Proven Plumbing Marketing Strategies for 2023

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📝Key Takeaways:

  • Small businesses need a good marketing hand for substantial growth.
  • Plumbing industry is very competitive, and strategic marketing is important to stand out.
  • Both offline and online marketing (internet marketing) can be leveraged for growing plumbing businesses.

New plumbing businesses must understand the worth of marketing. Get along with the best plumber marketing strategies below to stand out from the crowd and get more profitable projects. 

Plumbing marketing is all about the way you plan out the strategies and execute them. Plumbing business mostly operates locally, and there is a lot you must plan to reach out to the local audience. 

On a rough count, over 120,467 plumbing companies are currently operating in the United States. Further expanding the number, there are over 516,582 employed plumbers in the country. 

So, if you want to run and grow your plumbing business here, imagine the amount of competition you have to face. 

If you are determined to start your own plumbing company, you can always overcome the competition to make it a plumbing brand. The only thing you need is the right guidance on plumbing marketing

Make Professional Looking Estimates to Get the Job

Estimates are the first thing your customers would see, and if you leave a good impression there, you win the job.

Plumbing Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Marketing your business is where you promote the plumbing services you are readily offering to your potential customers. 

Most plumbing businesses worldwide are imposing digital plumbing marketing ideas for their business growth. But, the use of traditional and offline marketing has always been profitable to a considerable extent. 

Here are a few of the best marketing solutions of all types that would help your plumbing business market its services to a wider audience:

1. Get a plumbing website

The roots of a digital marketing strategy can be planted only if you have a good website. So, either you can make your WordPress website for marketing your plumbing services or can hire a professional to design and develop one for you. 

When you design a plumbing business website, make sure to add visual elements and informative sections. For instance, you must include a service section, About Company section, blog section, and contact information section.

The content you feed onto your plumbing business website should be rich with search engine optimization aspects. The keywords used in the content should be properly analyzed and researched before being naturally used on the website. Hence, this is called content marketing. 

The researched keywords are the phrases that your target audience preferably uses to look for a plumbing business online. Every time someone uses those phrases to look for plumbing services, Google will crawl through your website to look for those keywords. If found, your website will be ranked on the top search results page.

Also, make sure you provide customer referral program where customers can refer new customers for your business and they get rewarded with discounts on their next service. The reason is word of mouth publicity is more effective and you can grow your business easily using it.

2. Create a Google My Business (GMB) profile

Implementing local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of any business’s most important digital marketing strategies. And listing your local business on GMB will help you impose that as a priority. The GMB profiles are listed on the top of the results pages before the website links are displayed. 

If someone uses location-specific keywords to find local businesses for plumbing needs, then Google will display the GMB profiles first. So, you must include this strategy in your plumbing marketing plan and claim your GMB profile right away.

When you create your profile, ensure to add sufficient information about the company, such as working hours, services offered, contact details, website URL, and others. The description you add should be detailed with proper keywords to make your business more findable in local searches. 

You should also include business images like your office, work process, and team. It will help new customers relate more to your brand before getting in touch with you. 

You can request your existing customers to leave reviews on your GMB profile. If you offer quality services, then getting positive reviews will not be difficult to ask for. The new plumbing customers will seek customer reviews of your company before they can trust and spend on hiring you. 

Not just on Google My Business, but you can create your online listing on other directories such as Yelp and Bing. Your business should be visible across all search engines, irrespective of their traffic count. 

3. Social media ads and marketing

Social media marketing is the process of uploading organic posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to get audience exposure. These social media posts can be directly or indirectly related to plumbing services for audiences to connect with your brand as per their service necessities.

digital marketing for plumbers

You can upload a post on any new discount that you have listed in your business or share videos of any DIY plumbing tasks. When you are active on social media, it builds the authority and credibility of your brand. Google and the users believe that your business is legitimate. 

Through social media, you can connect with your potential customers directly through messages. Let the customers request you for services or raise a complaint on your social media handles. If you solve their problems, they will share and repost your services with their followers on a good note. 

As you have a blog section on your website where you keep sharing informative plumbing content, make sure you share those posts on your LinkedIn or other social media pages. It will eventually draw more traffic to your website, which might eventually convert you into more of your prospective customers. 

You can pay some social media platforms to run your paid ads. Check this feature on Facebook and LinkedIn. Instagram allows you to sponsor your posts by paying a minimal amount to give them more exposure across the Instagram audience. 

4. Google local services ads

You must run Google local services ads to have a better chance of drawing traffic to your website. When you avail of the service, your digital marketing ads will run over Google search whenever someone searches for plumber services. 

You will be paying only for the clicks that landed on those ads. You must get in touch with a Google specialist to set it all up for you. 

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5. Billboard advertising

As the plumbing service business is more local than a global career, the ads should also reach out locally to the audiences. So, billboard advertising is something you can try to get maximum attention for your brand from the people passing by on the streets or while having tea from a nearby housing apartment’s balcony. 

how to get plumbing customers

It might not be the case that every passer-by would find your billboard ad relevant to them at the moment. But there might be a slight possibility that some people in the traffic might be looking for a plumber for some short or long-term project. If the ad catches their attention, they will stop by to take note of your number. 

Make sure the billboard ad has something catchy on it. You cannot go and promote your brand by just displaying the logo. Instead, think of something that will connect with the audience and make it engaging. Try showing a problem and how you can solve it, or announce a discount. 

You can talk to a marketing agency to guide you through the process of how you can run your ads over billboards. These ads are mostly rented and are allotted to a business for a limited period. 

6. Print advertising

One of the best marketing efforts is to go offline and market your service area by yourself. You can try print advertising with business cards, business brochures, flyers, direct mail prints, and newspaper ads. 

It is one of the most traditional plumber marketing efforts to spread the word to the customers through physical paper ads. You might have to hire someone or go to the field yourself to distribute these advertisements. 

Target local gatherings or public events where you can hand over the flyers, service brochures, and more of these marketing tools to potential customers. Sooner or later, there is a chance that they might turn up to your services at the time of emergency plumbing needs or planned maintenance jobs. 

You can also release newspaper ads because many are still reading newspapers across the United States. So, you will also get some form of recognition through newspaper ads. 

When you head out to meetings or personal get-together parties, you will always have people asking about your business and services. Tell them in brief and pass on a business card to them. As small business owners, you must keep promoting your services at any chance. 

7. Email marketing

Email marketing is a very successful online marketing opportunity for most businesses today. The plumbing business can also be helped in terms of marketing with email solutions. You will have to acquire an email address list first, which is possible when you have a newsletter sign-up form on your website.

Email marketing

It is the easiest way to acquire leads for email marketing. You just need to incentivize the sign-up process, and people will eventually fill out the form and give their consent for being sent with the emails. You can send newsletters about informative plumbing topics, inform them about new discounts or share business narratives. 

Irrespective of what email you send to your potential leads, make sure to add a call-to-action button for each email. Don’t flood your leads’ inboxes, as they might just send your emails to the spam folder immediately. Decide a periodic interval for sending emails to your potential leads. You must also clean up your email list over time by referring to the contacts that have been unresponsive to your emails for a long time. 

8. Use a plumbing software

It is good to focus on solutions that can increase your exposure to the target audience. But what’s next? How can you impress your customers after they choose you for their plumbing needs? You can offer them exceptional customer service that they cannot forget. 

Apart from digital advertising, you should also spend on plumbing software to help speed up invoicing, price estimating, and creating contracts. Such plumbing business invoicing software can help you respond to customer requests immediately with a pre-set price quote template.  

You just have to enter the pricing details per the service inquiry and send it to the customer directly from the software. Following that, your team members can send an invoice right on site after the job is completed. 

Suppose you got a commercial plumbing project that demands you to sign a contract to legalize the service terms with the client. In that case, you can use plumbing software to create a contract digitally and get electronic signatures for acceptance. It will speed up the process, and you don’t have to wait for the physical signatures of both parties to commence the work. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can a plumber get more new customers?

    To get more business opportunities for a plumbing business, you must follow the methods specified above in this article. Apart from these strategic solutions, you can also try running pay-per-click ads, which work similar to Google local ads, and can help get you more leads. 

    If you don’t have much time to spare for plumber marketing, you can always hire marketing services or SEO services to help you in the process. They are well-versed with SEO services for plumbers and would be better one to help you out.

  2. How can one make a plumbing business successful?

    A plumbing business can be made successful by following five major steps:

    • Decide whether you want to offer services for residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, or both. 
    • Create a business marketing plan with clear goals and financial figures.
    • Make arrangements for all the legal necessities.
    • Buy the tools and supplies needed for carrying out the services. 
    • Implement plumber marketing measures or hire a professional marketing company to do the needful.

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