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Using apps can really help you increase your productivity and take your business to the next level. So, if you are an appliance repair contractor looking for useful apps, here is the list of best appliance repair apps.

Did you know the appliance repair business has a market size of $5 billion?

Everyone eventually needs their kitchen or gardening equipment repaired. With over 52,918 active businesses, the appliance servicing market is big and competitive due to this ongoing need. You need the best appliance repair software to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

The best appliance repair software takes care of routine administrative work so you can concentrate on offering the highest-quality repairs and attracting new customers. Read on further to see how using appliance maintenance software might boost your company.

đź“ťKey Takeaways:

  • Every business has unique challenges and thus requires unique solutions. So, pick the app that works best for your business.
  • Investing in a good appliance repair app is a good idea as it helps you get more jobs easily.

Quick Comparison of Top 3 Appliance Repair Applications

Most Reviewed



Comment library

Calendar sync


Email management

Employee management

Editor’s Pick



Editable estimates

Custom invoices

Digital signatures

Online payments

Free trial available

Premium Pick



Electronic Payments

Dispatch Management

Compliance Management

Contact Database

Appointment Scheduling

In-Depth Information on the Best Appliance Repair Application

1. InvoiceOwl

Invoice Owl

InvoiceOwl is one of the best appliance repair apps to perform different tasks effortlessly. It is built specifically to help contractors like you. InvoiceOwl assists you to win more jobs and get paid faster without investing time.

One of the greatest benefits of using InvoiceOwl is that you can create professional estimates and send them to bid your prices and win the jobs.

How does it do it?

It helps you create estimates with the help of templates. It also offers a range of selection for appliance repair invoice template. All you have to do is select a template and fill in the important details. Rest of the tasks like designing elements and calculating the total amount. 

Not only that, it similarly allows you to create invoices, purchase orders, and credit memos. You can even email those documents to the client from within the app.
Another great benefit of using this appliance repair app is it lets you and your client digitally sign the document. Therefore, your estimates can be approved without the need of printing them.

This was all about how it helps you create accounting documents, but now let’s talk about what other benefits it gets you. So, it helps you to accept online payments, manage clients information, sales reports, and inventory as well. So, if we talk about the best features it has, the following must be mentioned.

  • Estimates,
  • Invoices,
  • Client communication,
  • Change order management, 
  • eSignatures.

Other than its features, you can also sync your QuickBooks Online account that helps you to automate your bookkeeping as well.

Pricing: InvoiceOwl’s pricing starts at $28.99/month for the yearly plans but you can even use the tool for free without paying anything.

Systemize Your Appliance Repair Business Tasks

InvoiceOwl helps you to take care of your repetitive accounting tasks for your business and makes it a piece of cake.

2. Jobber

appliance troubleshooting app

It is one of the best appliance repair apps that can handle different operations most effectively. The low price point of the tools makes it ideal for appliance repair businesses to streamline their business operations and handle their workforce effectively and professionally.

It’s ideal for small and medium-scale field service providers who focus on delivering a quality experience to their users. Jobber is a mobile app and software for appliance repair that enables teams to send installs, repairs, and estimates while keeping track of everything in one spot. 

If you’ve never used field service software in your appliance repair business, consider it to be every appliance repair app you’ll ever need to manage your company’s operations, from receiving new repair or installation requests to tracking client information using a CRM,, scheduling jobs, invoicing, and accepting payments all in one location. Your current business will operate more efficiently thanks to the Jobber mobile app. Jobber has a plethora of features like 

  • Appliance repair app,
  • Invoicing,
  • Scheduling,
  • Management, 
  • and Real-time tracking.

You can organize your invoices by simplifying the process and breaking down the complexities of generating invoices. The tool allows the technicians to manage their time effectively and increase work efficiency.

Pricing: The tool’s pricing is around $200/month for almost 30 users, and if you want to access the tool with a single usage point, it will cost you around $29/month.

3. WorkWave


QuickBooks and Workwave’s field management software are integrated to save duplicate data entry.

You can easily establish and modify driver schedules with the appliance repair scheduling software, ensuring that you always arrive at your jobs on time. These features are also advantageous to Workwave users:

  • Technician mobile app

Use the mobile app for technicians to inform them of updates, professional estimates, and new work orders.

  • Job management dashboard

Save job information in one location, such as the client’s address and any specific requests.

Pricing: Every client of WorkWave receives personalized pricing. For further information, speak to a sales representative.

4. Method: Field Services

Method Field Services

Field Services is an all-in-one platform for managing field services and appliance repair scheduling  apps. Your bookkeeping procedure will be a breeze because of its connectivity with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. With Method: Field Services, you can streamline every part of your business, from task scheduling to billing. 

Method mobile app allows your professionals to rapidly plan the best route, generate estimates, track job progress, and modify work orders while on the road. You can use their no-commitment, one-month free trial to test this top appliance repair software candidate.

It has the following qualities that make it one of the top options available:

  • Tools for advanced job scheduling: 

View the job specifics in your scheduler to assign the appropriate individuals to the right jobs.

  • Mobile app for appliance repair professionals

Enable your technicians to access work order updates and online payments from any location.

Pricing: Method: Field Services begin at $15 per technician monthly.

5. Rossware


You can access real-time information from field technicians using Rossware’s dispatch map. Make sure your company uses a single Windows-based solution to handle your jobs and clients and monitor your team’s time, parts, and financial performance. Additionally, this program boasts:

  • Technician mobile app

iOS and Android apps provide your technicians with everything they need to succeed in their jobs and interact with the office.

  • Online scheduling

Customers should find it simpler to schedule appliance repair appointments online and access real-time professional availability.

  • Invoicing

You can save time and money with personalized digital invoices emailed to your customers and featuring your company’s name, logo, and colors.

Pricing: Rossware has a monthly technician fee of $150.

6. ServiceM8

home appliances repair

ServiceM8 offers an all-in-one platform to track client and task information, encouraging your appliance business to go paperless. A small business that manages jobs and workers in the field, such as providing plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or refrigeration services, or employing locksmiths, cleaners, or gardeners, should use the ServiceM8 app.

Additionally, it enhances your appliance repair services by:

  • Mobile information base

Create how-to articles and tutorial videos to publish on your mobile device to help your staff with important appliance repair jobs.

  • Automatic client follow-up

Create customized and personalized emails and follow up on a customer’s appliance repair invoices with a single click.

Pricing: ServiceM8 rates start at $9 per month for a full-service business. Also available is a 14-day trial.

7. Fixably

Appliance repair jobs are organized in Fixably, and redundant data is removed. Using the cloud-based appliance repair service management tool Fixably, you may automate the repair process.

It automates 80% of the repair workflow, allowing you to speed up turnaround times, enhance client’s happiness, and improve service quality. Their creative workflows, based on millions of fixes recorded in our system, assist you in managing repairs effectively.

This program has the following features:

  • Tracking repairs

Track the progress of your appliance repair field technicians to increase job transparency.

  • Module for financial reporting

Keep tabs on income and expenses, then put them into a thorough report to aid decision-making.

  • Languages supported

English, German, Estonian, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish are all supported languages.

Pricing: Paid and pro version for Fixably start at $299 per month for one company location.

8. Orderry

repair service software

You can keep track of all current repairs thanks to Orderry’s centralized dashboard. It automates reporting, alerts, and the application of sales taxes. Orderry offers reasonable subscription levels and is appropriate for small to medium-sized organizations. 

The ticketing feature allows for the tracking of work, and tickets are shown in a table according to their status, such as “under repair,” “ready,” “issued,” and “pending.” Customers’ names, items, phone numbers, and search criteria such as number and item are all available.

Android users can manage calls through their Orderry account using the Orderry telephone app. Key elements of Orderry include:

  • Inventory control

Keep track of your inventory levels to determine when to place a buy order.

  • Automatic creation of invoices

Create expert invoices quickly using pre-made templates to increase payment receipts.

Pricing: The monthly subscription rates for Orderry begin at $19, with an additional $3 per employee per month.

9. RazorSync 


It is a great appliance repair app and an all in one solution for your appliance repair company because it allows you to handle service requests, payments, professional dispatch, and customer satisfaction.

RazorSync also provides excellent customer service, low pricing, and free demos. It is a great tool which strives to comprehend the ins and outs of your appliance repair business thanks to its years of knowledge and expertise working with 65 different sectors, making us the greatest option for an all-around useful piece of technology.

  • Reclaim lost sales in business

Revenue slips through the gaps due to clerical mistakes, billing problems, and miscommunication. This tool helps you regain lost revenues.

  • Develop your business

You can improve client relationships while boosting team productivity with RazorSync. Furthermore, consolidating your activities into a single view lets you pinpoint potential growth areas.

  • Empower your team

Give your technicians the resources they need, such as project templates and driving instructions, to be successful. All while increasing the team’s exposure in the office.

Pricing: With flexible and economical pricing starting at just $40 per month, RazorSync’s market-leading field service is easy to use.

Benefits of the Best Appliance Repair Application

Are you facing trouble with whether or not appliance repair apps are for your business? Here are just a few instances of what the best appliance repair application can offer for professionals in the appliance repair industry.

Follow the progress of the appliance repair

Appliance repair job is frequently a multi-step process that demands precision. Many field service management programs allow professionals to publish routine task updates, making it simple to identify errors if anything goes wrong. This makes it simpler to monitor task progress and maintain quality control.

Simple invoicing

Due to the lengthy nature of paper billing and invoicing, it takes longer to get paid. Appliance repair businesses frequently include digital bookkeeping features with pre-made templates so you can submit invoices to clients quickly and get paid more quickly.

Better job assignments

Multiple repair teams must be scheduled, which takes time. Spend more time fixing and less time scheduling in your business! Schedulers built into appliance repair businesses automatically distribute assignments to teams based on available time slots.

Customer care

The greatest software contains CRM systems that allow an appliance repair business owner to access customer data quickly. Some even let clients express additional demands, giving you more individualized service and raising client happiness.

Streamline Accounting Your Appliance Repair Business

Use InvoiceOwl to create appliance repair industry-specific estimates and invoices in a zap.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which is the top-performing appliance repair application with inbuilt invoicing?

    InvoiceOwl is a great application for sending invoices. With the aid of InvoiceOwl, you can quickly create estimates and invoices that look professional. It is a premium, user-friendly mobile program for estimating and billing.

    InvoiceOwl can automate many financial processes for you, which will help you manage your cash flow. You can impress potential clients with your competent estimations. Create estimates from the mobile app, then email them to clients immediately.

    Please take advantage of a FREE trial to see how it works.

  2. What is the benefit of appliance repair apps?

    There are many benefits of appliance repair apps:

    • Invoicing and online payments
    • Track appointments easily
    • Quick access to technician schedules
    • Getting Rid of Double Entry
    • Simplifies the payment process
    • Create job estimates

  3. What features should you look for in appliance repair apps?

    Numerous software options are available, each with a particular set of functionality. Take into account these three crucial aspects to make the best decision possible:

    • Budget and needs of your company.
    • Plans for future growth.
    • Whether the software company provides post-purchase support.

  4. What are some good appliance repair apps?

    Some of the top-performing apps are:

    • Jobber
    • Fixably
    • Orderry
    • RazorSync
    • Workwave
    • Method: Field Services
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