11 Tips on How to Advertise Cleaning Business

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The residential cleaning industry is worth about $1.2 billion in the U.S., and it is growing, on average, by 6.6% per year over the past decade. There are many benefits to starting a business in the cleaning industry, including setting your own hours and rates and being in charge of your business.

However, getting into the professional cleaning industry is not easy due to the high level of competition. Consequently, success in this career depends upon the organization’s ability to advertise its cleaning services to achieve success effectively.

But which advertising strategy will work best for your business? Where should you start advertising?
We’re here to answer all these questions. With this guide, you will learn how to advertise cleaning business so that you can succeed and stand apart from your competitors.

11 Pointers on How to Promote a Cleaning Business

1. Know your audience

Marketing your cleaning business begins with identifying the market you want to reach.
Depending on your marketing strategy, your target audience may be specific to a particular area or business type. Exploring your competitors can help you determine your product’s or service’s target audience.

Learn your audience

Knowing your target market’s demographics (age, gender, location) will help you craft a message that is truly relevant to those in your target market. It will also be more personally relatable.

2. Build your brand name

Make your business stand out by using a unique business name and designing a distinct logo. Keep the following points in mind to build your brand name:

  • Choose your cleaning business name that is catchy, short, and simple to speak. Make sure it isn’t currently in use in your region because it should be distinctive as well.
  • While it may seem daunting to design a logo for your business, increasing its recognition among your target audience is essential. Your cleaning business logo should be recognizable and also relate to the services you are trying to sell.
  • Along with a recognizable logo, you want to focus on the types of colors you use across all communication channels.
  • A color like white or blue represents cleanliness, purity, and calmness, while a color like orange or yellow represents optimism and joy.
  • Do note that your chosen color scheme should be used in all communications with customers and prospects.

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3. Develop a cleaning business website that converts

The hub of your company is its website. It’s where potential customers can find out more about you, learn about your services and work, and get in touch with you to make an online appointment.

Developing a website that converts

Here are some of the points that you should consider while developing a cleaning business website:

  • Showcase your services: Make your cleaning website easy to use, so people can get an idea of what your services are all about and why they should choose yours over others.
  • Use CTAs: Your website should persuade visitors to perform a certain action, such as signing up, dialing your business number, or submitting a contact form.
  • Exhibit your work: Include client testimonials and images of your work’s before-and-after results. This will demonstrate to potential customers what they may anticipate if they hire you.
  • Show your expertise: To aid readers in learning, provide organizational ideas, cleaning advice, and even a personal supply list.

4. Focus on search engine marketing

Both residential and commercial cleaning business services must appear on the first page of local search results. Google is where most people will begin their hunt for a cleaning service.

As the name implies, search engine marketing may help you advertise your cleaning company on search engines like Google.

Here are some suggestions for various search engine marketing strategies for cleaning services:

  • Google My Business listing: This free listing integrates with Google Maps and local searches. It’s crucial to include the right keywords in your business description and service listing. Additionally, make sure to post information about your business’s hours, services, and—especially—geo-targeted images.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization is primarily focused on generating organic traffic. The goal is to create content based on the search keywords used by your target consumers.

    Search engines take note when you develop your content with specific keywords in consideration. Your business website will appear on the search results page when someone types that term into the search engine.

  • Pay-per-click advertising: It is a good paid advertising idea if you want to drive traffic to your website to grow your cleaning business.

    If someone searches for house cleaning, commercial cleaning, or any other service your business offers on a website, such as through Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, your website will be prioritized over your competitors when they search for those terms.

5. Utilize social media advertising to your advantage

75% of the eligible population of the globe is presently engaged on social media, where they are spending an average of 2.5 hours every day. Your social media profiles on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn let you interact in real-time with current customers and potential clients.

Utilize social media to your advantage

So, to market your cleaning business effectively, you must understand how different social media channels work.

  • Facebook: Facebook allows you to set up a business page within seconds and can make it easy for your potential clients to follow you and get updated with your products.

    If you have a Facebook business page, you can post information such as the hours of operation and the services offered. There is also the option for your customers to review your Facebook business page, and better reviews will encourage more potential customers to find your page on Facebook.

  • Twitter: It is also possible to create a business page on Twitter. A Twitter business page is a great way to reach more people and create paid advertisements to promote your business.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn serves as a professional networking site and a place where job postings can be made for free. This is a great way to market your cleaning business and create awareness about it.
  • Instagram: Recent years have seen Instagram become the most popular platform for social influencers with large followers. Cleaning business owners usually collaborate with influencers to promote their products and businesses on the platform.

Additionally, for effective social media marketing on these platforms, you can regularly share unique content to keep fans engaged.

This might consist of before-and-after cleaning images, links to blog posts, work videos, house cleaning tips, exclusive offers or promotions, cleaning advice and methods, client endorsements, and so on. Use appropriate hashtags to help the right people discover you as well.

Real-life example: MyHouseCleaningBiz reports that MyClean, a cleaning business located in New York City, used Facebook advertisements to generate more than $17,500 in sales over the course of seven months.

6. Email marketing

Using email marketing to promote your cleaning company is yet another inexpensive strategy. It is straightforward, organic, and, most importantly, contemporary.

Increasing your email list

  • Key focus: You should work on regular email campaigns promoting your services, special deals, or monthly newsletters.
  • Approaches: There are now two approaches you may take.

You need an email list in order to start a successful email marketing campaign. While some companies purchase email lists, others build their own over time by offering sign-up choices on their websites and social media platforms and using the emails of their current consumers.

Since they are often the audience that is interested in your services, the latter strategy is considerably superior. Even a short email list like this has a lower bounce rate. In other words, people really read and open your emails.

Things to consider:

  • Make our subject line intriguing since it will be what prompts them to open your email.
  • An effective marketing email should contain a variety of media in addition to text. Use several graphics and imagery together with a clear, strong call to action.
  • Your emails should always include information that a customer would find useful. A blog article with cleaning advice or a discount on your subsequent cleaning service might be the offer.
  • Every email must include your company’s name and contact information. Links to your company website and social media accounts should also be included so that readers can discover more about you.

7. Network and develop business relationships

A solid online presence and a successful advertising campaign are crucial to marketing your cleaning business. Still, it is also crucial to meet with your potential cleaning clients in person and establish a relationship.

Things to consider:

  • Developing a personal connection with prospective clients may lead to the development of new relationships and the referral of new customers.
  • The workspace in your area is a great place to meet other business professionals in your area. You can start getting clients for your cleaning business from them, or they could simply become new connections on your contacts list.
  • An excellent way to meet customers and build your network is by getting involved in community events and attending trade shows which is another excellent way to market your cleaning business and meet customers.

8. Be open-minded and discover new ideas

As you develop a website and create your own Facebook business page for your cleaning business, you should also consider innovative advertising techniques. Focus on techniques that will attract a potential client’s attention to market your cleaning business effectively.

  • Vehicle marketing. You can turn your car into a moving billboard. You can purchase branded magnets for your vehicles and your employees’ cars.
    Using this marketing strategy, you can get noticed on the road and by people who may not otherwise have come across you.
  • Flyers and door hangers can be purchased locally. The law does not allow you to post your business flyers in private mailboxes, but you are entitled to post them on doors inside private homes.

    In addition to being less likely to fly away, door hangers are also an excellent way to spread the word about your cleaning business.

  • Put your business card in the hands of local businesses. It is common for local restaurants, gas stations, and other small businesses to allow you to use your business cards for free to market your cleaning business.

    Get in touch with the local business owners and ask them if you could take advantage of some free promotions they offer.

  • Write a blog. There are indeed many websites offering free blogging plugins that you can use on your website to create a blog.

    Your cleaning business needs to have informative blogs relevant to your business. This will boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and increase traffic to your website.

    When applying out-of-the-box marketing techniques to your cleaning business, maintain branding and provide contact information.

  • Create business-specific estimate & invoices. It’s always a good idea to create an estimate or invoice with your brand name and company logo on it. It helps you make your business look professional and distinct from other cleaning businesses.

    To make it easy to create such customizable estimates, you can use estimating & invoicing software like InvoiceOwl.

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9. Request reviews

To build credibility, you can rely on honest reviews from past and present cleaning clients to create a marketing plan and promote your cleaning business.

According to current statistics, 93% of consumers check reviews while deciding on a local company before making a purchase.

To be successful in your cleaning business, strive for customer satisfaction, which will help you gain positive reviews and customer testimonials in the future.

Websites to focus on

  • Google: Today, Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and positive reviews on Google will boost your ranking on Google’s search results.
  • Yelp: It is a well-known fact that Yelp can be a powerful marketing tool for your cleaning business. Among the original review sites, it is still used by many consumers today and is one of the original review sites.
  • Facebook: Positive reviews will help you increase your visibility on Facebook and show up in general search engine listings when users search for your Facebook page.

10. Customer referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are vital in the cleaning industry, and your finest marketing weapon for referrals is happy customers.

When you get along well with your customers and consistently deliver excellent service, they will be delighted to refer and recommend your business to their family and friends.

Launching referral programs is another marketing strategy you have. It is advantageous to all the parties involved in it.

On your end of the deal, referrals will assist in generating new business leads. As a reward for referrals, you may offer discounts on cleaning services to your current clientele. The best part is that new clients will love a pristine residence. That results in three wins from one referral program.

11. Create an advertising video

Promoting your cleaning business through a video may seem intimidating, but it can be an effective cleaning business marketing tool.

It is a great way to tell your customers what you offer without them having to go through a lengthy website and scroll through a lot of text.

With the advent of social media and websites like Facebook and YouTube, anyone has the opportunity to create videos so long as he or she has a smartphone or some basic equipment to do so.

When customers search for videos on YouTube, they aren’t always looking for videos with the highest quality. Usually, people are looking for someone who is friendly and can provide information that can assist in knowledgeably answering their questions.

Benefits of Marketing Cleaning Business

1. Customers will have an easier time finding you

Can your customers easily find you when looking for cleaning services? This is where digital marketing comes into play.

Today, almost everything is available online, including cleaning services. When you have your business’s presence online, you can easily connect with your existing as well as new customers.

There are several ways to attract buyers, whether it be through social media, search engines, or any other method. But, your basic focus should be on helping people learn about your business and increasing the chance of conversion.

2. A higher conversion rate

The more traffic that you receive to your website or social media accounts, the more chances you will have of increasing your conversion rate.

Digital marketing initiatives aim to generate traffic for a certain goal, so there is a high likelihood of conversion.

3. Targeted marketing approach

One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that it enables you to target your marketing in a way that traditional marketing does not allow.

In the past, cleaning companies used to spend a lot of money on billboards without knowing the demographics of the viewers. They didn’t even know whether the advertisement was actually conveyed to the intended population in the first place.

You can now select your ideal target market with extreme precision thanks to the accurate targeting choices available with digital marketing.

4. Results that are measurable

One of the main advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing is the ability to target potential clients.

When you use digital marketing, you will be able to track everything in real time and see the results. It will let you know which strategies are working and which ones need to be improved.

By doing this, you won’t have to waste your time and effort on campaigns that don’t result in the desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I write a cleaning service advertisement?

    Put your expertise, reliability, honesty, and professionalism into your house cleaning ads to show how they can benefit your customers. A good ad has an eye-catching headline and strikes a confident tone that assures homeowners that their houses will be cleaned properly.

  2. How can I advertise my cleaning business?

    Here are a few advertisement tactics to follow:

    • Develop a website
    • Know your customers
    • Build your business’s social media presence.
    • Put up flyers
    • Offer incentives

  3. How do you create a cleaning ad?

    The ads for cleaning services should always focus on two main messages:

    • What the advertiser offers.
    • How the reader can find out more about it.

  4. In what ways I can promote my cleaning business using social media?

    By listening to what your audience has to say and giving feedback, you can show that you care about them.

    You should post customer satisfaction stories to increase the number of satisfied customers on social media.

    To make your cleaning business successful, you must show your audience how you put your customers’ needs first in everything you do.


No matter what your decision is, whether you decide to implement one or all of the ideas above, you should make sure to implement at least a few new advertising strategies.

Taking the chance requires some initial resources, but once you begin to see results, you’ll be glad you did.
So don’t wait; start to market your cleaning business today!

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