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How to ask for customers' reviews in the simplest manner? Here are some simple ways to ask your customers for reviews. Further, you can also explore the benefits of customer reviews for your business.

One of the most effective means you have at your disposal to improve customer acquisition, and retention is to use customer reviews.

Is it true that 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase?

According to 88% of consumers, reviews significantly influence their decision on whether or not to purchase a product.

If you go about receiving customer reviews correctly, there is a greater chance of receiving quality online reviews, which is essential for a successful business.

While some brands do not realize that it is a good idea to ask for reviews from customers, it is not wrong to do so. No one way of doing it will have the same impact on your company as the way you go about it.

Customer reviews usually carry more weight than what you have to say about your business. As a result, you must keep a close eye on your customer feedback throughout all phases of your overall digital marketing campaign.

Approaching potential customers for online reviews requires a great deal of effort. But you can make things easier by incorporating InvoiceOwl into your business stack. With this software, you not only can send invoices to your customers quickly, but it also allows you to quickly request customer reviews from the client.

This article will discuss in detail how to ask for customer reviews and the benefits.

How to Ask for Customer Reviews

To ask for customer reviews without making them feel awkward, here are several methods:

Write an email

A study found that over 80% of customer testimonials come from email requests, making the inbox the best place for finding those all-important positive and negative reviews. Customers typically receive such requests from their vendors, so even if you are uncomfortable with the idea, it shouldn’t be too strange.

Write an email

A negative or positive review can be requested via email in several different ways. The most popular way to request a Google review is through a follow-up purchase. The strategy we’re talking about here is one you’ve probably seen used by many of your favorite brands in the past. The reason being? It produces good results!

Generally, companies that sell individual products are best suited to this approach. However, consider the review request email template if you provide a service rather than a physical product.

Instead of asking customers to rate individual items, you’ll ask for their overall experience.

On top of that, with InvoiceOwl making its way in the world of automation, you don’t need to halt your work and run after the client for the review request.

Instead, just subscribe to InvoiceOwl, and you do not have to look for every client’s email and contact information to ask for a review to enhance your online reputation. With this, you can ask for reviews with a click.

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Follow up and request a video

Businesses aren’t afraid to follow up with their customers to stay in touch. Consequently, calling customers and directly speaking with them is becoming increasingly popular.

Take advantage of this opportunity to ask the customer if they are interested in submitting video testimonials. This will enable them to rate the products and services offered. If this approach works, then this would be the best way to ask for reviews from the customer.

It is always advisable to observe the nature of the call before directly asking for reviews from the client.

Regardless of what you do, be aware that some customers will not feel comfortable around the idea of being filmed. But nonetheless, if they are eager to provide a review, direct them to the reviews page on your website.

While the video format is still highly effective for growing engagement and business, there are several limitations to this type of customer feedback.

Put your website to use

Although it seems obvious, many businesses don’t ask for reviews on their website. Consider your website the flagship store of your business – it should be the focal point of all your marketing efforts.

Businesses need to include a dedicated reviews page on their websites since the website’s primary purpose is to inform potential customers of what you do and to secure conversions.

To get your customers to leave you a positive or negative review on your website, how should you ask them to do so? Adding visible calls-to-action (CTAs) to your website is the best way to achieve this.

They should be visible and easy to find to prevent your customers from missing these.

With InvoiceOwl, you do not have to struggle with collecting old or new customer reviews from the customer. With this software, you can request honest customer feedback in one go.

No more running after each client to ask for reviews. InvoiceOwl does it all for you. After completing every job, you can request positive client reviews. It’s simple.

Provide an incentive

Some customers will be happy to provide a review upon request, but others require a little encouragement.

Provide an incentive

The question remains: What kind of incentive should you offer your customers to get them to write positive or negative reviews for your company?

The best choice may be to give away free products. As an added benefit, if you incorporate influencer marketing into your campaign, you are likely to increase traffic and sales.

Adding a discount code or extending the customer’s subscription is another way for customer review requests.

Clearly explain to your customers that they are under no pressure to provide only positive reviews when offering an incentive.

To get honest reviews, they need to know that you are grateful for them.

Also, ensure that your customers know they will not impact the incentive they receive based on their honest feedback.

Create a template for customer reviews

Even though this is not an ideal solution, it can, nonetheless, prove helpful to those customers who find it hard to complete their reviews or don’t have the time to do so on their own. Moreover, this trick will allow you to ask for reviews without putting the request directly on the website.

Let’s say you sell products or services online. In that case, setting up a review box for those products/services is possible so your customers can respond quickly to a few basic questions regarding their satisfaction with the product/service.

However, if you decide to do so, ensure you will have the opportunity to leave an independent review.

Review requests via SMS

You most likely have the mobile numbers of your registered customers as well as their email addresses. Send a polite and concise SMS to your customers asking for their feedback using this information.

Review requests via sms

Using SMS as a communication channel is the most reliable since you can be 99% certain your customers will read your messages. In just a few clicks, you’ll likely also receive reviews.

Ask in person

It’s amazing how rewarding it is to converse with a customer who loves what you do or offer. This opportunity is a great way to get their thoughts on paper.

We recommend using your checkout process to start sales if you offer in-person services or have a brick-and-mortar store. It’s more likely that your customer will let you know if they’re satisfied with your service.

While it can be tempting to force interaction to get a review, your customer will notice if you do, and it will take them a while to warm up to you. Get in touch with them and ensure their experience is satisfactory if you want an authentic response. Don’t always try to get a review; ask for one when the opportunity arises.

Even in-person requests aren’t always required to happen face-to-face. Those working in support-focused industries should ask over the phone. It’s okay to ask your customer for an honest opinion if they have had a positive experience, and they might even feel quite flattered that you want to know how they feel.

Use your thank-you page to ask

Having a thank-you page ask for a review might seem premature. It seems unlikely that your customer will have anything to say since they’ve only completed their purchase, can they? Take this opportunity to ask your customers about their overall ordering experience – this is an excellent time to get a different kind of review.

The customer experience you offer, rather than just your services, can be rated and reviewed by users, rather than just a single product. As soon as they click the checkout button, your customer will still be thinking about it, so you can ensure some pretty honest, fresh-off-the-press feedback.

Check social media for mentions

When asking for customer reviews, social media cannot be ignored. Social media mentions are also great for building your brand online and gathering more reviews.

There is an excellent chance that what customers will say about your brand if they can already mention it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., is that you will have a great chance of getting positive reviews from that customer when you ask them to leave a review.

Further, do not be afraid to contact customers who have already shared your content, which increases its reach even further. If people are pleased with your product or service and the content you provide, you will receive positive feedback from them.

Make sure you use the right words

Your customers want you to ask for reviews, but how should you go about it? How do you explain it?

How do you get your customers to leave a review despite all your efforts? To convince the customer to Google review, take to them politely and choose your words wisely while you request reviews.

Language plays a pivotal role in whether you meet in person, send an email, or have a call. Sometimes speaking sweetly can influence the client to post positive online reviews over negative reviews.

Hence, it is highly recommended to be sweet and make changes, increasing your chances of receiving positive customer reviews.

Benefits of Customer Reviews to Businesses

Customer reviews have emerged as a new field in the marketing and communication world that has built a bridge between traditional word of mouth and a viral form of feedback that has the potential to influence how consumers think about a product or service.

You are already implementing the system of collecting customer reviews, responding to the valuable feedback of your customers, and taking action on those reviews.

The following are some of the reasons why obtaining customer reviews is so beneficial for your business:

  • It boosts the reputation of the company

    In a recent study, 84% of consumers trusted online reviews as much as (or even more than) personal recommendations from friends and family.

    It is important to remember that the reviews your business has received from its customers are, on the whole, indicative of its reliability and trustworthiness.

    In addition, it builds confidence in shoppers and encourages them to make more purchases.

  • Boosts ranking

    In a study conducted by the American Marketing Association, consumer reviews are rated 4.34 stars out of 5 by consumers.

    As a result of not being prompted to leave a review after using the service, the average rating for reviews is 3.89 out of 5.

  • Enhanced public awareness

    The feedback you receive from your customers strengthens your relationship with them, so it’s important to remember that.

    Moreover, this allows you to connect your brand to some of the most influential voices in your company, which is very positive.

    When you understand how and when to ask for a review of your brand from a positive influencer, you can effectively activate your brand’s promoters (influencers).

    You can turn your satisfied customers into influential brand promoters by encouraging them to write reviews on websites that offer business reviews, turning them into effective brand promoters.

  • It’s your happy customers who are doing all the marketing

    There are many benefits to positive online business reviews that a simple marketing campaign cannot, and will not be able to, offer your business.

    A micro-marketing campaign can be characterized as an online review campaign that continues to work long after the review has been posted, resulting in a positive image that continues to attract new customers to the company.

  • Increases sales with social proof through reviews

    To grow your small business, you should utilize social proof as one of your first strategies. Having someone else endorse your product or service will increase the likelihood of people paying for it.

    A customer wants to be reassured that the product or service you sell is reputable by seeing “proof.” It is precisely this kind of social proof that makes social media so powerful.

    In turn, you can share the fantastic reviews you receive on your website or post them as testimonials across your social media platforms.

    Using testimonials in your marketing campaigns is known as social proof marketing, and it can help you enhance your brand’s reputation by leveraging the power of word of mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do you politely ask for feedback examples?

    One of the examples of how to politely ask customers for feedback:

    Please share your honest experience with us.

    We are always glad to onboard a loyal customer like you, and your honest feedback means a lot to us in improving our service.

  2. How do you politely ask for a review via email?

    It was a great time collaborating with you and your team. Thank you from our team for being a loyal customer and giving us a chance to serve you. Your honest review matters to us. Please spare a minute for an online review since it helps others make the right choice.

  3. How do you ask for a review via message?

    Thank you for choosing to shop with us. We hope you had a great time using our product. We’d like you to give your take on the same. Please leave us a review on this page.


To become an authority in your field and grow your business, you must implement several strategies. Obtaining positive customer reviews online is one of the most effective ways to enhance your reputation and improve your business.

If you want regular feedback from your customers, you need to establish a positive client relationship with them so that you can receive feedback regularly.

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