Free Plumbing Invoice Template To Create The Best Plumbing Invoices

Are you taking too long to invoice your customers? Delayed invoicing can harm your business in the long run. So, what if we tell you that from now on, you can send an invoice as soon as the work is done with no paperwork. With the InvoiceOwl app’s plumbing invoice template, you can create a plumbing invoice on the go using your smartphone.

Hence to create a perfect plumbing service invoice, let’s know a bit more about the concept, uses, and types of plumbing invoice templates. At the end of this blog, you will be able to create unlimited invoices and clear all the payments in the pipeline.

Brief About Plumbing Invoice Template

A plumbing invoice template is a proven ready-made invoice design for plumbers who do not want or afford to spend resources on trying different designs. It helps small plumbing businesses to come up with an invoice as soon as the work is done.

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Whether your business is in construction, landscaping, consulting, photography, auto repair, or the medical field, invoicing takes way too long. That’s why we’re here. InvoiceOwl makes your invoicing faster and simpler so you can get paid promptly and without the hassle.

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What is the Use of a Plumbing Invoice?

A Plumbing invoice helps your plumbing business not only in accounting but in other departments as marketing and sales too.

Hard to believe that?

Keep reading and you’ll know.

  • Billing Clients

    One of the fundamental uses of a plumbing invoice is to bill your clients. This is the most professional way to collect payments for the provided plumbing services.

  • Managing Customer’s Account

    Good marketing practice is to keep and manage customer information. This information lets you personalize your plumbing services. But, managing the customer information, such as name, contact details, and type of service is harder than said. Thus, an invoice makes it easy for you. All you have to do is manage your invoices.

  • Keeping a Record of Sales

    If you have kept your invoices in the record, you can easily record all the sales in any particular period. This makes the accountant’s job easier.

  • Bookkeeping

    If you are into recording and organizing every little thing about your plumbing startup, but do not have enough time for that, invoices keep track of everything from business done to tax to be paid.

    Now you might be thinking, how can one invoice template serve this many purposes? Well, just like the uses, there are multiple types of plumbing templates.

So, let’s check a few of the major types.

Different Types for Plumbing Invoice Templates

Types for plumbing invoice templates
  1. Plumbing Industry Standard

    A standard plumbing invoice template is the simplest way to bill your customer. It simply displays the jobs done with a description and the final figure to be paid.

  2. Time-bound Invoice

    A time-bound invoice template is used when a company charges the customer on the time spent to complete the job.

  3. Estimate

    The estimate template is used to give potential customers an approx figure that the service would cost. It can not be considered as the final invoices. Moreover, it helps in agreeing on the down payment.

  4. Debit Invoice

    A debit invoice template is used to notify the customers about the due amount to be paid. It is the best way to remind clients about unpaid invoices.

  5. Credit Invoice

    The credit invoice template shows the positive balance in a customer’s account. You might need this template in case of refunds or a decrease in service rates.

    Okay! Now you know which template to use and what purpose to use the invoice template for. But do you know how to create one in the first place?

If not, don’t worry! Just keep reading the next section.

So, let’s learn one of the easiest ways to create a plumbing invoice.

Easy Way to Create a Plumbing Invoice

Creating a Plumbing invoice is harder than said for small businesses that can not afford to hire an accountant. And without accounting experience, you might make multiple mistakes that cost you both money and time.

Therefore, to avoid naive mistakes, every small plumbing company should use the free plumbing invoice template by the best invoice app —InvoiceOwl.

In the following steps, you will see how InvoiceOwl simplified invoicing for startups and small businesses.

So, here are the steps to create a plumbing invoice with InvoiceOwl.

  • Download the free plumbing invoice template
  • Personalize it with your branding by adding your company name, logo, and contact information
  • Customize the color scheme to match your brand colors and make it as unique as your brand
  • Add details of your clients, such as client name, client contact details, and the billing address
  • Mention the services provided and materials/products used in a list
  • Mention the rates and prices of services and materials used respectively
  • Highlight the total cost in a separate column after adding and subtracting sales tax and discounts respectively in a different field
  • State the payment instructions, such as payment terms & conditions, method, and due date

PS: For winning the trust as a brand and speeding up the payment process from the client’s end, always;

  • Include a description of the services provided & material used;
  • explain your charges (whether you charge on hours or charge a lump sum amount for your services).

Isn’t it quite simple?

Creating an invoice is no longer rocket science. Anyone with or without accounting experience can create a plumbing invoice without any expert’s help.

Are you excited to start creating professional plumbing invoices right away?

What if we give you some quick tips that impress your clients and make them pay you quickly?

So, get a pen and paper.

Handy Invoicing Tips for a Plumbing Company

After talking to professionals working for years in the plumbing industry, InvoiceOwl has come up with quick tips for creating a plumbing invoice for you.

And here they are:

Invoicing tips for plumbing company
  • Send an Estimate First

    Sending an estimate before the beginning of the job lets your clients know what to expect in the invoice and makes them pay you quickly.

  • Mention all the Payment Details

    Yes, the total sum is crucial but keeps some space for mentioning all the payment-related information using professional invoicing terms. For example, payment methods, due dates, and other terms and conditions help the client with the payment.

  • Market your Services

    A professional invoice is a great opportunity to secure future collaborations. Marketing all your services with a price list adds to brand awareness and customer loyalty.

  • Keep the Page Size A4

    Keeping the page size of your invoice A4 helps your clients to file and organize it easily. Moreover, if you are sending it online, they can easily print it.

    If you keep these things in mind, cash in your business will flow like water in clean pipes.

Download a Plumbing Invoice Template for Free

Why start from scratch when you can download a plumbing invoice template for free?

Yes, you read it right!

The InvoiceOwl invoicing app gives you multiple templates to select from and the best part is you can download it in whichever file format you want. You get them in MS Word, MS Excel, or PDF file format.

If that’s not enough for you, these billing templates are fully customizable too. So, get them now and start creating unlimited professional plumbing invoices effortlessly within no time.

Plumbing Template

Word Doc of Plumbing invoice template

Plumbing Invoice Template

Excel of Plumbing invoice template

Plumbing Invoice Template

PDF of Plumbing invoice template

Plumbing Invoice Template

Plumbing Invoice Template Google Doc


Frequently Asked Questions

How do plumbers charge?

Generally, plumbers charge on an hourly basis. Based on the expertise, plumbers charge different rates for a job. And generally they charge on an hourly basis. But in some cases, plumbers may also charge a lump sum amount for a job including the materials used. It depends on the plumber.

How do I write a plumbing invoice?

To write a perfect plumbing invoice, you must include the following details.

  • Your branding
  • Invoice numbers
  • Client information
  • Item description
  • Total cost breakdown
  • Payment terms

Is an invoice a receipt?

No, there are quite a few differences between an invoice and a receipt. And the fundamental one is that an invoice is a document that shows the amount to be paid, and a receipt is a document that confirms the amount paid.


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Creating a plumbing invoice from scratch is tedious and time taking. So, despite spending hours on unsuccessful trials, a small plumbing business should use the free InvoiceOwl invoice templates. You get to choose from multiple designs and formats, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PDF.

And not only that, it helps you with accounting tasks like sales reports as well.

So, download the InvoiceOwl app now and get paid quickly.

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