101+ Electrical Company Names to Choose From

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“A business name can make or break your brand – Choose wisely.”

The above line is very rightly said. Whenever you are geared up to start your own electrical business after putting an end on  “How to Start an Electrical Business?” the very first thing that comes to your mind, is choosing the appropriate company name.

Irrespective of whatever name you opt for the list of various electrical company names you choose should evoke emotion, spark interest, and create a lasting impression on your potential customers. Here is a list of 101+ unique electrical company name ideas, among which you can surely find one that resonates with your brand and helps you stand out in the industry. 

With the right name, you can convey professionalism, trustworthiness, and expertise all in One-GO.

50+ Electrical Business Name Ideas

Here is the list of the best electrical company names that can help you attract potential customers, enhance your brand, beat competitors, serve the target audience, and ultimately help you move forward toward your end goal, which is to get more electrical leads.

  1. Bright Sparks Electrical
  2. Amped Up Electric
  3. Current Solutions
  4. Shocking Solutions
  5. Lightning Electric
  6. Wired Up Electrical
  7. Powerhouse Electrical
  8. Voltage Visions
  9. Electric Avenue
  10. Watt Works Electric
  11. Spark Electricians
  12. Current Electric Company
  13. Electra Electric
  14. Buzz Electrical Services
  15. Mega Watt Electric
  16. Electrify Electric
  17. Blue Thunder Electrical
  18. Bolt Electric
  19. VoltVision Electrical
  20. Electrafix Electrical
  21. Current Control Electrical
  22. Shock Tech Electric
  23. Surge Electrical Solutions
  24. Wired Electric Co.
  25. Powerful Solutions
  26. Lightening Fast Electricians
  27. Circuit City Electrical
  28. Switch On Electrical
  29. Hotwire Electric
  30. Illuminations Electric
  31. Brighter Days Electric
  32. Light It Up Electrical
  33. Energy Wise Electric
  34. Watts Up Electrical
  35. Shockwave Electric
  36. Power On Electric
  37. Zap Electricians
  38. Charge Electrical Services
  39. The Electric Pros
  40. Amped Electrical
  41. Current Connection Electrical
  42. Electri-City Solutions
  43. The Lightning Crew
  44. Wattage Wizards
  45. Brighter Sparks Electrical
  46. Electric Genie
  47. Shock Proof Electric
  48. Electrafixx Solutions
  49. Power Play Electric
  50. Spark Plug Electricians.

20 Funny Electrical Company Names 

Irrespective of whosoever spells your electrical company name, they will get a spark in their stressful day along with a jolt of laughter! From witty puns to shocking humor, these names will have you amped up and ready to roll.

  1. Amped Up Puns
  2. High Voltage Humor
  3. Electric Chuckles
  4. Watt’s So Funny?
  5. Shock and Roll Electric
  6. The Electric Comedian
  7. Current Affairs Electric
  8. Amped and Dangerous
  9. The Ohm-Mazing Electric Co.
  10. Electric Boogie Nights
  11. Watt’s Up Doc?
  12. Circuit Breakers Inc.
  13. Shock Jocks Electric
  14. Electricity Limits
  15. Watt’s Cookin’ Electric
  16. The Electric Slide
  17. Ohm Sweet Ohm Electric
  18. Electric Avenue to Laughter
  19. Spark Joy Electric
  20. The Funny Fuse Company

10 Catchy Electrical Company Names 

The main task of a catchy electrical company name is to ignite the business among all others in the market. Here’s a list of 10 catchy electrical business names which will grab attention and stick in people’s minds.

  1. Brighten Up Electrical
  2. Wired Solutions
  3. Sparks Fly Electric
  4. Power Up Electric
  5. The Current Company
  6. Shocking Service
  7. Light Up Electric
  8. Amp Up Your Life Electric
  9. Jolt Electric Co.
  10. Electrical Express

10 Cool Electrical Company Names  

These cool business name ideas for electrical companies are a blend of innovation and style to produce a brand that is both modern and approachable. With one of these names, get ready to stick out from the crowd.

  1. Luminous Electric
  2. Voltage Valley
  3. Circuit Savvy
  4. Electric-core
  5. Radiant Electric
  6. Wired and Wonderful
  7. Dynamic Currents
  8. Arc Angel Electric
  9. Sparkling Solutions
  10. Bright Spark Energy

10 Creative Electrical Company Names 

A good and creative electrical company name will help your imagination turn into reality. Have a look at 10 creative electrical company name ideas.

  1. Bright Idea Electric
  2. Thunderbolt Electric
  3. Enlightened Energy
  4. Power Surge Electric
  5. Eureka Electric
  6. Electrifying Innovations
  7. Sparkle and Shine Electric
  8. Circuitry Creations
  9. The Lightbulb Co.
  10. Wired for Success

Characteristics of a Good Electrical Company Name

A good electrical business name should have the following characteristics in it:

  • Clarity: The name of your electric business should be clear and easy to understand with no ambiguity or confusion involved. The targeted customers should clearly understand what your business is all about.
  • Relevance: No matter whether you keep a catchy, cool, funny, or creative electrician business name, it should be relevant to the services you are rendering. Either you should use industry-specific terms (in this case, electrical industry) or convey a sense of energy and power.
  • Memorable: Your business name should be easy-to-spell and memorize. It should be key to building brand recognition and attracting customers. 
  • Length: A good electrical company name should be neither too long nor too short. For a user, it becomes very difficult to remember long business names. On the other hand, the short one might lack in delivering the business idea or the purpose of your business.
  • Availability: Check whether the domain name is available or not, as well as check social media handles, to avoid duplicity on various online platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why is choosing a good name important for an electrical company?

    Choosing a good electrical company name is important because it helps build brand awareness, attract customers, and set the company apart from rivals. Also, it reflects essential details about the business like principles, offerings, and level of industry knowledge.

  2. What are some tips for choosing a good electrical company name?

    A good electrical company name should be clear, relevant, and easily memorable. Along with this, it should not be too short or too long that customers find it hard to recognize. Lastly, generic or similar names to competitors should also be avoided.


As said at the beginning of the blog, a good name can make or break your brand identity. Now with all these different business name ideas and a clear understanding of the characteristics of a good electrical company name, you are left with only one option: i.e to make your brand identity.

Choose a business name that can have lasting impressions on your potential customers.

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