6 Tree Service Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

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Stop shooting arrows where there is no light helping you succeed your marketing tactics, & boosting business growth. Instead, follow these 6 tree service marketing ideas & stand out from the rests.

The earth has got greener over the past two decades. But the spread of this overall greenery isn’t helping your tree service business in getting sure shot success.

Thus, to curb your complaint we are here with the tree service marketing ideas that will help you streamline your tree service business operations, ultimately helping you achieve what you desire.

So, irrespective of whether you are thinking to start your tree service business or already running one and looking to expand, this blog will help you grow your business.

But first, we will lay a foundation for your marketing that will help your business stand as uproot as an oak.

Basic Marketing Tactics For Your Tree Service Business

Marketing can be very uncertain, especially if you are new to it. But some marketing tactics just never get old and dictates the result of the other promotional options you make for your business. So before getting into the advanced marketing tactics, let us get the basics right.


    If these basic marketing tactics are part of your tree service business plan then it will surely enhance the chance to get effective leads as everything will be streamlined, and in proper execution, as planned.

1. Know your target audience

Don’t move an inch ahead into marketing without knowing and understanding your target audience.

We know that this has been turned into a marketing cliche. But it is baffling to see how many businesses overlook it and pay a hefty price later.

Knowing your audience will give you a target to aim for and remove all distractions.

So how do you do this? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is your target audience? Homeowners, commercial builders, business owners, farm owners, or any combination of these?
  • What are their behaviors related to tree services?
  • How do they look to find tree services? Google, referral, business directories, or something else?
  • Where do they live? Are you targeting your local city or region, or do you provide services nationally and internationally?
  • What do they think? Economically, emotionally, or practically?
  • What challenges do they face regarding tree services?
  • What communication channels do they primarily use? Social media, email, direct, etc.?

At this point, you don’t need to find the perfect answers to these questions. Educated guesses will do for now. However, nothing is as good as speaking to your target audience directly.

So as you get clearer insights, refine these answers to match the reality. The point is to know your audience better than any of your competitors to get an unfair advantage.

2. Build a website

Having a website for your tree service business opens the gate for many great online marketing opportunities that you will be missing otherwise. For example, traditional SEO and email marketing.

On top of that, you will edge ahead of other companies in the tree service industry by developing a more personal and relentless touch with your potential clients.

What’s even more encouraging is that developing a website won’t cost you a fortune. In fact, you can build one for as low as a few dollars using many of the do-it-yourself options.

This gives you no reason to avoid this, even if you are a local business. Here is a guide for building your website.

    What your website should cover?

    You should develop a website that showcases the tree care services you provide as well as help you get engaged with your target audience. It should include:

    • Why you are?
    • What services do you provide?
    • Qualifying details.
    • Post photos and videos of your workplace.
    • Informative blog articles to keep your website engaging.
    • Clean layout, easy-to-read fonts, and high-quality images.
    • Employees-related details.
    • And lastly, an online booking form to allow users to schedule appointments.

3. Build your credibility

Your credibility is why people trust you with their job and offer you business. So ask yourself:

  • What makes you qualified for providing tree service?
  • How does your business solve your client’s pain points?
  • What makes you better than any of your competitors?
  • What do your previous clients (if any) say about you?
  • Do you have the required licenses, permits, and certifications?

Build your credibility

If you are just starting out, you are fine as long as you have the required skills and permissions to offer your service. But as you get along, look to build a reputation for your business that boosts your credibility.

This will help you in gaining traction and convert it into paying clients ahead in your marketing journey.

Now that we have laid a foundation, this is the time to move to the advanced marketing strategies for your tree care business. Excited to explore the marketing ideas in the next section to boost the growth of tree service companies?

6 Tree Service Marketing Ideas

Caution! You don’t need to spread yourself thin trying to work on all of these marketing ideas at once. This will only distract you from your core business.

So assuming that you don’t have a huge team of specialists by your side, we recommend you go small. In other words, implement a few ideas, but well.

And once you have got a grip, then look to expand. Let’s get started:

1. Start branding to stand out

Branding and marketing usually go hand in hand. Ever bought something, let’s say, a burger or a pizza from a popular place, even if it is not the best? That’s branding at work.

As a tree care company, you need to brand yourself as the trusted and go-to place for your services. Developing customer loyalty is a significant advantage, and branding helps you build it strongly. Moreover, incorporating it into all your marketing materials underscores the importance of marketing in your business growth strategy.

This will enable people to recall your business’s name and be inclined to choose you for tree services.

But the question here is how?

Start with choosing a business logo and induct it wherever it fits naturally. For example, business cards, invoices and estimates, websites, emails, and business vehicles.

Then find what you want to be known for and use that message consistently in all your marketing channels. Consistent and unique messaging will associate your business with it.

    For example, let’s say your message is “the most affordable tree service company in the town.” Then whenever someone is looking for an affordable option for a tree service, your business name is likely to come to the top of their mind.

With this, you have got a head start in branding your business. But still, we are just scratching its surface. We suggest you take a deeper dive into it to learn more about branding.

2. Use social media

Social media marketing has become a no-brainer path that almost all kinds of tree care businesses follow. And why not? Social media presence gives you instant exposure to the whole world so you can show your expertise.

Use social media

However, this path can be shaky due to uncertainties. But by no means is this something you can overlook.

Integrate it into your tree service marketing strategy. Because if done well, this can bring in a great chunk of all your tree service leads.

3. Run awareness campaigns for a cause

Not many things can give your brand an exposure as much as associating it with a social cause. This shows that you are more than just a business trying to make money and actively looking to make society better.

Fortunately, you are already in a very sensitive niche that people care about – trees.

Trees are associated with the environment and global warming. And both of these are a huge concern in today’s era. Thus, you can run awareness campaigns to spread a social message.

And the best part is that your business name will get attached to the message by default, giving it exposure as the wave ride along.

For example, Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April to encourage people to plant trees. Since you have expertise in this arena, you and your team can plant trees and show the world how it’s done.

You can go further by offering special deals during such days and letting the tide turn towards you.

However, remember that you don’t need to wait for any special days to arrive. You can start campaigns at any point of the year. Even today.

4. Start a referral program

You might not realize how big a role that word-of-mouth plays in making sales. Let us show it to you.

Say you need to buy a TV. What is the first thing you will do to make a decision on which one to buy? You will, most probably, ask a friend or search in Google “best TVs to buy in 2022”. In both cases, word of mouth is in play.

Start a referral program

Word of mouth is still the best kind of promotion your business can ever get. Why? Because potential clients are much more likely to convert when referred to by their trusted connection or source.

There is a great book on this topic called Contagious by Jonah Berger to know the science behind it and how you can make your brand viral. And oh, even this is also word-of-mouth.

But to get you started, the least you can do now is to offer an incentive like a commission or a discount to the one who brings you business.

    As they say, “Actions speak much louder than voice.”

    Similarly, InvoiceOwl acts and the user reacts. With the word-of-mouth marketing technique, current customers can be a weapon to win more customers.

    InvoiceOwl helps you get effective feedback as the instant review requests get generated just after your invoicing & payment flow.

5. Use content marketing

In this information age, content marketing makes the core of your tree service marketing strategy. This has the power to give you consistent results even years later from now. Thus, ignoring it can be a huge mistake.

First of all, what is content marketing? As per the Content Marketing Institute:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

In layman’s terms, content marketing is when you put yourself out there to show your expertise to your target audience using the content you create.

For example, publishing a video related to your services on YouTube or even consistently posting content related to your topic on social media is a form of content marketing.

Now, let’s get a closer look at various content marketing channels you can use.

  • Website blog

    Your website blog is the primary place where you should put your content. Unlike YouTube and social media platforms, you have full control of your blog.

  • Youtube channel

    A YouTube channel is free to create and exposes your brand to the limelight of the world. And just to remind you, it is the second-biggest search engine after Google.

  • Email newsletter

    Email marketing is the best way to bring recurring traffic, promote your services, and generate qualified leads.

    Most tree service companies may ignore this. But you don’t. Integrate it into your marketing strategy right from the start using reliable email marketing software.

  • Social media

    Never try to undervalue social media marketing. As discussed, social media is a great addition to your content marketing. But it is not something you should solely rely on to get business.

6. Offer deals

People love to brag as it makes them look good. Thus, whenever they strike a bargain deal, what will they do? They will brag about it and, in turn, will promote your business.

Of course, the offer needs to be profitable to you as well. Thus, you don’t need to make a loss in offering a lucrative deal. You just need to present your offer in a way that attracts clients.

So get creative. For example, tree trimming at half the price or a 10% discount for new clients.

Once you have decided on your offers, spread them using the marketing channels we have just discussed to give them a boost.

Just as important as implementing these ideas is, avoiding some marketing mistakes is just as crucial.

Tree Service Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Many tree service businesses lose patience and fall into the trap of getting quick gains. This will do nothing but jeopardize your efforts. So avoid the following mistakes:

  • Creating poor-quality content for the sake of posting
  • Promoting self excessively
  • Lying about or masking any information
  • Adding emails and phone numbers to your campaign list without permission
  • Relying too much on paid marketing, like ads

Now, you know what to do and what to avoid. But here is something you need to keep in mind as you start implementing these ideas.

What’s Next After Implementing These Marketing Ideas?

Marketing will test your patience just as much as the slow driver ahead of you in a one-way lane. You will even fail in many of your marketing campaigns. But you need to keep refining your marketing strategy with time.

So once you start marketing your tree service business, you need to make sure that you stay consistent even if the path ahead looks hazy. However, keeping a learner’s attitude will help you a lot.

What we have discussed in this post about marketing is just the tip of the iceberg. Learning about marketing will save you time and improve your results.

Thus, start implementing the marketing tactics we have shared with you. Embrace patience. Take failure as a step ahead. And keep learning about marketing to refine your strategy.

Marketing Alone Won’t Help Growing Your Business, Start Simplifying Estimates & Invoices As Well.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do you need to hire someone for marketing?

    There are many benefits of hiring a professional marketer for your business, such as time-saving, consistent results, and more. However, hiring anyone is not mandatory if your budget doesn’t allow it. You can start on your own or hire someone down the road when required.

  2. How big is the tree care industry?

    The tree trimming industry in 2022 is worth $29.1 billion in the US alone, as per the report from the IBIS world.

  3. What are some other promotional tactics you can use?

    • Business listings
    • Local search engine optimization
    • Facebook Business
    • Google Ads (paid)


Now you have 6 marketing tactics that you can start implementing to take your business a level higher. But remember that you need a strong foundation first, as we have discussed. So start with defining and knowing your target audience, and take your journey ahead from there on.

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