10 Best Arborist Website Examples to Convert More Visitors

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A website for your tree service business is an asset that has immense potential to expand your reach and grow your revenue. However, there is a “but.”

It isn’t as easy as it used to be when the internet was a wonder rather than a daily necessity.

There are already thousands of websites in the tree service industry competing to attract potential clients to their businesses. So how do you make space for your tree service website? Ironically, the answer to this question lies in the competition itself. 

Out of these thousands of websites, a few have already cracked the code to achieve what you are after. Thus, replicating their distinctive points will help you skip ahead of the masses.

Here are 10 best arborist website examples you can learn from to make your website convert more visitors.

1. Joseph Tree Service – Trust

Let’s face it. Most of your target customers don’t even know who you are and will be on your website for the first time when they need any service like tree removal.

Joseph tree service

So how do you convey trust to them? How do you tell them that they have picked the right option? How do you prove that you can do their job without them taking the risk of trusting you blindly?

Thankfully, there are proven trust elements you can embed in your website to show that your tree services are reliable. Have a look at how Joseph Tree Service has included trust elements in its website.

If you scroll a little on the home page, you will find the following sections that project their expertise:

1.1 The difference made by the company

The difference made by the company

These are the stats of their tree care company showing its experience, expertise, and value. 5,000 completed projects and 34 awards & certifications – good job team.

So do you also have such accomplishments? Then use it with numbers to show that people actually trust and pay you to get your tree services.

1.2 Accreditations, awards, recognition, and certifications

Accreditations, awards

People trust and are more inclined to hire a recognized tree service business. Why? Because recognition is an easy filter, people can use it to make a decision on which business to pick.

“Oh! This business is going places. So, it might be the better option to put my money on.”

1.3 Client testimonials

Client testimonials

This is another tried-and-tested website element that evokes trust. However, you can make it more appealing by adding the client’s photo and other information. To go a level higher, ask them to shoot a video testimonial.

1.4 Top clients using their tree services

Top clients

Humans are wired to imitate others. So if somebody else is relying on Joseph Tree Service, you also will feel a pull towards the same business for similar requirements.

2. Monster Tree Service – Branding

Over the years, Monster has turned from a hatchling into a monstrous brand that now spreads its fire throughout the USA … almost. 

Monster tree service

A website is crucial for any tree care company to establish its brand value. And Monster Tree Service has done this brilliantly so you can follow its lead.

To start with, it has expressed its values very clearly to show what the business stands for.


Secondly, they have tried to make their business name memorable by using a mascot of a friendly monster all over the website (and even on the logo and favicon).


And thirdly, Monster’s team is using search engine optimization techniques to grow the authority of the website. Here is what we found when we checked its authority.

Search engine optimization techniques

Even though “42” is an average score, it is very good when compared to others. You can also do this by putting out great quality content consistently.

3. Cypress Tree Service Inc – Fast and Mobile-friendly

The performance of a website and its mobile-friendliness are one of the factors that Google uses to judge a website. So optimizing your website for both of these factors can give you great rewards. Take, for example, Cypress Tree Service Inc

Cypress tree service inc

We agree that the website design can be improved a lot. However, that doesn’t take away its credit for fast performance and mobile-friendliness – something that many other websites lacked.


Yes, it hasn’t achieved the “all green” mark and can improve further, but 74 is a commendable score for mobile devices.

4. PDX Tree Service – Brand Story

About pages are underrated places that can make a lot of difference in the perceived brand value. Think about it. If someone comes to your About Page, it is interested in knowing you and your business.

PDX tree service

Connect with the visitor well, and you will potentially spring a long-time relationship, resulting in immense business value.
Look at the small but compelling About Page PDX Tree Service created for its website. It answers 2 important questions:

4.1 Who?


4.2 What?


Brainstorm what potential questions your website visitors may have about you and include them on this page.

5. Tree Care LA – Smooth Navigation

Tree care la

Smooth navigation allows you to navigate through a website to reach your destination in a minimum number of steps. To give you an example, see how Tree Care LA has set up the navigation for its website.


You can access its whole website from the main menu, which is visible from anywhere. So try for all your web pages to be as easily accessible as this.

6. Big Ben Tree – Simple

Simplicity is a virtue almost everyone loves. Big Ben’s Tree certainly knows this and thus, has created a simple website that focuses on getting potential clients to contact.

Big ben tree

However, there is another benefit attached to it – simple is lightweight. A lightweight website is usually faster and doesn’t overwhelm prospects with too many options to try out.

So ask yourself: 

  1. What is your most important goal with your website?
  2. What are the design elements needed to support this goal?
  3. What can I remove?

7. JNJ Lawn & Tree Service – Strong CTAs

It takes a lot of burden off your shoulders when you know what you want a potential client to do.

JNJ lawn & tree service

For a tree care website, one of the most important goals is to compel potential customers to connect with them. Thus, it’s obvious that you need to make it easy for them to do so. But how?

By using strong CTAs and placing them at key places. JNJ’s website is a great example to look at.


Its sticky main menu has 2 CTAs that allow users to get a free estimate or call them at their convenience. So, at any point the user is convinced to contact JNJ for a tree service, it won’t have to search where to go.

Notice how JNJ’s website used a phone number as a CTA and not “Call us now.” This simple difference allows a visitor to dial up the number from his phone if it is visiting the website from a PC or laptop.

Pro tip – Make your free estimate look professional to further impress your prospects.

You can easily do that with InvoiceOwl – the only software you need to digitalize your invoicing system.

CTA arrow

8. Aspenarbo – Quality Content

Quality content on a website is like a fragrance to a flower. Its elegance may attract you to it, but its fragrance is what compels you to pluck and attach it to your heart.


Thus, if you want to grow your tree care business website, give quality content its due respect. Why? Because:

  1. It conveys your experience and expertise to your client.
  2. It converts visitors into leads (remember CTAs?).
  3. It makes your website rank in search engines if optimized for SEO.

Take a look at how Aspen is using content to grab all the benefits it provides:

8.1 Website content

Website content

Great website content is similar to a copy that sells an idea and helps prospects make a decision. And this is what Aspen is trying to do.

For example: In the above section, the right part establishes Aspen as an authority, and the left one helps those who are convinced to easily contact.

8.2 Blog


A blog is a crucial component of content marketing. Publishing quality blog posts consistently on your subject helps you come up as an expert in it.

8.3 Video


Don’t believe in words? So how about watching Aspen’s team in action? Coming up in front of your prospects to show what you have got gives you an edge over other tree care companies.

9. Ken’s Tree Service – Appealing and Interactive

When talking about the qualities of a great website, it’s impossible to leave out aesthetics and interactiveness. Isn’t it how we instantly judge a website? 

Ken's tree service

Thus, your website visitors also won’t give you a second chance to put a great first impression. Go to the website of Ken’s Tree Service, and we bet you will find it appealing and interactive. 

For instance, just after making its first statement, it asks what you want help with and directs you that way. This is a simple yet smart way to serve what the visitor is looking for.

10. Muskogee Tree – Differentiation

Muskogee tree

As we said earlier, there are thousands of other websites in the tree care industry. And you cannot get ahead by being exactly like them.

So ask yourself: 

  1. What differentiates you from other tree care businesses?
  2. Why should your potential customer choose you instead of others?

Once you find answers to these questions, showcase them on your website, just like Muskogee did on its home page.

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What if we tell you you can hire a sales executive who will work 24*7 to bring you leads for your business while talking only a meager pay? Sounds too good to be true?

Invest in developing your website that converts, and you will have one such sales executive. To start with, use these 10 examples we just mentioned and watch your website bring you leads.

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