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Are you looking for a HoneyBook alternative?

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The need to find an alternative arises because HoneyBooks charges a hefty amount for the services that are offered at a lower price by its competitors. Small businesses or freelancers must look for a substitute to save money.

This article is all about introducing you to different alternatives to HoneyBooks. Some are quite affordable, while some are easy to access. Some are feature-packed, while some are made specifically for a fixed audience.

How to select one? Which one is the right pick for you? After completing this article, you would be able to choose one for your growing business.

So let’s start with their pricing plans.

HoneyBook Alternatives Comparison

Logo Name Comparison Rating
InvoiceOwl InvoiceOwl Pricing:

  • Growth:
    Monthly: $11.99/month
    Yearly: $9.99/monthly, if subscribed for yearly plan!
  • Champion:
    Monthly: $28.99/month
    Yearly: $23.99/monthly, if subscribed for yearly plan!

Free Trial Period: 14-days



Dubsado Dubsado Pricing:

  • Starter: $20/mo, $200/year
  • Premier: $40/mo, $400/year

Free Trial Period: 7 Days



Clear Estimates Bonsai Pricing:

  • Workflow:$19/mo, $192/year
  • Workflow Plus: $29/mo, $288/year

Free Trial Period: 14-days



17hats 17hats Pricing:

  • Level One: $13/mo, $150/year
  • Level Two: $25/mo, $300/year
  • Level Three: $50/mo, $600/year

Free Trial Period: Valid till 3 projects



Plutio Plutio Pricing:

  • Solo: $19/mo
  • Studio: $39/mo
  • Agency: $99/mo

Free Trial Period: Yes



Monday Monday Pricing:

  • Basic: $8/seat/mo
  • Standard: $10/seat/mo
  • Pro: $16/seat/mo

Free Trial Period:



Bloom Bloom Pricing:

  • Standard: $49/mo, $39/year
  • Studio: $89/mo, $79/year

Free Trial Period: 2 months

Not Given by Capteraa or Getapp

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Everything About HoneyBook Alternatives

  1. InvoiceOwl

    Positioning InvoiceOwl first is considered after reviewing all other HoneyBook alternatives. There are criteria through which every alternative has to go through, and the most easy-to-use automated solution pop-out of all was InvoiceOwl. It could be a not-t-miss-oppurtunity because of the price at which HoneyBook is offering the solution, InvoiceOwl offers at 1/3rd of its rate.

    pricing range

    Another benefit where InvoiceOwl stands ahead of HoneyBook is offering double the number of free trial days. HoneyBook offers a week of a free trial, while InvoiceOwl lets its users use it for 14-days.

    Above all, the learning curve is quite easy for InvoiceOwl as compared to HoneyBooks. It means even a 5th-grade child would easily hover over the mobile or web app.

    Switching tabs would take a fraction of second and preparing invoices or estimates would be a task of minutes. And not only you can use templates but also can customize them as per your requirements. Besides, you can even add new clients, and create credit memos and purchase orders.

    This is not the end; generating reports is no longer a traditional kind of old-school task. With this automated software, it’s just a click away. So no more piling up of files in your cupboard or shelves.

    Lastly, InvoiceOwl helps you in getting your payment faster, not only the current ones but also the overdue ones. Forget the hassles of following ups via emails or calling your client to check for invoices or estimates received.

    So these were the benefits you would be able to reap. Now let’s look at the features you get to explore:

    • Can go through the reviews given by your customer’s
    • Track invoices and estimates
    • Add and manage clients
    • Connect your payment method and get it directly

    For small businesses’ convenience, InvoiceOwl offers two different pricing plans:

    To support your growth, it has “Plan-Growth” that lets you create uncountable estimates and invoices.

    Another plan is for the champion hidden inside you. Many contractors use this plan since it has no limits for creating invoices or estimates. Your duty is to get as maximum contracts as you can, and this, your personal assistant (InvoiceOwl), would do all the needful.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your HoneyBook free alternative web app now.

    • Notifies when a client opens up emails
    • Notifies when payment is credited
    • Gives you half month of free version
    • Budget-friendly software
    • Agile customer support
    • Offers templates & lets you customize
    • Not for project management
  2. Dubsado


    Another effective yet quite expensive business management solution for freelancers and solopreneurs is Dubsado on the list. It lets you create invoices, and track payments, and workflows.

    Besides, the software shows a detailed report of sales, income, expenses, and net profits. Having this information would help you in the decision-making process and also contribute to an increase in your profits.

    Dubsado also offers client management features, contract and tailor-made contract creation, and workflow automation in half the time. Besides, using Dubsado would also help you schedule payments, track clients, book appointments, keep you updated on finances, and generate leads.

    One of the benefits of using Dubsado is it lets you customize as per your client’s requirement. It lets you tweak colors, reports, invoices, fonts, and forms. The good point about Dubsado is it offers a time-tracking feature that HoneyBooks misses out on. That software requires filling out entries manually.

    Dubsado also allows you to manage multiple businesses or brands by charging $10/month/brand.

    Talking about the pricing plan, Dubsado is budget-friendly when it comes to the annual pricing plan. When comparing it with HoneyBooks, it saves you $50 annually since its annual rate is $400, while Dubsado is available at only $350.

    • Unlimited free plan for up to 3 projects
    • Slightly cheaper than HoneyBooks
    • Good customer service
    • Contains all accounting related key features
    • Manages multiple brands/businesses
    • Charges extra for every brand addition
    • Difficult learning curve
    • Mobile app not available
  3. Bonsai


    Firstly, the 200k freelancers and agencies associated with Hello Bonsai is something that grabbed our attention when picking HoneyBooks alternatives. Using this mobile + web app helps you run marketing, designing, development, writing, and other businesses smoothly.

    It handles all kinds of tasks in half the time that usually takes hours to accomplish. One of which is creating invoices, and administrative tasks, preparing advanced tax reporting, client communication, sales automation, and payment processing.

    This project management software has a presence in over 180 countries including most of the developed nations like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Apart from this, you can manage taxes and accounting data with the help of rate calculators.

    The pricing plan starts from $19/month that includes the following things:

    • Access to unlimited clients and projects
    • Creating proposals and contracts
    • Time tracking
    • Invoicing and payments
    • Project management
    • Client CRM

    Plus, the automated solution is available on the following platforms:

    • iOS
    • Android
    • MAC
    • Chrome

    And the software is integrated with PayPal and Stripe for online payments. Both the payment automatically marked as paid once your customer pays, which means it rules out the ones that are paid.

    Overall, Hello Bonsai is an excellent CRM software that focuses more on offering benefits to freelancers.

    • Offers support globally
    • Build for all work types
    • Ideal for freelancers
    • Limit on contract creation
  4. 17hats


    17hats is specifically made for the service-based freelance business that struggles to succeed. With more than seven years of presence in the market, 17hats know what small businesses require to streamline their business.

    The cloud-based platform stores every single piece of information, so you remain worry-free from piling up a stack of files. Trusted by more than 25000+ small businesses, 17hats dedicates themselves to innovating and making tasks easier.

    17hats is integrated with 15 different tools to simplify your business requirements. It is categorized into 4 sub-types:

    • Calendar
    • Communication
    • Photography
    • Automation

    With the help of these 15 different tools, you would be able to accomplish your business goals. From creating quotes to invoices and offering templates to creating forms, 17hats is the one-stop solution for solopreneurs and budding entrepreneurs. Apart from this, the project management software also manages leads, and client information, and manages contacts.

    17hats supports Paypal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.net. The software also includes to-do items and a list, so that you can be updated with what is left and what is done. Besides, there is a client portal as well to keep your clients updated about their work.

    17hats offers services to its customers via three pricing options:

    • Monthly: $45/month
    • Yearly: $295/year, i.e., $25/month
    • Bi-Yearly: $395/year, i.e., $17/month

    It is quite expensive than HoneyBooks, so if you are a startup or don’t want to initially plow in too many funds, you must look for other available best alternatives to HoneyBooks.

    • Everything in one software
    • Manage multiple projects
    • Steep learning curve for small businesses
    • Expensive than HoneyBooks
  5. Plutio


    Plutio is a business management tool built specifically for freelancer solopreneurs. Since this group of people needs to pitch every time, this marketing automation has all the features it requires in the process of pitching clients.

    From handling multiple projects to creating proposals that compel and convert, this software comes with a drag and drop tool that does whatever is needed. Creating compelling proposals ain’t enough; you can even track them to know whether they are opened, read, and signed.

    Besides, it is even integrated with the time-tracking and expense tracking features. You can monitor it from anywhere, anytime. The pain point is you might have to add it manually.

    Plutio also allows you to send invoices and receive payments through Paypal and Stripe. These two platforms are widely acceptable, and it is not integrated into HoneyBooks. This is one of the reasons to choose Plutio over HoneyBooks.

    Another reason to consider Plutio as a HoneyBooks alternative is the all-in-one platform is available in 25 different languages. Plus, you can even accept multiple currencies, create invoices in your native language, and accept payments.

    Considering all these features, it is an ideal software for all freelancers that aren’t English natives and want a tool to work in their language.

    • Competitive pricing
    • Agile CRM and client portal
    • Access to all essential features
    • Require inserting time manually
    • Too complicated software
  6. Monday


    Monday blues would not be the same with this Monday.com processes management tool and customer management process. The great thing about Monday.com is it offers an unlimited number of templates that are sufficient enough for new, budding entrepreneurs and small businesses to pitch, create, or send invoices/estimates.

    Monday is ahead of its competitor (HoneyBooks) in terms of offering free-trial days. Another reason to opt for Monday is it has a more than 80% of retention ratio. It also means Monday is able to match their customers’ demand.

    The software is designed in such a way that the tasks like sending follow-up emails, managing recurring invoices, streamlining business processes, and maintaining customer support are automatically done.

    Not only the software is made to save time but also to complete to-do lists on time. The only pain point about monday.com is, unlike other alternatives, this one requires a minimum of 3 seats to get registered.

    • Multiple templates at a click
    • Free for individuals
    • Eliminate repetitive tasks
    • Real-time insights
    • Requires minimum members for registration
    • Not ideal for small business
    • Steep learning curve
  7. Bloom


    If you are a photographer or involved in a creative business, there’s a no better option than Bloom. It is one of the best CRM systems that big brands like Red Bull and Joel Grimes use.

    The ability to streamline all the repeatable sales processes this customer management tool has is commendable. Not only this, there are other such reasons that make Bloom the perfect HoneyBook alternative.

    Firstly, let’s discuss powerful automated workflows. Since every task is necessary and crucial, completing it on time is also important. Unlike the other CRM software, Bloom is highly-advanced and category-based software that ensures all your tasks are timely completed.

    Another great feature is powerful invoicing that helps you enhance the billing experience through easy online payment integration. It processes credit card payments and is integrated with multiple payment options, such as Square and Stripe.

    What else makes Bloom a great alternative to HoneyBooks is automated forms, questionnaires, and scheduling. Bloom offers 3x more freemium periods. Now that’s something huge. You can consider Bloom if you are a freelance photographer or kind of indulged in creative work.

    • Makes business activities a cakewalk
    • Great for photographers
    • Accepts payments through different channels
    • Quite expensive than HoneyBooks

So, these are the best HoneyBook alternatives that you may ponder upon and decide on one that meets your business requirements. Still, have doubts or questions? Go through our next section to get them answered.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to pick HoneyBook Alternative?

    Since HoneyBook is a pricey estimating and invoicing software, it is a must to find an alternative that charges less and offers more. It means thefers one you are selecting should offer at least 1/3rd of the price that HoneyBook of. Another major factor to consider is the learning curve. No matter how reasonable the software is, if it has a steep learning curve, then it’s of no use. Therefore, when you pick an alternative to HoneyBook, consider these two points as a priority.

  2. Which is the best HoneyBook Alternative?

    InvoiceOwl is the best alternative to HoneyBook. Along with an easy learning curve, the end goal to get paid faster is what makes invoice oil ahead of its competitors.

  3. How are Alternatives to HoneyBook superior?

    HoneyBook alternatives are superior because they tend to offer more free trial periods, meaning more time to explore the web app. When talking about the pricing, the prices of the HoneyBook alternatives are quite budget-friendly, which is another benefit when it comes to looking for an alternative.

  4. Is HoneyBook for small business owners?

    Yes, HoneyBook is designed for small businesses but the pricing plan doesn’t meet the budding entrepreneurs’ budget. Also, there is a steep learning curve, which is another obstacle when it comes to managing a business and streamlining its processes.

  5. What is HoneyBook used for?

    The primary use of HoneyBook for appointment booking software solution. It extends a helping hand to small business owners and freelancers to manage leads, and clients and automate workflows. It even has integrated payment gateways to accept payments.

Win more jobs and Get Paid!

InvoiceOwl helps you create, manage, and send accounting documents like estimates, invoices and streamlines your workflow.


When it comes to picking up the best HoneyBook alternative, we would suggest . The easy-to-understand learning curve is the primary reason to recommend this web app.

Since you have just started a business or are slowly putting your foot into the market, InvoiceOwl has kept its pricing plan quite affordable. If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer, you must not look for other alternative estimating and invoicing software.

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