7 Proven Handyman Advertising Hacks for Contractors

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Handyman businesses are the leading home service revenue contributors in the country.  In the United States, the home service market generates around $105.55 billion annually. Statistics predict that handyman jobs and services will increase 8% between 2020 and 2030

📝Key Takeaways:

  • Go through the seven proven, result-oriented advertising strategies to help your handyman business stand out from the rest.
  • Get insights into how to execute different strategies and manage your in-house operations to increase your client retention.

But with the increasing competition in the handyman business segment, it’s difficult for contractors to sustain and create a solid impact in the industry.

Multiple big guns are spending millions on advertising campaigns and cleaning away the high-quality leads in the handyman service business.

If you run a local business and want to stand out with your handyman services, you must adapt to the changing marketing ecosystem and switch to the latest strategies, tools like handyman apps, and execution.

Here are the leading handyman advertising ideas that you can use to boost your advertising efforts and connect with your prospective customers with finesse.

7 Handyman Advertising Hacks for Contractors to Grow Client-base

Multiple marketing strategies can be followed by small business owners to create a drastic impact, but we have filtered the result-oriented best advertising hacks that can strengthen your marketing efforts.

1. Mark your online presence

Mark your online presence

Adapting to the new modern techniques of increasing your brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing your service sales is the first basic step you must take to stand out.

You must create a solid online presence by creating a professional handyman business website that can assist you in establishing your online presence in the industry.

Fast and mobile-friendly website

A fast, reliable, and simple website can set a solid base for your marketing efforts and ensure you can connect with your potential customers with finesse.

With the increase in mobile users compared to desktop users, you must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, which helps you hook the mobile user target audiences towards your handyman services.

Unique design and consistent branding

Hook the visitors with simple and intuitive website design and content. Use powerful color palettes and a unique brand voice and tone to help you establish a solid brand image in the online ecosystem.

Associate with professional copywriters and content writers to help you create website content about the company, service pages, blog posts, and other online content for your website.

Ideal for SEO

You must ensure that you have solid search engine optimization strategies that can help you rank higher in the search rankings. Focus on improving the on-site SEO that can help attract the organic audience searching for content around your niche business.

Multiple certified handyman professionals are using websites to improve their local SEO by analyzing and using different keywords that their target audience is searching for.

Use of forms

Integrate a form that can help you convert your website traffic into leads and ask them for their contact details for seamless future communications using different channels.

Apart from the website, you must expand your online horizon by creating different social media handles to attract more potential clients.

2. Harvest the power of social media

Social media has become the leading advertising and marketing asset for businesses and contractors. Over 4.62 billion people are using different social media platforms globally, and it’s a great opportunity for new or existing handyman businesses to leverage their potential.

You must ensure that you filter out the leading social media platforms that your potential target audience uses and create social media accounts on those platforms. 

Social media ads

Leverage different social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among others, to use their powerful paid advertisement platforms that can help you connect with your ideal customers and achieve the desired outcomes.

You can run different PPC ads that can enhance the effectiveness of the advertising process and deliver a holistic approach to your advertising efforts. 

You can use different ad content formats and campaign strategies based on your goals and requirements that can help you maximize your effectiveness.

Omnichannel approach

Focuses on using an omnichannel approach to create a presence on different social media platforms. Create a social media account for every leading top platform that can maximize the effectiveness and reach of your handyman service brand.

With the increased audience base across different platforms, you can boost the chances of lead generation and service sales.

You can create a solid community by creating a Facebook group, LinkedIn group, or subreddit. It can also build a strong relationship with most customers and help you provide them with informational content on these platforms.

Tailored content

Apart from paid ads, focus on increasing the organic reach of your business profiles on different social media platforms. You should analyze the content that attracts more reach and engagement for different platforms.

Implement professional business strategies for different social media platforms that can help increase the chances of organic reach for different platforms. 

Create a content calendar and schedule your social media content for the coming weeks to avoid breaking the consistency and regular business engagements.

3. Build a brand identity

advertise handyman services

Focus on creating a solid business identity using a professional logo, postcard ads, business card, and tagline. Better business identity can help you create a strong brand image in the industry and boost your branding efforts.

Use a consistent font, color, and design for different brand identity elements to maintain uniformity and increase marketing effectiveness. You can represent the brand’s seriousness and professionalism, boosting your advertising results.

4. Be visible on Google My Business

Google My Business listing is another effective advertising hack for handyman service providers to increase the local reach and boost the impact of local SEO. 

The Google business advertising feature displays your business details to the audience looking for your contractor business services near the area of your business operations.

Once you add brief business details on Google My Business, it can help you increase your brand awareness, reach, and engagement through local Google searches.

Your business details are displayed in a specific section with your contact details and business address directions to bridge the prospect with your handyman service business with finesse.

Different property management companies have already listed their business on the platform and are focusing on leveraging Google’s advertising feature to maximum effect.

You can also use the opportunity for your business’ success. The rankings on the Google business listing are based on customer reviews, ratings, engagements, nearest business to the customers, and business visits.

Focus on attracting positive customer reviews and ratings on Google online listings to enhance your posting on the list.

5. List your services on Craigslist

Another powerful listing advertising platform is Craigslist. You can list your services on the platform, and users can search for specific service providers.

The quality of leads you’ll get on the platform is comparatively higher than other advertising means because it’s a demand fulfillment platform focused on providing the users with their required services.

You can also use the Craigslist ads that can be used to promote your services focused on providing handyman jobs for household owners. 

6. Request ratings and reviews

handyman ads

Just like you can focus on improving your Google business listing reviews and ratings, you should focus on getting feedback from your clients on different advertising channels like social media, website, and other listing websites.

Reviews can help new customers better understand your business operations as the online review can work as a solid digital word-of-mouth marketing technique.

You can post customer testimonials and add a review section on your website that can assist you in convincing your first-time website visitors that you are a reliable handyman service provider and audience trust your services.

Good reviews and ratings can help you build trust and are the most underrated advertising options for contractors and small businesses.

7. Partner with local businesses

Associate with the different local businesses to increase the business horizon and streamline your handyman service operations. You can also choose to subcontract a few handyman projects to different local agencies with expertise in the industry.

It can give you a great advantage to complete more projects, deliver an excellent experience, and build a stronger community in the industry.

You can filter your service area and associate with a distributor, hardware store, or manufacturer that can help you procure the required handyman equipment and repair supplies at wholesale rates.

Also, partnering with local businesses to create local events, collaborate on different occasions, and use social media collaborations can help you build trust and scale your handyman brand reach.

Following these proven handyman advertising hacks can help you advertise your service business better and increase your handyman marketing efforts.

You can scale your business, increase your clients, and lock in more service business revenue over time. But once you increase your lead generation and client management, you need to ensure a proper in-house ecosystem to manage your finances to help you get a better overview of your cash flow.

You should also use professional software to manage your estimation, invoicing, purchase order, and credit memo creation and processing.

Using different premium-quality templates provided by the software can help you minimize the time and effort and ensure you achieve your goals with finesse. But choosing the right financial management software can be overwhelming for your team.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

After rigorous research, our team has filtered the best estimation and invoicing management software that can streamline your financial management ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to advertise a handyman business?

    You can advertise your handyman business using multiple tactics, strategies, and tools. You need to create a robust online web and social presence to help create a place for business in the existing ecosystem. Once done, you must create valuable content on different platforms and leverage the powerful paid advertising platforms to reach your goals quickly and with finesse. Focus on client retention by providing quality service, online reviews, and positive word-of-mouth marketing across offline and online channels.

  2. How to generate quality leads for the handyman business?

    You can generate high-quality leads for handyman businesses by using social media, email marketing, Google My Business, SEO, paid ads, and other marketing tactics. Generating quality leads sets the tone for your other marketing efforts that can help you convert the leads into long-term customers.

  3. Is the handyman business profitable?

    With the increase in residential properties globally, the handyman service business demand is rising. People are looking for quality service providers who deliver desired results with the utmost professionalism and reasonable prices. You can earn great profits from decent profit margins in the small-scale home care service segment.

  4. How to start a handyman service business?

    You can start a handyman service business by properly planning your services, pricing, marketing, financing, and other vital business components. Once done with the planning, you can choose to execute a plan to kickstart your handyman service operations.

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