process. The contract is important to ensure that there is no loophole in understanding the services from both ends, which can create conflicts in the long run. 

    • The paint contract can be created by highlighting the names of both parties, the service consumer, and the provider’s contact details, along with addresses. Following that, the services that the customer wants will be listed. 
    • You can use estimating software for painters to create quick estimates templates for grabbing contracts and getting them e-signed for easy acceptance. It will speed up the entire process of getting painting contracts.

  2. How can one get leads for their painting contractor business?

    You can get the leads for your painting contractor business by following the above methods. The only thing you must be aware of is to plan out your marketing budget. Irrespective of the methods you choose or omit, you must spend strictly on the budget you have planned.

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You will be training your employees to use the mobile application of InvoiceOwl and create the invoices on-site, and send them to the clients. They will process the payment, which will be noted over the software. In case of any contractual installments, our software will mark the dues accordingly to keep reminding you about collecting the payments. 

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